Chula Vista Realtor | Logitec C922 Webcam | Going Live Real Estate

Chula Vista Realtor | Logitec C922 Webcam | Going Live Real Estate

Hello everybody really good to see you.
you know what I went out and bought something! This the week I posted a poll in
my Facebook Realtor video group and I asked if they would like to see
streaming videos, where I answer questions and overwhelmingly the
response that came in emails was yes! I even got people that said could you do
group interviews with some of the people that you know and I do know some people
around the state that maybe we could make this interesting.
Kristina Smallhorn who is a member of the Realtor Group and a friend of mine
from Ascension Parish the very funny Realtor said you need to go get the
Logitech c922 here it is. Let’s unbox it. What my enter “get” wanna buy the
logitech c922 Well microphone going to be a potential issue. This one is integrated
right into the cam, so I didn’t have to go out buy a microphone just to get
started. The other is it’ll stream 1080p in hi-def and it’ll go 60 frames to
720. So I do a lot of motion graphics if I want to show somebody in my
audience a motion graphic and get a little more crisp view it may be brought
better to broadcast in that range. Now the cost of this was $99.99 plus, divide
ten dollars in tax here in California so my credit card got tapped for a hundred
and ten for this one. Also it comes with this tripod which will be very easy to
mount on the back of one of my screen so that I can broadcast over the top and
it’ll come off you it’s a standard camera thread size you put another
camera on this GoPro action cam something of that nature. One of the last
things is it gives a three free 90-day trial on a program called xsplit which
is a broadcasting support software. I don’t know that much about it but when I
saw this as an option and I looked at the reviews on this I figured you know
why not so I could be live-streaming to you guys in a matter of a few hours,for
about a hundred and ten dollars. That’s not necessarily a bad deal go on
Facebook and YouTube live We’re gonna we’re gonna announce the time of the
first broadcast here shortly but I want to work this out a little bit it’s not
an easy process to go live and I want to get my lighting and everything make it
look as professional as possible. I don’t want to spend as much time and energy
editing a professional product in video, just to go live stream and then not
look good. And remember Realtors can do anything if
you got 110 bucks. I’ll talk to you soon thank you ! Join us we’re gonna have fun
doing this live stream now I’m gonna get some really good people to interview.
I want the split-screen more than anything else I’ve got some Street
credentials and I know some people if I can get them on I’m gonna have them
share some of the best information in real estate. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Chula Vista Realtor | Logitec C922 Webcam | Going Live Real Estate

  1. For what I know I’d use OBS for live streaming to YouTube.

  2. Thanks George for posting this video. I have friends who will definitely benefit from this information. You sold me.

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