California Estate and Trust Houses Draw Real Estate Agents’ Focus

California Estate and Trust Houses Draw Real Estate Agents’ Focus

Atherton, our nation’s most expensive ZIP
code, is in the heart of the California Bay Area. Atherton’s median price for a single-family
home in the first half of 2019 was $8.1 million. Real estate agents and brokers who handle
these sales have plenty of reason to celebrate when an escrow closes. While Atherton house values are setting records
the rest of the Bay Area housing market also have significant values. Median home prices for June, 2019 were $1,549,000
(San Mateo), $1,250,000 (Santa Clara), $926,000 (Alameda), and $665,000 (Contra Costa). When it comes to estate and trust transfers
these high house values have significant repercussions. A growing number of Bay Area real estate agents
and brokers are concentrating their efforts on the listing, marketing, and sale of probate
real estate. Capable agents have checklists that help guide
them through the sometimes-intricate aspects of an estate sale. A common problem facing many heirs and beneficiaries
of a potential probate or trust real estate transaction is that one or more family members
or caregivers continue to reside in a house that was owned by someone who died. Removing such people, especially when there
is no lease in place, is always a challenge, but real property must be sold both unencumbered
and vacant. In practical terms that means that somehow
the squatters, who always have rights that must be respected, have to be dealt with in
legal and ethical ways. Clearly, California Trust and Probate real
estate transactions involve a wide range of issues and questions that only a qualified
attorney can answer. Can you contest a trust? How can you resolve inheritance disputes when
one heir wants to sell a property, but another doesn’t? How can you remove an executor who isn’t
doing the job? What can be done about a self-dealing trustee? Many of these issues are discussed in two
books we’ve recently written, The Wolf at the Door and Alzheimer’s, Widowed Stepmothers
& Estate Crimes, which are available by calling us directly for a free copy. We at Hackard Law don’t endorse any one
particular broker or agent. That said, we appreciate that there are Bay
Area, Los Angeles and Sacramento professionals who understand the particularities and processes
of trust and estate sales. We regularly litigate estate, trust and elder
financial abuse disputes in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Monterey, Los
Angeles, Orange and Sacramento Counties. Houses are often the focus of the disputes. When these cases are settled or tried, the
main asset of most estates – the house, must generally be sold. We’ve handled house estate and trust matters
in more than 20 California counties and have found that these sales are much more efficient
when the real estate agents and brokers who handle the sales are both ethical and experienced. If you are a beneficiary or heir of an estate
or trust and your interest in a California house is at stake in a dispute, you can call
us to tell us your story. We can be reached at 916 313-3030. We handle significant estate, trust, probate
and elder financial abuse litigation where we think that we can make a substantial difference
and there is a wrongdoer who can be made financially accountable for their wrongdoing. I’m Mike Hackard from Hackard Law – thank
you for listening.

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