Career Planning : How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Career Planning : How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Hi, my name is Stacie Royer and I’m a Career
Specialist from Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk to you today about how to become a Real
Estate Agent. The first thing that you’ll need to do is visit your state’s website to
find out what requirements they have for this particular job. You’ll need to take the state
required courses and pass the board exam that they have provided for you. Once you do that,
then you’ll need to pass a background exam and start searching for real estate agencies
that will hold your license, or you can also search for individual brokers that will hold
your license as well while you work underneath them. Once you become a Real Estate Agent,
then you’ll need to start collecting data of the market that you’ll be working in so
you can start educating your clients on that information and help better serve them in
that way. That is how you become a Real Estate Agent.

6 thoughts on “Career Planning : How to Become a Real Estate Agent

  1. After you get the Lic, do you keep it with you or with the Broker?


  2. 0:01

  3. cheers , u know how to become one in the UK? anyone?? help

  4. boring

  5. Great. I'm glad it is very easy.

  6. @icanfeelthebeat im with u brother lol but the thing that gets me is either end of real-estate is bogus if you looking for a property or selling one for your client. Someone always selling and someone always buying so what effort could agent possibly do?? Its basically effortless and they want commission?? WHAT!

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