California Real Estate Market Riverside CA

California Real Estate Market Riverside CA

Hi I’m Suzy Valentin with Century 21
Now Realty your Southern California Realtor bringing you California Real
Estate Market Updates and Real Estate News you can use. Welcome to another
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to my channel so you don’t miss a thing. According to the MLS in April 2019
Currently there are 632 Homes for Sale in Riverside California which is part of Riverside County.They
are selling between $249,900 to $5,999,900 Out of those homes listed on the MLS there are 273 Houses For sale in Riverside California that may qualify for FHA loans. A first-time
buyer program from the Federal Housing Administration helping buyers purchase a
home in Riverside County under $446,894 with only 3.5% percent down payment.
In Riverside California there are 413 homes in escrow either in pending status or are accepting backup offers. There are 49
homes for rent in Riverside California and they are leasing between $1,750 – $4,800 Last month in March 2019 there were 264 homes sold in Riverside California they ranged in price from $210,000 to $1,750,000. In this slide you will see the number of houses sold in Riverside
California between January 2015 to December 2018 we see the Riverside
housing market continued to rise in 2015, 15, 16, and 17,
but we notice a slight dip in sales for 2018. This graph represents the average
days it takes to sell a home in Riverside California between January
2015 to December 2018 as you notice homes are selling quicker
especially in 2017 and 18 in my opinion it’s because the real estate market
adjusted and there were less houses with notice of defaults
therefore they sold faster. Now let’s dive into this diagram which shows the
average sales price on homes sold in Riverside California between January
2015 to December 2018 the Riverside California Real Estate Market kept
climbing and looked healthy this chart showcases the average
single-family home sale prices in Riverside California from January 2019
till March 2019 still too early to tell where the market is headed this year so
make sure you subscribe to my channel to see if the Riverside California Real
Estate Housing Market remains consistent and Steady. I’m curious how do you think
the Real Estate Market is headed? Some people think we’re in a housing bubble
and headed for a crash while others think it’s going to be stable. So please
comment below, I’m looking forward to reading all of your comments. If you’re
thinking about selling your home here’s a couple of home selling tips start
clearing things out of your home. You’re going to be selling it anyways and less is
more in the buyers mind now you could go ahead and rent a storage unit but if
you don’t want to have that expense just go ahead and put the things in the
garage trust me buyers do not care better a messy garage
than a messy house. Another insider tip, walk around a house with a damp rag and
lightly buff out the scuff marks on the walls you may be surprised it may save you a paint job and lots of money. If you’re thinking about buying a home the next
step would be to talk to a lender that you trust they will guide you and let
you know how much you can qualify for now you may qualify for more however
it’s always better to live under your means because you never know what can
happen next month. Now if you want to learn more about home selling advice and
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  1. If someone was thinking about moving to Riverside CA, what Hot Spots would you recommend them to visit? How about your favorite in Riverside CA?

    I would recommend Mission Inn Hotel and Restaurant. A Historical Location and where Alex and I Got Married! <3

  2. Good stuff

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