Can I Pay the House Cleaner Less? Vacation Rental Mailbag

Can I Pay the House Cleaner Less? Vacation Rental Mailbag

Hi there, and welcome to another episode of
Vacation Rental Mailbag. This show we do on Ask a House Cleaner every
Wednesday, which is targeted for the Airbnb industry for vacation rentals and short term
rentals. This is part of the Ask a House Cleaner show,
and I’m Angela Brown, your host. Today we’re going to talk about can I pay
my house cleaner less? This is a really sticky question because there
are a lot of Airbnb owners that feel like they’re overpaying for housecleaning. Let’s go back one step. Housecleaning is an investment in your business. It is part of what drives your ratings and
reviews that bring more customers in. When you want to nickel and dime your house
cleaner, and you want to shortcut that process, all you’re doing is you’re short cutting your
own ratings and reviews, and you’re short cutting the opportunity for you to make more
money, if that makes any sense. Can you pay your house cleaner less? The question came in from in Airbnb owner
who has an entire house that they rent out. She says, “I have six bedrooms, but my guests
only used four. Can I pay my house cleaner less?” Well, you can, but I wouldn’t go down that
road. Here’s the reason why. The house cleaner has to come and clean the
entire house whether it’s four bedrooms or six bedrooms that are used. It’s no different than a regular home that
they go to, and maybe two of those rooms are guest rooms. It’s part of the house, right? You still have all of the cleaning supplies
that you bring. You still had to book out the time on your
schedule. You still have to have the knowledge and the
expertise to clean the house. You got to come to the house during the small
window where people are checking out and people are checking in, which is very tough to find
housecleaning companies that can fit you in in that window. Once they get there, they still have all the
mopping, and the sweeping, and the vacuuming, and the wiping down of the cupboards, and
the dusting, and picking up of things, and linens, and damage reports, and photos, and
all these things that they do to create the turnover service. If they have two less beds to make today,
that’s going to save them what, five minutes? You’re going to cut their pay because they’re
going to spend five minutes less today. Let’s stop for a second and think what happens
if the four rooms that they used, they trashed, and it took an extra 30 minutes for the house
cleaner to clean up. Would you expect her to charge you and extra
30 minutes for her time because she’s going to be there for an extra 30 minutes? There’s this ongoing thing that goes back
and forth. Can I charge less? Can I charge more? Back and forth. My suggestion is that you come to a very even
agreement on here’s the price of the house, so that the house cleaner can budget it in,
and you can budget it in as an Airbnb host, and then you can create your cleaning fees
in accordance with that so that you both get what you need out of the deal. That would be my recommendation. Alright, there’s another question that came
in on can I pay my house cleaner less if I hire somebody who’s not bonded and insured,
and I provide the cleaning supplies? Okay, I just need to stop and scratch my head
over that one. This is your business. This is your most valuable asset, your home,
and you’re having people come in. As people come in and rent your space, you’re
going to cheapskate on that process. Let me understand that I know what you’re
talking about. Okay, so my recommendation is please don’t
do that. If you hire somebody that’s not bonded and
insured, there’s no protection for you as a homeowner if for some reason they damage
your property. What it sounds like to me is you want to provide
the cleaning supplies, which says they are not providing cleaning supplies they have
been trained with. We hope they know how to use them. We hope they don’t use the wrong solution
on the wrong surface and damage your property. If they do, they’re not bonded and insured,
if that’s who you decide to hire, and so there’s no protection for you as the homeowner to
protect your biggest asset, which is your rental of the people coming in that are going
to rent the space from you. It just seems like you’re jumping over a dollar
to save a nickel. I don’t recommend that at all because what
happens when you hire non-professionals, and you hire people that have not been trained,
and people that don’t have their own equipment, and people that are not bonded and insured,
what you’re doing is you are running the risk of just getting the cheapest option available. I love to save money so I know where you’re
coming from. Here’s what happens though. Cheap equals cheap. Often times you get cheap, and then you get
cheap service, or a quick service, or unreliable service. There’s no company or insured, bonded company
that’s going to back your service plan to say, “We will have somebody there at a certain
time.” With the bad cleaning comes bad ratings and
reviews. You saved a little bit of money, yeah, but
now it’s going to cost you money because you got bad ratings and reviews, and you have
less customers. It’s kind of this weird, vicious cycle where
if you hire the best, and you have high expectations, and you reward the cleaning people that work
for you, and you appreciate them, and you value them, they will be loyal to you. So, if you are looking for the cheapest, quickest,
fastest, shortcut, all you’re going to get is the quickest, cheapest, fastest, shortcut
that’s unreliable, and you may land on a good house cleaner, but it’s unlikely. The people that are really good, and they’re
qualified, have big businesses. They are successful. My recommendation to you would be don’t chintz
on the one thing that is guaranteed to bring you in more ratings and reviews. I hope that helps just a little bit. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner
place than when you found it.

5 thoughts on “Can I Pay the House Cleaner Less? Vacation Rental Mailbag

  1. Preach! You make a lot of sense.

  2. I had a host offer me $60 for a 6bd 41/2 ba – how absurd!

  3. There’s also a matter of respect for the trustworthy people you’ve brought into your home to do the job well. Most of us who do this work have a work ethic we stand by and are proud of. Low-balling your service workers creates resentment and it’s actually rather disrespectful. My .02. Love this channel!

  4. Hi my friend, love your videos.i clean houses too, and I see that some people are abusers they want to have quality results and pay cheap labor😮. that make me mad😡. I know my value on my work. And if they don't like my prices.i leave.there is going to be others who will appreciate it and for those I stay👍😊

  5. I am an older woman getting into turning over and cleaning Airbnb's. I get these jobs by word of mouth. Although I am not bonded and insured, I am trustworthy and know how to clean. I don't provide the cleaning supplies. I do everything you don't like but I do a great job and all my hosts get great reviews and became super hosts while I'm their cleaner. I don't see why that makes me a bad cleaner and them bad at business. 7k a month average earnings seems like good business for one property to me. I may be cheap 25-35 per hour but I do a great job. We are not all looking to expand as cleaners and I just want to make a living.

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