Cheap Short Term Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai

Cheap Short Term Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai

I think I hit the Mecca of Thai
apartments here but I think there are like too Thai for me
I might have to skip it yeah, I don’t know, it just looked kind of rundown, it’ll be cheap for sure maybe 3,000 baht a month but I don’t know, I’m looking for something a little a bit nicer I guess I mean it’s not bad but I don’t
know, we’ll see so I’m just gonna skip these places Wi-Fi is 300 baht
How much for this room? 5,500 baht It’s furnished like this in every unit ok, ok You got a chair How much for electricity? What is it? Electricity. How much? 8 baht per unit Water is 35 baht per unit I have to stay 3 months? Yes Normally it’s 6 months, but foreigners need to stay up to 3 months Foreigners can stay for 3 months, but not Thais How come Thais need to stay 3 months? Because foreigners can only stay about 3 months at a time This one is 5000 baht? Yes, the ones upstairs Deposit is 7000 baht Look like someone broke in here Someone was cleaning this room so 5,000 baht, you got a balcony Where is the chair? Over here closet space How come wifi is not included? Other places are included The washroom is not finish If I move in, it’s not this room? Yes, there are other rooms so the office is down here on this
building but the apartment we just saw was this one on the right I’m back to this apartment to book it
and apparently they have different prices for different rooms so they have
to 28 meter square 4,000 baht per month another one 4,500 baht, this one is 5,000
baht that’s the one I’m looking at there’s another
so I think this is for 2 to 4 floor, I can’t read Thai and then for 5 to 8 floor it’s between 4,500 to 5,500
baht per month not sure what that is I think that’s the 7,000 baht
for your deposit remember the bamboo for the wiring at
the front of my apartment well we got a upgrade, so we got three
new bamboo see that there and one over the other side we got a new upgrade

28 thoughts on “Cheap Short Term Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai

  1. I think you forgot to mention the place is full of hot university girls there 😉
    Sukhasem Residence
    Chiang Mai

  2. Pretty clean apartment. Not a bad deal. Do you get all of your deposit back when you move out from the rentals ?

  3. Did that room come with an aircon?

  4. Wow. Pretty awesome

  5. You always find the best deals bec u r part Thai. Why isn't this the driving theme of your YT channel…as u travel throughout Thailand. That's a winner.

  6. Nice places. Specific locations?

  7. What app do you use for your to do list?

  8. Nice apartment. How far from the Old City? Thanks

  9. This apartment is near Maya shopping mall and Nimman, so it's quite close to city.

  10. Lampang City have not many choices for apartement. 4,000-5,000 apartment look old. Khop khum mak prub.

  11. So, are these for mostly short term rental? I would require a private room.

  12. That location sucks…Must have transport. Pay 1500 baht more per month and stay at Baan Thai right on Nimman.

  13. The 28 sq meter, floors 5-7, for 4,500B doesn't include refrigerator or tv. bare room. 4:10.
    7,00B is deposit. 1 room 2 person.
    2,000B to reserve and hold the room you want. 25B/unit water & 8B/unit electric.
    Wifi 300B/mo or 150/10 days. Cable TV free 95 channels, Park car 500B 1 car.

  14. Hi, you don't live there now?
    If you do, give me a message, I live on the second floor right next to the first one you walked through.
    Nice place and very, clean.
    Cheers 👍

  15. do they have units with a kitchen? if so what is the cost.

  16. It was a great video. It would have been nice to see your apartment again after you settled and the lowdown on transportation. Have fun!

  17. I wouldn't stay in such a place, but as long as it's new(ish) and the neighborhood isn't too messed up, it seems like a very good deal. Reminds me of cheaper hotel rooms/ guest house, but at a very good price.

  18. I used to live in this apartment. Now i move to work in Bkk. Miss this place so muchh. I lived many many apartments in chiangmai but this one is my favourite. Very clean and serene with good price. My room is on mountain side so i have a very very wonderful view of Doi suthep every morning. Thank for sharing this video.

  19. Nice place!

  20. Anyone in Chiang Mai know a good bike rental place for 1-2 months?

  21. Please note: I do not recommend or endorse the accommodation or hotel you see in the video.

  22. what is the name of the hotel
    2. mobile to contact
    3.e mail

  23. To Thai for you. Would be interesting to give us a look to see what you mean.

  24. Where is the kitchen?

  25. Hello guy , can you drop the location or name of that apartment please

  26. Do you hear planes loud within the apartment?

  27. Show us a 3000 baht room

  28. Very nice apartement! Good price and good deal!

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