Clayton Morris Says Goodbye To FOX To Focus on Real Estate Investing

Clayton Morris Says Goodbye To FOX To Focus on Real Estate Investing

[MUSIC] Well, we all know
this man’s name. We teased before
the commercial break that we had a big
announcement from someone right here on the curvy couch. I’m going to toss it over to our
own Clayton Morris, whom we all love. And, take it away. Well, yeah. I have decided after 18 years
in broadcast television– I don’t think I was
going to do this– that today will be my
last day in television. And 10 years here
on the curvy couch. Can we go to commercial? [LAUGHTER] You didn’t think we’d let
you get away with this. Roll package of Clayton. No. Take it away. No. This is my first time
ever doing the show. I’m serious. I’m very, very nervous. So if I pass out,
just keep going. Fox and Friends
begins right now. Four hours of fun this morning. Welcome back on
this great weekend. [MUSIC] Get up close to your TV. We were just
instructed that we had, like, 30 segments outside
on the Plaza this morning. [LAUGHTER] There you go. Oh no. I thought I was
partially athletic. Kick. That just disproved it. Three, two, one. Go. Come on, Clay. There you go. Good job. Good job. There you go. Go, go, go. Let’s go, guys. Let’s go. [CHEERS] How is my hair? I want a recount. [LAUGHTER] I got a hanging [INAUDIBLE]. [JOHNNY CASH IMPRESSION]
My name is Clayton Morris. I fell into a
burning ring of fire. [CHEERS] Down, down, down. And the flames get higher. [POLKA MUSIC] When I think of you,of all of
my years of working with you, I think leiderhosen. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Thank God we weren’t
on television then. Are we almost back
from commercial break? Wow. Are you weddy– are you weddy to
weather fweezing temperatures? Clayton, you don’t
know about this. But people have been
e-mailing all morning long in about your tie. They’re saying
that it’s too long. [LAUGHTER] It’s National Hug a Newsman Day. Can I get a hug? It’s National Hug A– Can you get a– yes. [APPLAUSE] That’s how we do it. Whoa. He’s got a little speed. You showed up late one
time, right, Clayton? To the show? Well, New Year’s Day. Well, my birthday
is New Year’s Eve. I think we’re missing Clayton. We have– [INTERPOSING VOICES] Get your tail in here. Come on, Clayton. What are you doing? When does Fox and Friends
start this morning? When you sit down. Here’s what happened
this morning when I went up to my office. I had a little problem
up on the 15th floor. You never know. Sometimes I walk in and
there’s like a giant inflatable dolphin. Are you guys documenting this? Because this could end badly. Whoa nelly. We have what’s over here. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I did this with my hands. [LAUGHTER] Flipping the hamburgers. Eight hamburgers. Each one gotta flip ’em. Is my meat burning over there? No. Your meat’s not burning. [LAUGHTER] Do you think that
Guitar Hero would make them want to start playing
rock and roll because of you guys? Without a doubt. If I can get Stevie
Nicks to Twitter– Well, it really actually
would be something that no one else has ever done. How do you learn confidence? Give us one of
your biggest tips. If you don’t have it, fake it. You hold the Guinness
Book of World Records for the most hours on camera,
which is an incredible feat. And you’re trying to top it. Hey, Clayton. How are you, sir? Gary Sinise, always
great to see you. I had a chance to sit
down with Stanley. Take a look at Clayton Morris. He looks pretty slick,
he looks pretty cool. But believe it or not,
he was a Star Trek geek. This is the greatest
moment in my life. Next to you guys
being born, of course. We’re welcoming Clayton’s
baby into our Fox and Friends family. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, hon. Thank you very much. Clayton Morris and his wife
welcoming their baby girl. Are there two children
for you here now? Because they’re telling
me there’s two children? Yes. I have two kids. OK. Were you just– I don’t
want to get too personal. But there’s a
possibility for us that– We didn’t think we were
going to have a third. But now we have a
third on the way. Yeah. This is Eve Morris. She was born just the other day. He has the cutest
kids I’ve ever seen. They really are. Our gadget guru, Clayton Morris. Let’s dive into some
of these gadgets. Oh haha. Does he have Batman socks on? No. He does not. With a cape. With a cape. Do you love Clayton Morris? Yes. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yabba-dabba-do. I’ll see you next
week, everyone. Great times. Log onto our after
the show show. We’ll see you. Wow. What do you even say? You see your career flash before
your eyes in seven minutes. It’s amazing. Thanks to whoever put the– I know our amazing team
who put that video together and the amazing staff here. If we can get got a shot of
the control booth this morning? And by the way, when we take
a shot of the control booth, Tovah, my favorite
audio guy in the world, can you please play
some harp music? Some sad harp music? And I’m going to be–
seriously, the staff here has just been
incredible over the years. I’ve seen so many people
come and go and grow. And thank you. [LAUGHTER] It’s going to make me cry. So you guys have been amazing. And the staff here
has just been amazing. And I’m excited about this
new chapter in my life. And I don’t think
you’ll ever see me on television ever again. So I’m not going anywhere else. I’m just going spend
time with the family and focus on projects
that I’m passionate about, helping people build
wealth and passive income and helping empower people. That’s what I want to
spend maybe the next 40 years of my life doing. Clayton, I have to say you
are one of the very best in this business. I think Lane– I can speak for him, too– we both look up to you. And you’ve taught us so much. You’ve been here
almost 10 years. And everyone said on that
video, you make people laugh. You make me laugh harder than
I’ve ever laughed in my life. And that is, I’m
truly going to miss that in these early mornings
on this weekend show. Selfishly, we’re going to
miss the heck out of you. And in learning, too, I
say what would Clayton do in that situation? Roll with it. That’s very sweet. And you’re a great broadcaster
and an even better guy. Likewise. You guys are amazing. And I’m going to miss
you guys terribly. And you know, you
guys will be great. And the thing about TV is just
it continues on rolling on. And there’s still news. You know, there’s
still news that needs to be reported every day. And gosh, to think
about the news cycles that we go through
on a regular basis. So you guys are great
stewards of that. And I’ll look forward to
tuning in to you guys. Well, I’ll be sleeping in. Well, the audience– I thought about,
what should I do? You know, Joan
Lunden, when she left, she smashed her alarm clock
live on David Letterman’s show. And I said that sounds
like a great idea. Except I use my iPhone to
wake up in the morning. Don’t do that. Yeah, don’t do it. So there’s no way in hell I’m
going to do that because I just would be hurting myself. You know? Because I have to make
phone calls and stuff. So I can’t do that. Cheers to Clayton Morris. Cheers to you. You are going to
be missed, Clayton. The audience will miss you. But best of luck to you
and your beautiful family. And a beer at five to nine AM. Love you all. I’ll miss all of you. More Fox and Friends
just moments away.

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