Canadians Invest in Costa Rican Real Estate Despite the Exchange Rate

Canadians Invest in Costa Rican  Real Estate Despite the Exchange Rate

This video blog is specifically for my
Canadian clients current and future. Now is the time to buy real estate in Costa Rica despite the poor exchange rate on the Canadian dollar. Stay tuned and I will tell you the top
reasons why! Recently I’ve heard various Canadian
buyers say that they cannot buy right now because of the exchange rate. I’ve heard
various compelling reasons and one argument is that they could rent a place
for the next couple of years with the money that they save by not buying until
the exchange rate improves. This in my opinion is a gamble at best. Do you know
that the Canadian exchange it will improve and that the cost of real estate
here will stay the same? Quit making excuses you’ve worked for too long and
made some good money along the way to not enjoy life right now. So let’s get
into the top reasons for purchasing now instead of down the road and later on.
Costa Rica is thriving despite the Canadian dollar. The Costa Rican currency
and economy is doing very well and we can see this what level of development
and construction going on here right now. Just a couple of years ago there was no
construction going on at all. Today all of the residential developments have
significant building going on. We also have a large hotels being built
right now and the Hard Rock Cafe just opened up here in Playas del Coco.
Canadians are still buying! Approximately 30% of our buyers today are Canadians
and when you consider this to the fact that the US has 10 times the population we
should only have about 10 percent Canadian buyers not 30. One of my
colleagues has about 90 percent of their buyers being Canadian this past
year We need to quit romanticizing the Canadian dollar! The Canadian dollar has
always sucked compared to the US except for a few short periods in history. The
last 25 year average is $0.81 and as of today we are sitting at
$0.76. Successful people don’t wait for opportunities they create them. They
invest considering the long-term results not the short ones. Successful people
consider all of the factors; what is the current cost of the property and what
will the availability and value of that property be in the future 30% of our Canadian buyers are not wrong, rather they see the opportunities. We bought 2013 when the dollar was
exchanging at about $0.90 to the American dollar. You might say good
timing or lucky, the reality is that we took a big hit on selling our home as we were in a buyer’s market. Our
home would be worth at least $100,000 more today than it was when we sold. We
simply couldn’t wait anymore our lives dictated that we make the move, period. This is a great example that there is never a perfect time to buy. Had we
waited until our homeless worth more than dollar would have been worse. Also what
we bought would not have been available today and if it was it would have been
significantly more not to mention the lost time and isn’t time one of the most
valuable commodities we have? I hope that my point here illustrate how the
exchange rate becomes a moot point. All that we really can control are the
decisions we make and the lives we live today! Do you want to spend one more winter
in the cold? Do you want a property that is going to appreciate in value? Did you
have a specific property that you loved when you were here and decided not to buy based on the value of
the dollar? It has likely sold while you gambled that the dollar would get better.
Now you’re sitting in the cold with the dollar still at a crappy exchange rate
and that property you love is no longer available and it’s appreciated in value! “Ouch” Another immediate option available to
you is to buy property here in paradise with a lower price point. We still have a few
properties with great value in the varying price ranges. Real estate is often
a game of compromise, you typically cannot get everything on your wish list and
there has to be some give somewhere. My job is to provide you with the best options
available to help you live your dreams as soon as possible. To summarize the
reasons for purchasing property now as opposed to later despite the exchange
rate. The price of real estate is relatively low as we are still in a
buyer’s market offering you great value. Inventory of real estate is dwindling
and may change into a seller’s market very soon which would increase the property values
across the board. There’s appreciation of property value purchased today, so what
you buy now will be worth more tomorrow. The current exchange rate is very
close to our 25 year average, it’s only a few cents off. Time is ticking and
the world continues moving on and forward waiting for no one, not even Canadians.
Hopefully I’ve convinced you that time is more valuable than waiting and gambling that the Canadian dollar
will improve a few cents. Now is the right time to buy real estate in Costa
Rica. Quit making excuses and start living the life that you deserve today! Contact me and allow me to help find YOUR Pura Vida! I mentioned the
following facts often to all of my clients and in my blogs but I want to
repeat it for my first time viewers here. We are located in the premier tourist
destination as designated by the Costa Rican government. We are less than 30 minutes
to the Liberia International Airport providing excellent access. We simply
have the best weather here period. We have the best infrastructure in the country
including paved roads electricity water and Internet We have world-class education and medical care.
Costa Rica’s considered the Switzerland of Central America being very safe no
army and has a stable democratic government. It is easy and safe as a
foreigner to purchase real estate here. These are just some of the reasons Costa
Rica repeatedly lands in the top “Countries to Retire” Lists. I’d appreciate
my subscribers and new viewers to please provide some feedback and comments on
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full time, investing or whatever your interest is in Costa Rica. Live the life
that you want to live only you can make it happen thank you for your precious time and
talk to you soon

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