Chiang Mai Apartment Tour in Thailand

Chiang Mai Apartment Tour in Thailand

Oh hello there. You’re already in the apartment. Hahaha. Alright guys today we are doing a Chiang Mai
apartment tour. We’ve actually been here for almost a month. So that means are stay is almost up and we’ve
been putting it off because we were waiting for the cleaning lady to come just because
we are that messy. Yeah we are. So we just kept delaying and delaying. Yep. But anyways. That is a true story. First things first shoes off because in most
Asian homes you remove your shoes as soon as you enter. So we actually have a little cubby where the
shoes go. I know. This place. Just throw them in there. And before we even get going on the tour I
have to say like right away this is the biggest place we’ve stayed in a really long time. So I know. We actually have proper sections for you know
each item of clothes or whatever. Or for sleeping and for working and for cooking
although we don’t actually do that much cooking. But yes we love this apartment. We’ve actually been coming to this residence
for many years now. This is I would say our third or forth time
staying here. This place is called Smith Residence and we
just love it. So we keep returning here whenever we need
to catch up on work. So let us begin the tour shall we. So main entrance. You walk in and the first thing you see is
the dining area which Sam has made his office. Yeah. Basically it takes up this entire section. I don’t think we’ve ever actually dined here
once have we? No, we just. We do our work. Food is so cheap to go out for food here so
we just go to restaurants. And over here we have our guest bathroom so
Sam has taken over this one. That is his bathroom. Haha. It is basically my stinky bathroom. I don’t think anyone else wants to go in there. But anyways I’ll show you the fan is really
loud just to warn you but let’s have a look. Tada. Yep. This one is small. There is no shower here. Just the toilet. Toilet
and sink. This is Sam’s space. I try to stay away. Hahaha. Stay away. And for good reason. Okay, so if we continue alright this is like
our charging and gear station where we have all the electronics. Yeah, a little bit messy. Hard to keep this organized. This is basically all of our stuff. Yeah, it is like our gear plus our cleaning
equipment. Plus other stuff. What you don’t see here has been shoved into
the closet. And more stuff down here. Yeah and then we move on to the living area. So we’ve got a couch big enough for three
people. I usually work here or read a book. Yeah. We also have a little tv which we have not
touched. We have not even plugged in the TV. Guys since we make YouTube videos we like
watching YouTube videos and Netflix. We don’t watch a lot of TV and often when
we go to hotels or AirBNBs or whatever. Residences like this the we just keep the
TV unplugged. Yep. Yeah. Next up we’ve got the kitchen. So we have a fridge, stove. Actually it is not a proper stove. It is like those electric heater ones. Yep. And a sink. Here is the sink. We have not cooked. Nope. A single time. Just because it is so affordable to go to
the market right across the street. We can have some street food there or we can
go to a restaurant and have some healthy food. Exactly. In the fridge. Hahaha. We have nothing. We’ve got water and we have organic peanut
butter. From Dada Kafe. One of our favorite places to eat here. So shout out to Dada Kafe. Woot woot. If you’re a peanut butter lover and you’ve
been like traveling around in Asia for a long time and you haven’t had your fix oh man getting
a whole jar of that. It is so worth it. Good stuff. And then we got a window and a little bench
where you can sit, read, enjoy the view. We have some insane views guys. Mountain facing apartment. That is Doi Suthep off in the distance and
if you look down there is a street which is on a Sunday. This is a Sunday. It is not too busy but on a weekday it is
pretty crazy busy. There is a lots of bikes. Oh we just see a bike going by. So yeah. Alright. That is the living room. Let’s continue to the second space. Okay. So this is the bedroom. Quite spacious I would say. Do do doo. Do da doo. I’ll sneak by you. So first I’ll show you the closet. We have a pretty big closet. Actually it is super messy. It is mostly our backpacks and luggage. Yeah. But yeah, there is plenty of storage space
here. So yeah you can see it is mostly my shirts
hanging up on this one. Hahaha. My area is messy. That is okay. It is not really folded. It is just uh. It is not so that it is okay. This is just how it normally looks. So we’ve got some shoes here. We have some drawers with socks and underwear. You guys don’t need to see that. Nope. And uh and we do have more space up here but
honestly we do not need the space. We don’t actually have that much stuff. So we have a big bed. I would say this is like a queen size. Yeah. This is a really nice size bed. It is quite a bit bigger than what we’ve been
getting in the last I’d say few months. Yep. Traveling in Asia. So we appreciate the size of it. Mmmhmm. The fact that it. We each have a night stand for our books or
whatever. Right. This is my workspace. This is my little desk. Vitamins, deodorant and Audrey’s Mac. They don’t need to see deodorant. Jeez. Guys. Jeez. It is nice to know that we wear it, right? We do wear deodorant. We do wear deodorant. In case you were wondering. Haha. And over here we have another space that you
can kind of use as a desk and I just keep like my makeup stuff, some glasses, storage
area and more views of Doi Suthep. And we get the most amazing sunset everyday
here. Yes. And because it hasn’t been raining much it
is just it has been incredible. I think we’ve been filming these and we will
stitch them over so you can see right now. We’ll show you some of the sunsets we’ve been
experiencing. Yeah. And the other cool thing is that right over
here. If you point with my finger. Right around here. This is where the airplanes land at the Chiang
Mai International Airport. Yeah. And right along here we can see the airplanes
like taking off. That is Sam’s hobby. Let’s watch the airplanes. Haha. There is another one. There is another one. We’re not on it. Not important. We have a balcony. Yep. The glass is so clean that earlier today I
actually like ran in to it. Oh gosh. Because I didn’t realize there was glass there. But yeah. Check out the views. One more time guys. These are the views. And that is one of the coolest things about
where we are staying is we get a view like that. Haha. I love that. We both like mountains so any excuse. And I guess the last thing to do is the bathroom. The main bathroom. So this is a much bigger bathroom. Again the fan is a bit loud so just warning
you. Okay. So you come in and you’ve got your sink. It is a really large sink. I like that. Yep. And you have the toilet. And here’s the toilet. We actually have two showers. Yep. This is the hot shower. And we have an electric heater. So you just turn it on like that so you have
all of the different knobs. Low, medium, high. And it is in English. It is not in Thai. So which is nice for us. And then Sam is in the other shower. So I’m just going to turn around. This also is a bathtub which is cool. And here is the cold shower. This is the cold shower. Yep. So I haven’t used it because technically it
is winter in Chiang Mai right now. Yeah, so it is a nice spacious bathroom. So let’s go back to the living area and we
can wrap up the video there because it is kind of weird to just be hanging out in the
bathroom. Yeah. So take a seat. The couch. Haha. And I guess we should talk about how much
we pay for this apartment. It is 20,000 Baht=$570 USD for the month. We’ve been in some super tiny accommodations
of late. Like when we were in Hong Kong and when we
were in Singapore. We wanted a bigger place where we could relax. We wanted something that felt kind of like
a home. Kind of like a condo as opposed to a hotel
room or a tiny tiny apartment. So yeah, we splurged. You can get places here that are much smaller
for literally less than half of that price. Yeah. And uh yeah it comes with air conditioning,
it comes with free internet. Maid service twice a week? Twice a week. That is pretty nice. Which is good for slobs like us. We hardly have to clean. Yep, so that is really cool. And the location is great. We’re located just nearby Chiang Mai Gate. Yes. Which is the old part of the city. We’re outside the old part of the city. Just slightly. Just outside the moat. Yeah, just outside the moat. And that means we’re close to some really
good restaurants, some really good street food and night markets. Um, so yeah the location is ideal. We have a great view which we’ve talked about
probably like ad nauseum here. Alright, well I think it is time to show you
out then. Off you go. Come along. Yeah. We’re going to kick you out. Time to get out the door. Look this is fancy. It is all electronic. Tata. Tata. See ya later! Not.

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