California Real Estate License Requirements

California Real Estate License Requirements

hi I’m Pamela your allied real estate schools admissions representative got a minute did you know you can fulfill all of the California real estate license education requirements in as little as eight weeks let me explain how it works first you must successfully complete three college-level courses to qualify for real estate salesperson examination this includes real estate principles real estate practice and one elective such as appraisal property management real estate finance real estate economics escrows or legal aspects of real estate if you’re not sure which to take we can recommend one for you based on your goals second you must qualify for and pass a written examination a Lloyd’s fast-track premium program has everything you need from be re approved courses to industry-leading exam preparation materials including our exclusive exam prep DVD and we’ll teach you exactly how to pass the State Exam and give you the well-rounded education you need to start your real estate career when you have passed the exam you’ll receive a license application to submit to the California Bureau of real estate to complete your licensure process to become a real estate agent in California for more information about getting your California real estate license and allied a hundred and ten percent money-back promise please click on the link below to get started today thank you for spending a minute with me I look for to hearing from you soon if you enjoyed this video please like it and subscribe to our Channel

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