Choosing A Real Estate Agent with Darrell Graham –, Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Choosing A Real Estate Agent with Darrell Graham –, Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Hello everybody it’s Kanoa we’re here
with, beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico and I’m sitting here this morning
with Darrell, is one of our top agents here at Baja123.
How long you been down here now Darrell -I’ve been down here working with you
guys for four years.- four years, how long you been coming to Baja,
-I’ve been coming here for about 15 years something like that,
-Okay, so you’re I’d like to say you know you’re pretty much qualified an expert
of the area of what’s happening down here. – I definitely been down and
explained, I think I’ve been exposed about everything . -What we have down here,
is we’ve got a real estate community and in that real estate community, we got
obviously listing agents and people come down here and think ,that all agents are
created equal and I want to tell everybody, that they’re not all created
equal, you know there are different agents, that have different levels of
experience and for art for the most part. I’m very proud to have you work with us,
because, I think you offer a level of service, that’s way far beyond, what they
would get with most, agents down here so I want you come in and talk to these
guys about, why they should list the property with you ,maybe some of the
things that you do, that you feel ,l that would be some reason, that people would
want to come in with their property. – So I think above and beyond anything number
one is I have a lot of integrity, I’m honest, tell people, how it is I’ve bought
and sold houses in both, the United States and in Mexico. I understand the
challenges that are posed, when you’re coming here, trying to list a property
especially in Mexico, it is different than being in the United States and even
harder if you’re living in the United, States and owned a property in Mexico at
your second home or vacation home and you’re trying to list up for sale get it
advertise, maintain it, fix things, fix the problems, it’s a challenge and I
realize that and I like to offer the extra services to my clients, such as
helping them, when things are broken a need may,
bringing in a handyman and getting photos, taken and bringing clients,
think I do a lot of things, that a lot of agents down here are,and shouldn’t do. –
Right now the whole real estate world is changing and so it’s a really a
different dynamic when it comes to getting property sold and being in
another country, we don’t have an MLS system ,here so it’s not like anybody, can
just come in and type, in any get comps and be able to know, what property
values are or be able to share it, with the community, those challenges we have
down here, if we’re selling property that people, aren’t probably aware of that,
when you come down here to sell a property, it really does take something,
with the experience that knows those neighborhoods knows how to price the
property correctly and able to understand and get through some of the
challenges that we have give me the property sold down here and
most properties are gonna be challenged I mean they’re there and I think one of
the people that here that works best to help people work through those
challenges is you.- I think and I think I do also and usually all my
partner’s I think do an outstanding job again I think I offer more extra
services and some of them do but I think everybody has a great job and our
experts in that area but it is absolutely important that you know the
neighborhood because the same house with the same amenities with the same number
of bedrooms square footage everything in one development could be in a completely
different development and have two totally different sizes. – It’s all
locations the neighborhood’s each neighborhood here is different so
we got some neighborhoods are hot and selling really quick and some
neighborhoods are maybe aren’t so hot but I think that’s true through you know
throughout anywhere you’re selling real estate what are some of the things that
differentiate you that you can offer that maybe some of the other agents or
agencies don’t do it.- Extra services I’m going to help people bring
in handyman get their places painted up get them done supervise some projects
and give them a little extra time and effort and energy on my part to make
sure their house looks good and is the best opportunity to sell as well and I
think I appreciate with that problems are gonna be faithful they’re trying to
get it listed and then also obviously listening with with myself and because I
work here at Baha 1 2 or 3 I think our services here as a company and the
marketing that we offer is untouched I am you know. -Well I don’t think people
really think cuz you think oh there’s one real estate agent here there’s
another one over there they all can do the same thing I don’t think people
really understand the difference of what we do here and the team environment that
we have and how much support we put behind you as a listing agent to really
get your those properties marketed to get the amount of traffic that we think
that we need to get to those to those listings in order to get you as many
offers as we possibly can. -That’s correct I mean you get that syndicated partners
people falling it likes web so you can create the best website in the world but
if people don’t come to it right no one’s gonna see your property up for
sale. -And I think there’s something we specialize in we’ve always been
dedicated to getting to putting on giving our listings online getting them
seen by tens of thousands of people and and and bringing in as much online
traffic for those listings as we possibly can and the two things I like
to say is if we can get enough traffic there and we get a price break then we
can sell anything and. – I completely agree with that and again the marketing that
baja123 offers is untouchable the amount of effort we just put into it
behind the team and the people that help us the away from them when the phone
calls come in and the receptionist talks with people assigning those leads who
they go do how fast they go there to make sure that we get those people in to
see those properties because we can to get them sold that they just can’t be
me. -You know I like to tell people don’t just choose any real estate agent pick a
real estate agent like you would your doctor right you just don’t have anybody
operating on you they’re all different at different things but really take your
time find the right agent and find the right company that can offer you the
service that unique because you’re talking usually tens of thousands and
hundreds of thousands of dollars in a sale and for that it’s worth
interviewing and finding the right people to work with.
-That’s correct I think that’s important also what I think’s important to touch
on is being a licensed real estate agent I’m also licensed here in Rosarito to
sell real estate and I can definitely afford them.- That’s
brand-new witness got licensing brought to us the last couple of years and
if you’re dealing with an agent that’s working out of their car right that that
doesn’t have an office that doesn’t have all the team and all the back you know
that they can just get up and leave at any time then you know when you’re
having problems then that’s why really go and look for somebody that’s
committed to this a professional that’s dedicated they’re going through the
training going through all of the things that it takes to really bring you the
service that you need I like to say these are true we have true real estate
professionals and in and through that I think that people can you know they’re
gonna get the best results by coming and working with something like you I think.
-That’s absolutely true we’re all think all of us are doing our best to change
the way people what the real estate -Absolutely well I hope you
keep coming in we keep talking to people more and more and we get done and we can
just keep bringing the level raising the level of a professionalism for our
industry here and what.- An awareness I know we’re not. -Thank you very much
there okay thank you alright bye-bye everybody.
– Thank you for watching a video, if you’re planning to buy, sell or rent
here in the state of each area, please give us a call.

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