Building RPG Encounters! (Game Master Tips)

Building RPG Encounters! (Game Master Tips)

Hi, my name is Matthew Mercer. I’m a voice actor and the dungeon master
for Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role, and welcome to my short video series
for my tips on how to dungeon master or game master your own role playing game. So today, our first topic is going to be
encounter building. So when you’re creating an encounter–
a combat encounter specifically– for your party of adventurers or space marines
or whatever else you’re running, you want to consider what kind of terrain
or region is this going to have. That’s going to go ahead and help you guide
what creatures are going to be there, what type of challenges might be in that wake. So consider: is it an icy tundra? Is it
a frozen mountaintop? Is it a hot and muggy swampland? Is it an underground cave network? You know, there are actually in a lot of these
resource books that you find for these RPGs, they’ll have listings of creatures and monsters
and dangers by topography and by weather. And that’s a really cool way to see what indigenous
creatures might live there. That’s a good resource to pull from if you’re
not having any real creative juices, helping you decide on what
to put in front of them. Secondly, you want to consider how challenging
you want the encounter or encounters to be. Do you want it to be a really quick scuffle? Do you want it to be a series of small battles as they’re fighting down a long hallway in
a spaceship? Do you want it to be just one giant, climactic,
multi-leveled boss confrontation? Once you’ve made that decision, that’ll
help you figure out how dangerous, how extensive, and how powerful the villains may be
for this encounter. There’s a lot of great resource manuals for
every RPG system out there that have breakdowns about what creatures are good
for which player levels as far as power and challenge and danger is concerned. Like for instance, the Dungeon Master Guide
and the Monster Manual have a challenge rating system. A creature of a certain challenge rating
is a decent challenge for a group of four players of that level. And you can slide the scale
from there. And also the DMG, or the Dungeon Master Guide,
has an experience threshold table in there as well, that helps you build encounters just
based on the total experience points of the creatures they’re fighting. So those are really cool resources if you’re
new to the system and you’re trying to figure
out how to balance that properly. And over time, eventually you’ll just get
a feel for it. Experience helps you get a little more comfortable with balancing the battle. And you want to make sure you don’t kill
all your players way too quickly in the game, either. There’s also a really good website called
Kobold Fight Club for those who are running Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaigns
that helps them build an entire encounter with the experience tables and stuff
that helps you get an idea of what could and could not be considered too powerful. And don’t forget: if you can’t find a creature
or a monster in these realms, or any sort of villain that really suits your needs for the
storyline or this particular battle, you can create one. Make one up. Or take something that’s there and customize
it. Alter it. Make it more powerful, make it weaker. You know, if you really want to run a game
that has a bunch of kobolds as the main villain, but all your players are level 10:
go ahead and make yourself some more powerful kobolds. You can customize them all you want. Everything in there is just a baseline suggestion of what they think–or they created initially–
to be, but you can always scale them. You can make them more powerful, you can
add additional hit points. Make them do more damage per attack. Increase some
defenses, give it some hidden resistances or vulnerabilities. You can even create whole
new abilities. I customize creatures all the time for my game. I think it, one, makes it more interesting
and more customized to the specific encounter and world. Secondly, for players who
have been playing for a long time and have pretty much memorized the Monster
Manual, it keeps them on their toes, because they’ll be encountering monsters
that they have yet to memorize everything about. Also make sure though, if you do use these
creatures and you want them to have interesting defenses and vulnerabilities and the like,
make sure you highlight them or note them. It’s very easy in the rush of combat to forget
some of these cool things. So I always use a highlighter and I highlight the various
notes and elements of these creatures or these combat scenarios that I want to make
sure I remember and recall in the heat of battle. The next note I want to bring up is battlefields. First and foremost, not every game needs a
battlefield. In fact, I kind of prefer RPGs that don’t have a battle map with miniatures. It’s a way to play. I prefer to keep things in my imagination. But that’s generally more
wieldy with smaller groups, if you have three, maybe four players. Larger than that,
it gets a little unwieldy. And with me running six to eight players, it’s become very necessary
for everyone to keep track of their spatial awareness. When you create a map, things to consider:
creative terrain. You know, think of where it’s happening but ways to make it different on occasion,
too. You can have straightforward battles with just– here’s a an area where they fight. Here’s some hallways, here’s some rooms. And that’s cool too. But, you know, if you’re
in an urban setting, have furniture that they can use to their advantage, whether it be
for height or for setting up blockades. Also, consider what other challenges and
confrontations they might have with the terrain during the battle. Is there a giant
chasm they have to get across to actually get to the villain while they’re attacking
them from a distance? Is there some sort of an arcane field that’s locked off a portion of
the battlefield, and they have to figure out some sort of puzzle during the battle to lock it
down? Is the villain invulnerable to all damage
until they can find some sort of hidden aspect of
their soul locked within the nearby battlefield? Or is there a bunch of innocents in there
as well that are in danger of being killed from the collateral damage? Find cool and unique
ways to make it an interesting battle outside of just a slugfest of HP being knocked
away and whoever falls first. Mind you, those can be fun too on occasion,
but you want to make sure you keep things interesting. For those who want to create battlefields:
what I use for my battlefields, because this question has come up a few times:
you can use easel pad paper, one inch grid easel pad paper that you can find online. And that’s a really cool way to just draw on that using markers and create
your own battlefields that way. There are great tutorials online, too, that
show you how to make cool battles and interesting looking terrain with just simple
hatch mark shading and minor colors. So, highly recommend that. Also, when you’re using intelligent creatures,
especially monsters or individuals or villains that are, you know, understanding
of their own mortality, they may flee. When they hit about half or a quarter hit
points, they may want to get the heck out of dodge. So, don’t be afraid to let your
villains or your enemies do that on occasion. One, it ups the stakes immediately in a battle,
from just a slog fest to, “Oh crap, he’s getting away,” and the dynamic shift to try and
prevent them from doing so. And secondly, if they do manage to get away,
you may have a juicy villain who can recur later on down the story with a need
for vengeance. Vengeance. Another cool note: not all battles are
meant to be won, either. Sometimes you want to introduce a really
powerful enemy, kind of as a foreshadowing aspect. A creature that they can in no
way, shape, or form defeat, and they are meant to flee from, so that they can
build towards down the road. Maybe coming back and finally killing it
as a means of vengeance. Just make sure you try and insinuate to
the players that they shouldn’t stick around for the whole fight, or you might have a
TPK on your hands. So, be careful with that one. It’s a fun tool, but, be careful. No, seriously. Be careful. Plus it also leads into a cool story of like,
“Man, remember that time we almost got killed by that thing? Whew!” Not all fights are meant to end in bloodshed,
as well. So don’t be afraid to let the players diplomatically resolve an encounter. Sometimes
battles happen because of misunderstandings, or misinformation, or the wrong thing was
said and it ticks somebody off. That doesn’t mean they have to fight to the bitter end and murder
whoever’s in front of them. You don’t want the whole murderhobo syndrome to be consistent. Unless that’s the campaign you’re running. In which case, fight on my murderhobos. But, you know, let the players use their
social skills to try and diffuse an encounter before anyone gets killed. I’ve had many games
where halfway through a battle someone’s like, “Wait, they may have
information we need.” Or, “Maybe we were duped. We have the wrong information.” And they decide to, you know, diplomatically end it. Doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to
give them that option. So, I hope this has been helpful in you
running your own games, both GMs new and old alike. Feel free to go ahead and
check more videos from this series on, and thank you for watching.

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