Circle Prospecting Scripts & Techniques for Real Estate Agents

Circle Prospecting Scripts & Techniques for Real Estate Agents

Every seller wants this even though it may
feel uncomfortable to us to actually make the calls believe it or not every seller wants
that activity and it’s gonna really stand you out
hi this is Brian Icenhower and welcome to our module on circle prospecting I’m really
excited about this module because circle prospecting is such an important part of so many agents
business it gets used a lot with real estate teams as well too or a lot of the agents on
the team will circle prospect and solo agents of course it’s a great source of business
for them as well – in a nutshell the reason it’s called circle prospecting is we typically
have a listing in the middle of a map and then we actually prospect to all the homes
in a circle within the listing and that’s why circle prospecting is called circle prospecting
because typically when you’re on MLS or any online contact information site you have a
map and you can do a map search in a radius so we we call all the properties in a circle
around it now that doesn’t mean you have to call in a circle of course we just want to
call neighbors around a listing so if you’ve got a neighborhood that’s square shaped and
all the homes in that square are the same price and size and the neighborhood has a
name I would certainly just call it in that rectangle or square understand though we’re
always calling to search for prospective clients people looking to sell the home that’s the
goal of circle prospecting there will be lots of other goals that I’m going to tell you
but the ultimate goal for every one of these touches is to get the listing of the person
we’re calling or at least help them buy a home or help them with a client they refer
us to that’s number one however there’s lots of other reasons that will go alongside that
one primary role you can call around just listed properties to market a home listing
that you have to search for a buyer so we’re looking for a buyer for that home or to find
another home to list now or in the future so that’s great for calling around listed
properties you can actually call around expired listings too right so if you’ve got an expired
listing you’re gonna ask for local feedback on what caused the home not to sell search
for a buyer find another home to list either now or in the future you can also call around
just sold and pending listings like I talked about as well of course you can also call
around to open houses to market that open house to try to get neighbors to come as well
I don’t have that one on there you can also call around a neighborhood to invite neighbors
oh I do have it on here to an open house to find a buyer as real-estate farmers if you
farm a neighborhood we can actually circle prospect in the farm to market any activity
about the neighborhood we can even circle prospect that hey I have a buyer right I have
a buyer that wants to buy in your neighborhood who do you know that’s looking to sell so
all of these are reasons to call it geographic neighborhood now understand the big fear around
circle prospecting is this these would be the closest thing to a cold call out there
so we’re calling people that would be colder than other prospecting methods here with circle
prospecting we’re calling people that we don’t know if they even want to move and we don’t
necessarily know them either we may get lucky and find those that’s we’re after but the
point of matter is generally speaking the vast majority of the people we call are we
don’t know are either of those so because of that when we Circle prospect it’s a little
bit lower conversion rate than we might get when we’re calling people we know want to
sell however it’s very effective and it can serve a lot of purposes number one we’re showing
everybody how hard we work for either our buyer we’re looking for a home for or the
listing that we have in that area that we’re calling around it’s showing how hard we’re
looking for a buyer for that listing and when we do that it has a it really does gain respect
that we’re working hard it also can really help with our seller if we’re circle prospecting
and making calls around a listing because we ultimately find the purchaser of a home
is a friend family member or acquaintance of somebody that already lives in the neighborhood
so we’re reaching out to you to find out who you know that might want to move into the
neighborhood that really impresses the person we’re calling and that really really impresses
the seller as well so where do we get circle prospecting numbers okay well I get this one
asked a lot and there are a lot of information services online again I’m not going to give
you the specific names but if you if you go into Google it’s very easy to figure it out
the reason I’m not going to give you names it’s not because I’m hiding the information
from you it’s because websites and services go in and out of style and we were want these
materials to be timeless so the people we used to refer people to a year ago are not
the same person people that our coaches referred to today so they change a lot they also better
services in different parts of North America than others different states different areas
different countries so it really depends on where you live – that’s why I do recommend
getting an ICC coach for all reasons to help you walk through these systems but you can
actually nowadays buy email addresses cell phone numbers a lot of relatively inexpensive
ways to find landlines now landlines are rather easy to get names and addresses of people
or where people live pretty easy to get just from title and escrow companies getting the
phone numbers a little tricker you should have to pay some money for that but I would
say on the low end you’re looking at something like 300 dollars a year on the high end you’re
looking at something for a thousand a year and on the high end you’re gonna get email
addresses and phone numbers for a decent percentage of people that live in each neighborhood so
that’s basically how these people get these numbers and understand if you’re paying let’s
just cut it in the middle and say five hundred dollars a month that’s six thousand dollars
a year through these circle prospecting efforts you’ve depending on where you live your average
price your average commission it just takes one or two homes sold to cover that cost and
you should be getting a whole lot more business than that from from circle prospecting we’re
very proactive and we’re very aggressive at getting your home sold and every seller wants
this even though it may feel uncomfortable to us to actually make the calls believe it
or not every seller wants that activity and it’s gonna really stand you out where everybody
else is just kind of putting all the other agents are saying that one’s gonna put a sign
in the yard put in MLS make a pretty flyer you’re actually showing proactive activity
and that really sets you apart and most sellers really really want that when their house comes
up for sale one of the things I really want to make sure it’s important that we touch
on is door knocking because door knocking has a very high conversion rate of all the
circle prospecting methods however it is kind of slow right if you’re calling through a
neighborhood of let’s say a hundred people in the same amount of time you’re only going
to knock on about twenty doors I and to make the same amount of contacts so it’s just slower
and sometimes weather doesn’t permit and you may have to drive a long ways to get the neighborhood
who knows but boy does it work well so you can Circle prospect in the same way you can
circle prospect with the exact same scripts when you door knock for just listed for open
houses especially when you’re looking for a buyer if you’ve got a buyer that’s looking
in a particular neighborhood but there’s no inventory and nothing has meets their needs
that’s a great reason to get out there encircle prospect yes we are looking for a home for
the buyer but boy oh boy is a great reason to reach out by mailer by email by door-knocking
in by phone call and oftentimes circle prospecting will turn into Geographic farming because
we make so many contacts if we’re able to get a second listing before the first listing
sign is down now we’ve got a lot to talk about right we can actually start marketing the
just listed for that property we can be sending out mailers that shows sold and for sale we
can send emails that show both now but sudden you look like the expert right and we can
actually we know this sign is going to stay up a little bit longer so we can stay in that
neighborhood longer running our circle prospecting machine all the way to just sold that’s enough
time to saturate the market and you may like that neighborhood you know and you’ve got
name recognition they’ve seen everybody in there is seen through all these different
communication channels we’ve got a few scripts for you we we start off with a just listed
script where we actually call around a property that’s just listed we can also use this exact
same script for coming soon so you could use it twice if we know if we know a property’s
coming soon on the market three weeks from now we can call everybody with coming soon
and then call them again what just listed something very similar so you get another
opportunity to make calls that way then you can see our just listed are just sold or sale
pending script in there as well to again it’s the same script for for sale pending as it
is just sold and you’re gonna see this is more like hey we generated a lot of interest
in this home and we are very happy to say it’s sold but we’ve got a new problem we are
looking for more buyers now now now I’m sorry we’re looking for more sellers now now or
you know we need more property we need more listings because we generated a lot of interest
in selling that home and we don’t have enough listing so who do you know looking to sell
their home we’ve got a lot of buyers that are interested so we kind of switch once that
property goes under contract with a sale pending 100 Trotter’s you’re sold call all the same
all the same concept just calling for different reasons again we list your hot real estate
market script for you in your materials as well I think we just covered that for you
then we have a great open house script here that I really liked how we can call around
and market the open house try to get neighbors to comment at the same time look in prospect
for listings as well to try to generate interest in to say all about home so I hope these scripts
help you I hope circle prospecting works for you I know it’s worked for so many for so
many decades and I have coached and trained this for a very very long time and it’s a
big source of business for a lot of my clients over the course of the year whether it’s solo
agents or big real estate teams alike so anyway try these methods out good luck with circle
prospecting and thanks for watching

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