Building & Surviving In Minecraft 1.0 | Part 4 (Back To Basics)

Building & Surviving In Minecraft 1.0 | Part 4 (Back To Basics)

– [Tanner] Everyone loves
a good come up story, especially when it’s super inspirational. Take a look at Scott Wozniak, for example. Born in 1950, he came
from a pretty small family that didn’t really have much. At one point in his life, he
met a guy name Stevie Wonder who would go on to change the entire world in technology as we know it. Scott Wozniak and Stevie
Wonder partnered in 1976 to co-found Apple Incorporated, which later became the world’s
largest company by revenue. But Scott kind of messed up, and he would later go on
to disband from Stevie, making his net worth a mere $100 million. Meanwhile, Stevie kept going, and his became over 10 billion. But RoboKast, why would you
tell such a depressing story of a guy named Scott and
how he got screwed over? Don’t worry, the story doesn’t end here. Scott made a smart decision and decided to get on to YouTube. He now runs one of the biggest channels on the platform known as Scott the Woz. I mean, look how healthy this man looks. He looks like he’s truly enjoying life. Stevie on the other hand? Not so much. RoboKast, what is the
point of this lovely story? Well, some people know
how to overcome adversity, and I am one of those people. You see, I lost my
house not that long ago. One of my friends blew it up, making me lose absolutely everything. I was homeless and living
out on the streets, but I managed to overcome it, and now we are in an even better place. I use Scott Wozniak as an inspiration, and I hope you guys do too. In fact, he’s the inspiration behind me continuing this series. So welcome back to
“Minecraft Back to Basics,” episode number four, the
series where a group of friends and I go back to basics in Minecraft 1.0 and try our hardest to
kill the Ender Dragon in this extremely boring and
buggy version of the game. Does it hold up, or is it complete garbage
compared to modern Minecraft? Find out on today’s video,
episode number four. So at the end of the last episode, we ended on kind of rocky terms. Nolan completely blew up my house, making me lose all of my items, so I then went to his house,
stealing all of his items, making him mad, and the whole server
kind of just fell apart, kind of just turned into 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. But the point is it’s
been a couple of months. Tensions have calmed down a little bit, and now it’s time to
continue with your progress. We figured, hey, with as
much progress as we lost, it is now time to actually
go in the right direction and try to get some ender pearls, because we needed these ender pearls to make eye of enders
where we can go to the end to kill the ender dragon. But little did we realize,
getting ender pearls in 1.0 is a bit difficult. First of all, there’s no
looting on swords whatsoever, so you have to hope that
something is actually dropped when you do kill an enderman. Second of all, endermen are
more rare than literally anything on earth, because
I cannot find them. In fact, me, Nolan, and
Jared looked for like an hour and 20 minutes, and we
barely came across endermen. And half the time when we did find them, they didn’t even drop anything. It was actually a pretty big hassle, and I did not realize how
difficult this would be. We kept trying and were walking around and exploring, and killing things, but again, we never
really found many of them, and eventually we gave up. Honestly, Nolan and Jared
are kind of giving up on the server as a whole at this point, because they’re bored
and Nolan’s infuriated by the fact that there’s
no upside down stairs. But me and Chris, we are real troopers, and we’re gonna stay
here and try our hardest to complete this series, regardless of who helps us. So, eventually once
Nolan and Jared got off, because they were bored,
Christ and I decided to give the whole ender
pearl thing a break, and try to make some actual progress on fixing up the mess that Nolan made. Our world literally looks
like straight garbage, and it’s pretty much
entirely because of Nolan. You know, we have a big
lava tower mob spawner that doesn’t work. We have bunch of stuff
floating in the top of the sky. My island’s kind of a mess. My house isn’t finished. Jared has a big dirt flag at his house. Yeah, we had some major work to do. But Chris has to hope
off for a little bit, so I decided to go and grind some mobs while was waiting on him to get back on, because I didn’t wanna do all
this boring stuff by myself. I get over to our skeleton spawner, and quickly realize that
it was super glitchy. Mobs damage you for no reason, skeletons started shooting
each other for no reason, hit boxes were broken, and I figured with XP
being so hard to get, I needed to fix up our mob
spawner at least a little bit. And oh my god, was that
a difficult process. Look at a skeleton wrong; boom, damage. Stand in the mere vicinity
of a skeleton; boom, damage. Stand away from a skeleton;
somehow still damage. Little did I realize how
difficult this process was actually going to be. But like I said before, I’m a trooper, and I’m gonna get it done,
because it needs to be done. I figured that the main
way to fix this spawner was to change the drop from
being a one by one tube, to being a one by three or
two by two type of thing. I feel like the mobs were glitching because of the small block radius, and if we made it bigger, maybe it’d work a little bit better. Every time I would even
get close to these things, I would get absolutely
murdered with damage. They would glitch through
walls, pop around, shoot me around corners, and
literally just completely destroy me for no reason whatsoever. Then I guess they got
bored and they started killing each other, and honestly, I have no idea what’s going on. This would end up being my major mistake. I don’t know why I
thought it was a good idea to trap myself in with the
things that were killing me, but it didn’t work out very well. In fact, I actually died, and it was kind of a pain,
because then I had to run all the way back from wherever my bed was. You know, I would have my own bed, but something kind of happened to it. Turns out my bed was in my secret bunker, so it wasn’t too bad, and
I quickly made it back and grabbed my stuff. But that didn’t last very long and I ended up getting murdered again, and this time I spawned all
the way across the world, in the original spawn, because
I thought it was a good idea to break my bed and then go back to the thing that killed me. Yeah, that’s what I call a
9000 IQ move right there. Then the game was like, nah Fam, you can’t be here right now. Who do you know here, bro? And it kicked me out as
I was getting attacked by a spider. Then I tried to re-log,
and the server responded with an invalid key. Tried again, got end of stream. Then eventually after restarting
my game a couple of times, I finally managed to almost
make it back to the base. And then Nolan’s lava tower killed me because I accidentally walked into it. It’s okay, let me just walk,
bro, are you kidding me? Oh wow, look at this lovely performance. Oh my god, there’s no issues
at all with Minecraft one. Oh, I’m sorry, my PowerPoint was off. Silly me, I thought this was the game. I’m so sorry. I guess I was just making a… Okay. But eventually I overcame
my obstacles and got back to my stuff once again. This time Chris was on and
he figured he would help me with the mob spawner. Jokes on him. It ended up killing him instead of me. But eventually we did get it working at least a little bit better. We made the one by one
into a one by three drop and it seemed to help
the issue a little bit, but it definitely didn’t fully fix it. For some reason, now
there was magical XP orbs just constantly floating around your head. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But it’s one point oh and
we can’t ask any questions or we’ll get murdered by hail Brian. All right, I have no idea
how this thing works, so we’re gonna take a break from this and clean up some of the
mess that Nolan made. This wasn’t gonna be too hard. We just had to spend some time getting up to the top and
then slowly destroying all the cobblestone. The lava was a bit
annoying because removing the source blocks didn’t
actually get rid of it. But it wasn’t the worst thing ever and we got it done pretty quickly. But there was a small
portion of it that took a bit longer than expected, so Chris suggested that I go grab some TNT and blow up the small portion. Because hey we all know that TNT does quite a bit of damage
in this version of the game. Hmm, well I don’t have any gunpowder. Let me check out Nolan’s
base and see if he has any. Would you look at that. He had enough stuff to make two TNT, exactly what we needed. Hmm, maybe I should take this TNT and cause some serious damage. Nah, let me just punch it… Oh my god. I thought that if you
punch TNT, it picks it up but apparently when you have
a flint steel in your hand, it lights it on fire. Now help me understand that one. I don’t know how that works, but oops. It’s okay if we just
kind of patch it back up. I highly doubt he’ll
notice anything different. Just gotta place some stone bricks here, and some cobblestone here. Honestly I don’t even see a difference. So I left and pretended
like nothing happened and didn’t tell Nolan. So Nolan, if you’re
watching this, wasn’t me. And then eventually we finished destroying the big cobblestone mob spawner. From here, Chris built up and destroyed the big floating cobblestone shape thing. By the way, this was
gonna be used to pour lava on Noah’s base, so thank
god that didn’t happen. And then we organized our loot and hopped off for the night. Ready to play a bit more tomorrow. The next day I hopped on, worked on a bit of a tree
farm at the island next to me and kind of cleaned up
the area a little bit to make it look at bit nicer. Now let’s do some exploring. I walked around for a little bit and eventually found a
beautiful nice looking, gorgeous village. Oh yeah boys, it’s time to trade with some villagers and get rich. We’re gonna find some emeralds, we’re gonna loot the blacksmith place and we’re gonna get rich and rich. Yeah. Okay, so let’s walk up
and talk to this guy. Okay, apparently you
can’t trade with villagers at this point in the game. Don’t really understand
their purpose, but whatever. It’s cool, maybe we can find some loot in one of these houses. No, no loot in here. No loot in here. Maybe in the blacksmith… Nope, no loot in the blacksmith… What is the point of this place? I guess we’ll take their wheat and then burn down the village and
watch them suffer in misery for not having any presents for me. It’s whatever, not a
big deal, like I said. It’s not like a wasted much time here. So now we’re gonna head back and work on some improvements for our base. Or at least that was the idea and then I happened to get
lost for literally ever dude. I walked around in circles,
over mountains and valleys and somehow ended up back
in the same position. And then did it again and eventually I made it back to our base. It was now time to make
this place look a bit nice. It appears as if Chris started
on a roof for the house but didn’t finish it. So I hopped up there and finished that making it look nice and pretty. The house was looking pretty good so now we were gonna spend a
bit of time fixing up the rest of the island. Step number one was to
clear out this giant dirt mound hill thing. Honestly it was kind of pointless and it was a bit ugly, so I figured I could make it look a bit
better if I removed it. Got rid of all of that. Destroyed the structure
over the mine shaft and redid the pathway and everything was looking pretty good. I decided that I was gonna make a natural cave-looking thing over the
entrance to the mine shaft but I wasn’t very happy with it, so I eventually scrapped that idea and settled for something
a bit more traditional. In the meantime, I also
decided that that pathway was a bit ugly, so I started replacing it with sideways stairs
instead of the wood planks and I narrowed it down a little bit. One thing that was really
weird at this point was that stairs don’t
actually bend around corners, so whenever you’re trying to
connect stairs around a corner, you just can’t do it,
it just doesn’t happen. So in corners, you have
to put solid blocks and it kind of gets hard
to build certain things. But eventually I worked my way around it and it started looking pretty solid. The new mine shaft
structure looked pretty dope and I built a fence around my farm, so everything that was already there definitely looks a lot better. But at this point, I felt
like we needed a bit more. I mean all we have is a
mineshaft entrance, a house, and an enchanting room
that’s very thrown together. To be honest, I really like
the style of the new entrance to the mine shaft and I
figured I would use that for the rest of the building
style on the island. I built another farm right by our house because our main one was a bit small. And then I got to work on something new which I thought was
gonna be a weird little bread making, farm-type shop. And I turned out pretty nice. I went with a pattern of oak logs with stone bricks and fences and then some stone brick stairs and I really liked the way it looked and eventually I ended
up adding a second story. Now this is a bit too big for
what I originally planned, so maybe we can use it for something else, like a storage or a smeltery
or something along those lines. But the island is looking pretty solid. We fixed up the enchantment
table, fixed up the pathways, the farms, the mine shaft entrance, and the entrance to our house and honestly I’d say that
I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. In Minecraft 1.0, it is
a bit harder to build compared to current versions, just because there’s
really not a lot of stuff that you can do. But I think we worked with what we had and honestly it’s pretty impressive. So impressive that I think
we can take a bit of a break from building and in the next episode, we can make some serious progress on the whole enderman thing. (upbeat music)

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