Career in Law: How to Become a Good Lawyer in India | How to Be a Successful Lawyer #ChetChat

Career in Law: How to Become a Good Lawyer in India | How to Be a Successful Lawyer #ChetChat

Hey, everyone, a few months back We did a video called ‘How to become a lawyer’ which all just loved and you came back with so many questions, and you wanted more information So we’ve got Advocates Sachin Daga back into the studio just for you to answer all those many many questions that you had So welcome to the show Sachin, thank you so much for being here So tell me one of the questions that people have been asking, they’ve been very Motivated by your mid career break that you took and you became a lawyer But one of the questions, they’ve been asking me is you know that the hesitation that, I am in a career and I have got a reasonable income and some stability Now to leave that and to get into a brand new field they feel a bit apprehensive about it So what advice would you give them? I started my career in some different field and I worked for 15 years and After that, I was looking at this field of law So then I decided that, you know, let me just do this degree of law, which is very important, first of all to get into legal practice. Traditionally there were Only the two kind of specialization which were there like civil and criminal. Right this Field the way it is evolving Rapidly you have got a variety of specializations like arbitration, international law, cyber law, so let me tell you you need to plan it and if you have that kind of immunity Which you can tell yourself that you can sustain for say one year or two years okay? You can take a plunge into this field. And I am telling you. It’s up to you Your competition is you You may decide how much to work and how much not to work, and let me give you some data, that in India There are 15 lakh Advocates across the country and There are four to five lakh students Approximately seventy thousand graduates are joining this profession every year and this field is growing by 25% I think it sounds fantastic because I see a cardio surgeon he’s probably doing Cardio thoracic surgery all his life but what you’re bringing here for people is the fact that they can a) Do a variety of things and b) perhaps to do them all either simultaneously or at different parts of their career exactly and If you have a good team of lawyers, you can grow your business You can grow this profession at the same time you’re serving society So Sachin you mentioned that there are so many options for a student to take up after he graduates Could you highlight for us some of the career prospects that he would have once he graduates So as I say Law is always evolving so whenever there is a new field legal aspect there. Now with that in mind There are so many new courses which a student can pursue today. You can talk about arbitration law, banking, cyber law intellectual property law and there are very many other fields you know which are not even prescribed by the Bar Council of India like public laws, private laws, you know the commercial laws, so Opportunities are many fold. It’s up to a student or a person you know in which direction He or she we would want to go. So it’s very interesting because I see a lot of young parents telling their child, ‘you argue very well You should become lawyer’ So I am saying that that is just one aspect of it. But Sachin, increasingly as I see the responses coming in from students I find that there is this increasing fascination these days to be in corporate law So could you tell us something about about being in corporate law versus the other field? Whether, you know, one would want to be in litigation, one would want to be in corporate sector he can decide, you know, today, tomorrow, after five years. As I have said that Law is evolving and you know it is growing rapidly and It has grown rapidly because of the fact that corporate legal sector is growing There are new fields which are coming up. There’s a banking law, arbitration international law, competent law. One thing which people will come across is that that when they are doing their internship in College and Then they are going to court they are not having a good experience The condition of courts they see that you know after doing law they will have to come over here to Conduct a case on The contrary when they are doing interns in offices they are seeing that people are doing nine to five in a posh office They feel at times in short term you know it will be nice that if they can work in a corporate sector That is number one number two. What is happening? is that people get the salary towards the end of the month. There is a certainty they feel. There is reliability of your job role is there Now there are you know foreign multinational companies which are coming and therefore You know there are certain Fields like mergers and acquisitions Air Marine law, space law Environmental laws these are the sectors which are coming up these are high paying fees again So you require a specialized individual. However there is another school of thought That, no in short term corporate sector is paying them, but in the long run litigation pays It all depends upon the patience of a particular individual you know an amount of work he would want to put into it So when a student does an MBA he seems to have a very good idea that ok I specialized in finance? And these are the top financial sector companies and within these companies I can carve out my career You mentioned in law there is a big advantage that the world is open to you can choose any one of these fields But one of the questions that people seem to throw on the forum you know and on the last video that we did together Is that sometimes when the field is so vast I am not able to decide very well for myself? You mentioned corporate law you mentioned litigation there are some others I am sure so could you guide them that once they have done their law what are the different options and how they should choose between these options. So it’s a very good question which you have asked, and you rightly said that you know in other fields, you’re very clear where you want to go The way I would answer is that I would compartmentalize You know various fields of law. First compartment is litigation, if you have a flair for litigation You know then one should be ready to go in the court and argue the matter. It can be for the firm, for the corporate or you can become a government leader, but you know it only happens in films and literature wherein you know people think that that The only role is at the top of the food chain But in law, it’s not like that the person who is drafting, his or her drafting should be stellar so that the other person can argue the matter Procedural Law is very important Technicalities, how to file a case, filing lawyers so we cannot discount those roles. One can have a very good career in A Back end role also like that, that too in litigation, so even the best actor needs a great script writer exactly exactly There is a different set of student who would want to be in a government job right there is a civil service examination called as ILS Indian Legal Services, and if you clear that probably you can become Law secretary, it’s a prestigious post alternatively you can Be a registrar, Collector, notary public. Through the ILS examination. Through the ILS and then there are other Exams like the Judges, judicial clerkship you know there are other exams Third is academics A person you know who has got flair of teaching students, and do research So you know immediately after LLB, he can do masters, MPhil and then Doctorate And though he can be into research, he can become a professor, he can join legal process outsourcing etc. there are corporate jobs one can go into you know writing contracts, agreements arbitration And you know in-house management of litigation So you know these are four compartments that one can choose Which way, which direction they would want to go and then they can choose and decide. So this sounds Fantastic to me that different skills that people have or different personality types that people have can lead them into different fields all within the umbrella of law But share with us. They must be some common skills that are definitely required for you to be a good lawyer Irrespective of which of the Fields you choose to be. Very true, according to me Any of the roles you choose you have to be a responsible and diligent. You have to be on your toes number one number two He has to read a lot He needs to have good communication skills he should articulate thoughts very clearly and think laterally and quickly. They should work on the temperament of others Okay, they should anticipate What can come in and then they can opine they can give guidance and then they can give advice Because law is nothing but common sense as I always say last time also I have said law is nothing but common sense, but to have that one has to read a lot Articulate and then only you can give advice to other people. Sometimes the simplest things like common sense are the hardest ones to cultivate. And that is why we say That we lawyers are practicing and when we say practicing you know learning never stops in fact I was reading somewhere you know the living legend Fali S Nariman He wrote an article Turning point of my life. Whether he has his case or not he sits in the court Okay, and he observed something new over there what I’m trying to say is that at his age, at his level, at his stature the person is going to the court and Learning. You must have heard about Chief Justice M C Chagla who was Chief Justice of Bombay High Court from1948 to1958, he wrote the book called Roses in December, specifically he has written that the success of a lawyer Depends upon himself. He has to work on his skill He has to develop that legal aptitude but above all what people see and corporate see is that one has to have a good round personality and Not only that he needs to have good networking and contacts One of the ways is that you can work or train or get trained under a senior lawyer Another is that he will have to work on his own skills and get the network developed on his own you know people do watch cricket a lot and you will see that there are the players coming from good academy and They are placed there into Ranji and when they are there they Will have to perform on their own on their own fitness They have to play on their own. Sachin, another thing that students are asking a lot about is the entrance exam How are we to know what do we need to study? How do we prepare for these entrance exams? Students interested in law they will have to take two types of courses one is three year LLB right after graduation Five years that is just after passing your high school, that is 12th standard. Government has started taking up Common law Admisison Test which is called CLAT. There are five different kind of Questions which are asked in this particular examination English General Knowledge legal aptitude Mathematics and logical reasoning. One can prepare By doing classroom training, online coaching or self study A student can join a crash course say of 1 or one and a half month Where you know they will teach you on what to study and what not to study this is very important This is about the Indian law scenario absolutely What if a student wants to apply Overseas for law while it is a postgraduate course overseas unlike India when it’s an undergraduate course but what would be the requirements and preparation required for that you need to Prepare for LSAT law school admission test Let’s say they do the LSAT and they go and study at a university abroad. Can they come back at a later date and practice in India, let’s say they have studied American law or a British law. So first of all the straight answer is that yes You can come back, and you’ll have to enroll yourself with the Bar Council of India and there are a lot of universities Which are recognized by Bar council of India and then you can enroll themselves And they can get Sanad. And after getting Sanad They will have to enroll for all India bar Examination. So that they can get certificate of practice. But my advice would be if somebody would want to practice in India So in my opinion, it is always good that you know you read Indian law in Indian context otherwise You will see yourself lagging behind when you compare yourselves with friends Or if they studied abroad then they could perhaps stay with a multinational companies that need them to know the international law exactly if they want to pursue international law, competency law or International arbitration Then yeah it may be a good idea to do law from a foreign university and get in these in India, it can be an added advantage Sachin, you mentioned Sanad And this is another thing that people think about. Sanad is required For your own practice and what is the process of going about getting this? Sanad is nothing but license to practice so after finishing your graduation You will have to enroll yourself with any of the state bar so for example if you are in Mumbai So Maharashtra and Goa and later on you will have to appear for all India bar examination. Bar council of India has started conducting this examination since 2010 Which will provide you certificate of practice So another question is you know there’s this age limit right now And there’s a lot of debate about it. There’s an age limit that you can only study law below a certain age So let’s say somebody studies gets into an undergraduate program in India and you know at a young age But doesn’t pursue that doesn’t practice that continues Working in a corporate job. Can they take this Sanad like several years later as wellt? very good question, but let me tell you there is Still ambiguity with this, but the law is that you can have the age limit up to 30 years for a person who is doing three years LLB degree and for backward class or just 35 years in Integrated five-year course the age limit is 20 years and for backward classes is 25 years, but in my opinion I would always suggest You can do law degree and later on you can enroll yourself for Sanad whenever you would want to come into practice Okay Otherwise you can always be in corporate law So Sachin since you mentioned lawyers have to keep themselves updated all the time and the ownus rests on them In the previous video you had given us some fabulous books and the viewers enjoyed reading some of those books So could you please share with us some some other ideas On how they can continue to keep themselves updated. Certain interesting reads I would suggest is anonymous lawyer by Jeremy Blachman, Making your case by Antonin, Scalia How to argue and win every time by Gerry Spence’s and one who has got Interest in watching TV series, so one can watch Boston legal Suits, Better Call Saul and How to get away with murder, these are some good TV series. where anyone can watch and develop their legal aptitude So tell us you run this private practice. You started it on your own You had sort of no prior experience you were in the corporate sector So would you like to share some tips and advice for students looking at you as a role model And saying how do I run this private practice well. The lawyers Themselves are their own brand so for then reputation is very important trust is very important so therefore Start building trust in your client and build a reputation. As we always say that whatever you are practicing today Will germinate into a garden tomorrow What I really mean is that just because you need to earn money you should not take each and every case coming on your way, because what I have realized in my limited experience is that Ninety-five percent of the problem comes because of these 5% of the clients Number three what I would suggest is that you should have a goal Clearcut goal in your mind, and you should work towards that fourth Your time is very precious You are giving advice. You are giving opinion. You are giving guidance. A very important Aspect is that that you have to be very very proactive with your clients. If you are not communicating with your client There is some dissatisfaction and when this dissatisfaction Is there you will not be able to Have you know continuous business and your reputation will at stake. So you need to communicate with your clients You need to tell your client. What is happening. You need to give feedback you need to take feedback This is something which often people talk about is because cases takes time Sometimes the Lack of Communication like you said create lack of trust. The profession works on relationships You need to keep meeting people And another point one Should remember is that that you should have a mentor if you have a mentor. You know you or success will be faster you know it takes time to For a lawyer to develop his practice. If you have a mentor, you can develop your practice faster and quicker what I Always believe that if you are enjoying the profession working hard is is just a by product Thank you so much We understand time is of essence And we really appreciate on behalf of all the viewers who’ve been asking for this second episode I really thank you for being here and sharing all this with us. Thank you Please click the subscribe button below like me at 101 Follow my Twitter handle @chetchat 101 or at Instagram @chetchat 101 please leave your comments in the sections below. Thank you

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