California real estate exams explained – both BROKER and SALESPERSON!

California real estate exams explained – both BROKER and SALESPERSON!

In this test actually the scores aren’t even reported. The sales license exam is 150 questions and passing score is a 70% or better on the sales exam. The brokers test is 200 questions It’s given a 100 question morning session and a 100 question afternoon session Passing score on the brokers tests is a 75% or better. Remember all state exams- both broker and sales- are multiple-choice tests: A, B, C and D You will never know what you got on the state exam unless you fail it. If you fail it They’ll say you know, you needed to get a 70% you got a 69% That would suck=) and here’s how you did in each of the 7 categories So the scores are not reported because the exam is “qualifying” in nature only You will never know what you got on the test So you could take it and ace it and I could take it and barely pass it and Both of us will walk to our cars that afternoon or morning with the exact same pass notice. So again, don’t worry. Now you’re going to obviously want to study That’s not my point with this but I wouldn’t get so stressed to feel like you need to score 100% because even if you got 100% You would never know anyway. You’re gonna simply get a “pass” notice when you go take the State Exam. So that’s the anatomy of the test; all multiple-choice A, B, C and D Sales exam 150 questions 3 hours and 15 minutes to take the sales exam pass with a score of 70% or better Brokers test is 200 questions a 100 questions set in the morning and a 100 question set in the afternoon. Passing score on this test is a 75% or better on a computer administered test that you take with the Department of Real Estate in one of their testing centers. You will never ever have to Take the State Exam again, unless you do what I’m about to say so don’t do this! You should know that the license term for your real estate sales or broker license is a 4 year license, so every 4 years, you’ll have to renew your real estate sales or broker’s license by taking some online classes There are some real estate schools that do it live, too But the majority of people take these classes online You pay a renewal fee and you’re good. Just do this every four years. The state if you forget to renew is actually really cool about this. The state gives you a two-year grace period from the time that your license expired To basically go in and pay the late fee pay the renewal fee take the classes and get it done Now, please don’t misunderstand me because during this two-year period your license is “expired” You cannot work with an expired license. It’s just that as long as you wrap it up within the two-year mark You’ll never have to take the State Exam again A problem will arise if you let the license expire, and then more than two years Elapse from the date that your license expired you’ll have to re-qualify for the exam all over again. So long story short: an expired real estate license may be renewed up to two years later. If you wait more than that two-year period You may have to re-qualify for and retake the real estate exam all over again.

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