Buying Online Real Estate Leads – The Truth About Zillow leads

Buying Online Real Estate Leads – The Truth About Zillow leads

What’s up everyone! It’s me Chastin J. Miles; your Dallas Texas
real estate agent for Rogers Healy and Associates and each week I bring it to you real, giving
you the reality of what it’s like working in the real estate industry. This week I want to talk to you about ”buying
online leads”. This is a topic that I know you’re going to
love, so stay tuned. The first thing when it comes to buying leads
whether they’re from a website or someone just randomly called you on the phone promising
to bring you some business, is that you want to make sure that you’re a closer. I’m not saying that most of these services
don’t work, but you still have to be a real estate agent and you have to know how to close
people over the phone. These are going to be internet leads coming
to you and so you need to know how to be a top salesman to convert those leads over to
clients of yours. Something that I see a lot of agents do; they
will get in a lead call or they will get someone to fill out one of their forms on the website
and they will call them and the people will say; we’re already working with an agent or
no, we don’t need your help and they will just hang up the phone and say okay thank
you. But you need to know how to be a closer, you
need to know how to ask the right questions and convert them over to at least having a
meeting with you. You need to know how to say; well what had
you on the website? Since you’re not looking to purchase a home
or you’re looking for somebody else, what were you really doing and I see that you filled
out the form so I take it that you’re looking for something and you need to ask those right
questions to discover what their motivation is. Once you figure out how to do that, half the
battle is done. You want to get those people in front of you,
but it’s not as easy as you think it may be. You need to take some sales training or take
some closing techniques or something out there to make you a closer. When it comes to actually paying for leads
and buying leads; I’m going to let you know, these can be quite expensive especially if
you don’t know what you’re doing. Most of these services out there, they’re
going to start at a minimum of $250 a month and they’ll go up. And here’s how they typically tend to work;
a lot of the websites out there, I’m not going to name any names, but a lot of these popular
websites out there; what they do is they want to charge you per impression and this is a
term that you might want to write down and look up if you’re not quite sure what it means,
but essentially they’re going to charge you or they’re going to sell you a package that’s
going to guarantee your face or your profile, I’ve seen it amount of times. They may say $250 or $300 for 2000 impressions,
which means you’re going to get charged $200 for 2,000 times that your face is shown. This doesn’t guarantee that the people are
going to click on your face or that you’re going to get in these leads, it’s just being
charged to you every time your face is shown. Some services out there, they’re going to
charge you per click; so they’ll say every time somebody clicks on your profile that’s
when we’re going to charge you and they’ll sell you a package with a certain number of
clicks. I like doing that versus the impressions,
because at least I’ll know that people are clicking on my profile or they’re clicking
on my website and it’s probably something on my end that I need to fix to make the difference
in why they’re not converting over to a client or why they’re not filling out the actual
form, those are the two things you need to look for. A lot of these services out there, they like
to charge per zip code; so certain zip codes are going to be more high-priced than other
ZIP Codes. What I’ve learned in my experience to this
is; don’t necessarily go for the zip code with the most expensive homes. I’ve kind of found with those clients the
ones that are looking in the million-dollar property range and up, they’re not looking
on these websites to find their next home. Before you choose a zip code, do some research
on your end. Open up your MLS and really do some research. Look at what the zip codes are that people
are buying the most homes in, it could be at a price of $150,000 or $200,000. You want to look at those price-points, because
there are maybe a lot of activity in there and I will tell you that those are the buyers
that are looking on these real estate websites for homes, so it will probably be a lot better
if you choose a lower price-point zip code if you decide to do this. Still look at what the activity is, look at
who has the most listings, how many transactions are being closed, their zip codes, how often
they’re being closed, meaning the days on market. That’s the information that you need to know
so that you can really make a good decision when it comes to purchasing a zip code from
one of these lead services. Something that I always like to tell people
is that most of these services out there, they’re going to put you in a contract, because
they want like 6 months or 1-2 years commitment, so just be prepared to put that money up if
you are going to do one of these. I believe that there are so many ways to generate
leads organically; cold calling, social media and stuff like that, but if you choose to
go down the route the way you’re going to pay a website, make sure that you ask the
right questions. Some questions that I want to tell you to
ask aside from is it per impression or per click, but ask are you going to be the only
agent featured on the listings in that zip code. Ask how many other agents are going to be
on that page. I know some websites out there, they’re going
to put you up against maybe 3 or 4 other agents and the client just pretty much picks what
agent they want to get contacted by. These are questions that you want to make
sure that you ask. I just really don’t want you to spend a lot
of money on this and not get any results. I did that very earlier on in my career, because
I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to be a closer, I didn’t
choose the right zip codes, I mean I didn’t know a lot, so that’s the big reason why I
want to make this video to just let you know ask the right questions, make sure you have
some closing techniques ready. Make sure that you answer your phone and make
sure that you can afford it. None of these sources are going to make you
a super-agent or they’re going to make you rich, I believe that they are just a supplement
to what you’re already doing or to where you’re already getting leads from. I hope this information is being helpful,
if you’ve tried in these websites or if you’ve subscribed to any lead sources, comment below
and tell me how they were, I’d love to keep this conversation going. If you found this information helpful as always,
please give me thumbs up and I’ll keep making more videos like this. And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel,
I release video weekly, so just subscribe, what are you waiting on? I’m here every week to give you the truth
and the real about what it’s like working in the real estate industry, so until next
time I’m Chastin J. Miles and I’ll talk to you soon.

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