Building China’s $12BN Mega Airport | The B1M

Building China’s $12BN Mega Airport | The B1M

China is no stranger to record-breaking infrastructure
projects. Already home to the world’s largest dam,
longest ocean crossing and most extensive high-speed rail network, the country has now
completed one of the largest airports ever conceived. Home to one of the world’s largest economies,
the demand for air travel in and out of China is extreme. As the nation’s centre of political power
– and as the second-largest city in a country of more than 1.3BN people – the pressure on
Beijing is particularly intense. Plans for a second international airport were
first proposed in 2008, while the existing Beijing Capital International was undergoing
a USD $3.5BN expansion ahead of the summer Olympic Games. Despite these works, forecasts predicted that,
even with its expansion to cater for 83 million passengers annually, the airport would exceed
its capacity within just a few years of the extension being completed. Sure enough, the facility reached capacity
in 2012 and by 2016 more than 100 million passengers were travelling through the airport
each year. To alleviate pressure on the existing airport
and safeguard Beijing’s economic growth, a new hub was conceived. With initial proposals suggesting nine runways
and capacity for more than 200 million passengers each year, the vast Daxing International was
originally intended to replace Beijing Capital as the city’s main airport. However, in 2014 the decision was taken to
operate both facilities simultaneously and to scale back the new airport’s design. Initially constructed with four runways and
capacity for 72 million passengers each year, Daxing International can be expanded to seven
runways and could serve up to 100 million passengers annually when fully developed. Plans for the new airport were released by
Zaha Hadid Architects in early 2015. Collaborating with airport specialists ADPI on the main
terminal building, Hadid moved away from the linear model of airport design – which often
created sprawling facilities – and instead introduced a six-pointed star arrangement
that puts passengers less than 600 metres – around an 8-minute walk – from any departure
gate. While one arm of the building operates as
an administrative centre, the remaining five accommodate the airport’s 79 departure gates. Daxing International incorporates a number
of high-speed rail and metro links to Beijing and the surrounding provinces. The airport will have a dedicated stop on
the new Beijing-Xiong-an Intercity Railway – placing it just 20 minutes from Beijing
– while the Intercity Railway Connector will provide a direct link to Beijing Capital International
and neighbouring regions. There will also be a link to the city’s subway system. While many airport links around the world
deliver passengers to the outskirts of facilities, the numerous connections to Daxing International
will arrive beneath the terminal, enabling direct access to the departure levels. In order to withstand the vibrations caused
by high-speed trains that can travel up to 250km/h beneath the terminal in an active
seismic zone, 1,000 anti-seismic isolation bearings were built into the terminal’s
ground floor slab allowing the structure to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of
8.0 on the Richter scale. With 197,000 passengers expected to use the
airport each day, Daxing International will operate a largely “paperless” system that
features AI facial recognition at check-in, self-service bag drop facilities and real-time
mobile baggage tracking. It will also be the first airport in the world to operate vertically stacked dual departure and arrival floors. This approach enables faster check-in and
security screenings while significantly reducing the distances that passengers travel between
connecting flights. Extending for over a million square metres,
Daxing International’s terminal building is one of the largest single structures ever
built. Formed from over 1.6 million cubic metres
of concrete and some 52,000 tonnes of steel, the building integrates photovoltaic (PV)
panels and rainwater harvesting systems across its vast undulating roof. Reaching practical completion in 2018, the
first flight inspections took place in January 2019 while finishing touches were made to
the terminal building’s interior. While the airport offers many of the retail,
dining and entertainment options found in most hubs, Daxing International will also
feature an interactive pet hotel, childcare and nursery facilities and hybrid online retail
and dining experiences for passengers. Meanwhile, on the runways, aircraft taking
off and landing will be protected from birds or civilian drones by an Israeli AI software
monitoring system. The entire airport cost almost USD $12BN to
deliver. While this makes it easily one of the world’s largest construction projects,
it is notably less than the projected USD $17BN required to construct a third runway
at London Heathrow. Having now completed its operational testing,
Daxing International is set to welcome its first flight on 30 September 2019, less than
five years since construction works first began. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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