Business Card Designs for Real Estate Investors | Wholesaling Real Estate

Business Card Designs for Real Estate Investors | Wholesaling Real Estate

*rap music playing* because you want to know how to design
your business cards for real estate investing. Keep watching and I’ll show
you exactly how I design my cards and what I consider to be the pertinent
information that you should have on your business cards as well. It’s Dara: real estate investor, entrepreneur, and consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia, and as
promised as the title and the intro tells you, I’m
gonna show you exactly how I design my business cards. Now, keep in mind this is
my second design ever. So I started wholesaling in 2016, and I’m
a big proponent of start where you are with what you have. So whatever is in
your budget however you want to get these cards, do what’s in your means. I
personally designed mine off of Microsoft Word till this day. I just create a cute
little design on Microsoft Word transport it into a PDF and send it out
to the shipping– the printing company and I get it the same day. So, if you’re in
Atlanta, you definitely need to hit up Prima Flyers. This is not promo, sponsored
or anything like that. I just went and placed an order today, picked them up
today. So you can’t beat that; I got 250 cards and that’ll last me not sure how
long. So to get right into it, if I can find a picture of my very first business
card design, I will put that right here for you guys to see. And I think that
kind of worked because they got a lot of calls and people were like, “Oh okay they look
friendly, you know, let me sell my house to them.” But that’s– so that’s when I
very first started and, again, I used what I had. I had a selfie with me and my mom;
really nice looking or whatever, put it on the card; put our name, number, info and
all that good stuff. We had a gmail and we still have a gmail. This is to tell
you that you don’t need anything fancy. Again, it cost me nothing to design the
card. I use a Google Voice number and a gmail so all free things. So the point is
just to get your information slathered on a card and get it into people’s hands. As many
hands as possible. So, on this lovely, handy-dandy card, we have my company’s
logo. Now, someone told me about a floor test. So if you drop your business card
on the floor, or if, for whatever reason, your business card just happens to be on
the floor– “How dare they drop my card on the floor?!” You want to make sure that at
least your logo, your company’s name is visible from when you’re standing up. “Can
I stand up and see the logo? I sure can.” So, that’s test number one. Wherever
you decide to put your logo–ours is smack dab in the center–you can put it
anywhere you want, but make sure it’s big enough to be seen. You, of course, want your name, your phone number, and what other ways to contact you. When I first
started, I didn’t have a website so of course there was no website on my card I
just had my name, my mom’s name, my title, her title, and our joint email address–email account–yeah, our joint email and our individual phone numbers. So that’s on the front of the card. Now, we’ve upgraded our lives, we have a website so
along with our phone number, title, and name, we have our website on the
front and then the email address on the back of the card. So let’s get right into
the back of the card. Different color. These are obviously our company colors. But, uh, I would suggest a bright color. This isn’t too bright, but it does stand out. So get you
a bright color. You can get it on both sides I just wanted to be fancy and
have two different, you know. So on the back of my business card,
it has info for sellers and it has info for buyers slash renters, because you
pretty much do at all. So it pretty much just says that if you’re a seller facing
foreclosure, inherited a property, relocating, abandoned property, all that good
stuff, contact us. Together we can find a solution. Real simple guys. That’s all it takes really. And yeah, got the logo again on
the back so this one doesn’t pass the floor test but that’s okay because it’s
the back of the card. And, um Maybe if anything, I would say the font could be a
little bigger. You can’t see it. So here is my two cents
on how to design a business card to stand out, again, take this information or
don’t. But, definitely think you should have a bright color: some color that stands out. If you have a logo and a company name, have that large and in
charge so people can see that from very far away. I know an investor who has a
bright neon orange business card. No company name, no logo, but in big black
letters it says “We Buy Houses”. Take that idea. So, bright color, large enough font
or logo, of course, your name and contact information and what it is that you do.
So on the back, like I said, I have information for sellers and buyers to
let them know who we are and what we do. So keeping it real simple that’s about
it. Oh, another bonus tip–not really a bonus tip, but the front of my card is
glossy just to the touch and the back of my card is not glossy. Now, I do have some
space on my card for someone to write because every time I collect business
cards, I like to write how I met them or anything– if I want to jot anything on
their card I want to be able to do so. So if you have a glossy front and back, you
can’t write on glossy cards. So that’s why the back it’s not a glossy, the front
is. Voila! And that’s all that I have for you guys. I hope that you liked this video.
If you did, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment below, read the description box
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next one.

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  13. Thank you so much for this video, I am just starting out and it was very discouraging to find videos that say do not put a gmail act on your card. Thank you Universe for allowing me to see this video of encouragement.

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