Building personal resilience.

Building personal resilience.

High rates of stress and mental illness are potential threats to our well-being, building resilience helps us combat these threats, by giving us the ability to adapt, and bouce back from adversity. It can be learned and developed in anyone, at any stage, and changes, with changing circumstances. It’s likely that we’ll all experience workplace stress at some time, and when we do, it helps if we’re aware of how it changes the way we think, act, and feel. By recognising these indicators, we can take action to reduce the impact of stress on our lives. Sometimes, we contribute to our stress, with unhelpful thinking. Seeing things in black and white, comparing our situation negatively to those around us, catastrophising the outcomes of a situation we find ourselves in. Recognising these unhelpful thinking patterns, and adopting structured problem solving techniques, can reduce stress, and increase a sense of personal control. Other simple and effective ways to reduce our stress include: techniques such as mindfulness of breath, and progressing muscle relaxation activities. We can use these strategies anywhere, at any time. The more we practice, and use these techniques, the more automatic they become, when we are faced with challenging, or stressful, situations.

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