Chiang Mai Apartment Hunt | 2018 Nimman

Chiang Mai Apartment Hunt | 2018 Nimman

We walked into the lobby,
which was full of plants and also doubled as a co-working space, and then we saw the prices,
which were totally reasonable, and I looked at Leah and said:
“Leah, we’re home.” Then we saw the rooms… (Music) Hi, my name is Megan
and welcome back to my channel, where we talk all
things travel, adventure, and working remotely
from all over the world. Today I’m going to be covering
what you can expect when trying to find an apartment
in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You’re probably watching this video
because you’ve read about Chiang Mai as being a hub for online workers. Well, it totally is. It’s one of the best value-for-money
destinations in the world, where rent, food and transportation is a fraction of the price
of what you would pay in western cities. It’s also very safe, the Wi-Fi is epic,
and culture shock is pretty minimal, considering most
of the Thai speak English. It’s also one of my favorite
cities in the world, evident in the fact that this is
my third time back this year. (Music) You can find an apartment, book,
and move in, all in one day, no problem. Leah and I were each looking
for our own apartment in the Nimman area,
which is most popular for expats, for around ฿12,000 a month – or USD 400. It needed to be quiet,
with a working desk, excellent Wi-Fi, lots of natural
light, AC, and very safe. We had quite the list. There was a gym but the rooms
were dark and basic, not very clean, honestly. We just knew that we could afford better. Finding a fully furnished apartment
on a month-to-month lease in Chiang Mai is pretty easy, but totally different from how
I would do it back in Canada. You don’t book in advance
and schedule viewings. You literally go building
to building, walk in, ask if they do month-to-month leases, and if an apartment
is available immediately. Next we headed over into Hillside 2,
which we ruled out pretty quickly. It was almost 10 o’clock at night
and they just handed us the keys to go walk around the apartment buildings
and view the rooms ourselves. The rooms themselves were even more basic
than they were in Hillside 3, and there was no gym and no pool. (Music) It was time for a new plan. There were a million apartments
in Chiang Mai, side by side by side, and it will take you all week
to get through them all. Two websites that we found very
helpful were NomadRentals and Both of these have user reviews
as well as list all of the amenities and the prices of the
apartments in the area. You do have the option to book
for several months online but don’t do it, okay? The prices that they quoted
on NomadRentals and PerfectHomes were several thousand thai baht higher than the prices when we went
into the reception in person. Don’t book online, research online. First up, Monday morning
was Pansook, the Quality Condo. We loved Pansook from my research online. There was tons of natural light,
24/7 security, they offered both one-bed and studio apartments,
there was a bit of a kitchenette, a large bathroom, balcony,
washing machine, flat screen TV, and very clean. (Music) After Pansook, we went
next door – literally next door – (Laughter) to Chiang Mai Lodge
to check out their rooms. As you can see, they were
very basic, more hotel-style. They were clean but,
honestly, I don’t know, I just… I wouldn’t want to be working from there
or living there for several months. It would be fine for an overnight stay, or if you were here
in the city for a few days. (Music) After Chiang Mai Lodge, we went
across the street to “Puwananon…” Oh man! I knew this was
going to be a struggle. Puwanon Place – I think
that’s how you say it – where the rooms are
quite similar to Chiang Mai Lodge. This was the cheapest option
that we saw all day. Their rooms were slightly
more modern, a little bit smaller, there was a bit of a desk space,
no real kitchen area, but probably one of the best
value-for-money destinations. I would take Puwanon Place
over Chiang Mai Lodge. Next, we headed over to the Dome. Now, when you walk into the Dome,
there’s plants everywhere, they have a book library area,
they have a little cafe, a co-working space, and the prices were
very reasonable at around ฿10,000. We’re very happy and pretty much sold
on living at the dome. Then, when we went into the rooms,
the furniture is so large that it all just seemed
like such a waste of space. We kept trying to rearrange in our minds how we could work out a desk area and make the apartments
work for our needs, but it just wasn’t happening,
which was too bad. It was a great price and really loved
the vibe of the Dome. They also had a gym, which was included. (Music) Next, we headed over
to Pansook number two, which was Pansook the Urban Condo. The rooms were nice like Pansook 1,
but we found them to be slightly smaller and enjoyed the layouts
of Pansook 1 better. (Music) Our last stop of the day
was Huay Kaew Luxury, right beside Pansook the Urban Condo. We made it past security,
up to a section, and saw the price list and didn’t get any further. The cheapest room,
which was a small studio, was going for ฿18,000. (Music) So, you’ve probably guessed,
but we opted to upper budget and go with Pansook the Quality Condo, which was the first one
that we saw on Saturday morning. I went with a studio room and Leah took
a one-bedroom one floor above me. Not only is the landlord amazing
but this place is so quiet! Just to finish up this video
with a few tips if you are looking for your own
apartment in Chiang Mai. Number one is make sure
that you budget for water and utilities. The bill came in for our first month here and it ended up being
฿2,000 on top of our rent. Now, I don’t use that much electricity, I ran the AC probably eight hours
overnight each night, and then take one five
to 10-minute shower every day, so the costs add up pretty quickly. Second tip would be consider
asking your landlord if they would accept an online transfer
for your first month’s rent and your month’s rent deposit,
which is equivalent. So for us that meant
making ฿28,000 in cash, and if you know anything
about the ATM fees in Thailand, it’s very expensive to take out
large amounts of money. We ended up using TransferWise,
where the fees were under $10 to transfer all of the money
from our Canadian accounts into their thai baht account, and they were very happy
and receptive with receiving it that way. I do have a link
for TransferWise down below, if it’s your first time
you’ll get the first transfer free, so maybe give that a shot. My last tip is that most
of the rooms that we saw have beautiful flat screen TVs in them. The buildings are going
to charge you for cable and it’s probably channels that you
don’t really want to watch anyway. So, for me, personally,
I wouldn’t use my TV at all if I didn’t bring my Chromecast from home. If you’re familiar with a Chromecast,
it’s the same as an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku stick, where you could
cast anything like Netflix or YouTube from your phone
or your laptop onto the TV. So I use it all the time. You can get it
on Amazon, it’s linked below. You can also get them,
if you’re already in Chiang Mai, at any of the AIS stores. Leah bought one day one. Alright, that’s it for me.
Thank you for watching. Please leave any questions
or comments below, I’d love to get back to you
and help you with your search. Feel free to like this video
and subscribe, share it with any friends
if you think they’d be interested, and I’ll see you next Tuesday
for another video on travel, adventure, and working remotely
from somewhere in the world. I’ll be in Chiang Mai. Bye!

25 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Apartment Hunt | 2018 Nimman

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