Can I Buy Foreign Real Estate in a Self Directed Solo 401(k)

Can I Buy Foreign Real Estate in a  Self Directed Solo 401(k)

One of the advantage of the Solo 401(k) is the ability to buy real estate in a foreign country. The problem with buying a property in another country is that every jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. In some cases, you have to be a member of a local corporation, or a domestic corporation if you are a foreigner. Some other cases, the corporation has to have, possibly, a local attorney. Everyone has its own rules. And it is near impossible to be able to do that with your retirement plan if there is a custodian or trustee involved. if there’s a custodian her trusty
involve the real issue The real issue, the real advantage of the Solo401(k) is that you, as the plan administrator, have the authority to make those investments. So if you are in that country, as plan administrator, the actual plan itself can buy that property. Or if you want a little more anonymity, we create an LLC. Your Solo K plan owns that LLC and you’re the manager. Now your plan owns the LLC, and the LLC owns the property, or owns the ownership interest in the corporation. so it’s a real advantage with the solo
401k if you’re thinking about buying property overseas. It makes it very easy to do. We can set it up in no time. You can then diversify, and then own property in another country if you wanted to with your Solo 401(k).

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