Can a real estate agent show me any home? | RealEstateTalk

Can a real estate agent show me any home? | RealEstateTalk

Welcome to another episode of
real-estate talk. I’m Jill Wente, a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene specializing in the Spring Texas real estate market. Today I want to answer
some questions that you may have regarding viewing your homes. First
can any agent show you any home. Yes they can due to broker reciprocity. FIt
allows agents to show the listings of any other brokerage. It doesn’t have to
be just their brokerage. I can show you homes listed with Remax and Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams.
I can show you all those plus all of the homes listed with Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene.
Next question: “Do real estate agents get paid for showing homes?” No. We do not get paid for showing homes. We hope to be able to have an opportunity to represent
you as a buyer in a transaction and then at the time frame that you actually
close on your home is when we get paid by the listing agents
brokerage. Next question: “Should you wait till an open house before you
go view a house?” No, absolutely not. There’s a lot of homes that don’t even make it to having an open house. Because they’ve already under contract. Don’t wait for an
open house to go view a house. You really want to go and view a house with the agent
who’s working with you and representing you. If you go to an open house and you
say that you loved that house the listing agent who’s hosting the open house has to tell that seller everything that you say about the house.
You could actually weakening your negotiation position by attending an open house. Thanks for
watching another episode of real estate talk. I’m Jill Wente and I’d love to have
the opportunity to represent you in the purchase of a home. I can be reached at 281.804.8626. We also have a lot of great articles and videos
regarding buying a home on our website of
So until next time

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