Building Blocks of Public Speaking

Building Blocks of Public Speaking

do you remember playing with blocks or
Legos when you were younger successfully creating any structure with building
blocks as a process that takes place over time you can’t start with the
finishing touches and then go back later and worry about the bones of the
building in truth much of the same can be said for
learning to become an effective speaker one of the biggest things to keep in
mind as a beginning public speaker is that becoming an effective speaker is
something that takes place over time not all at once this video will briefly discuss that
process and walk you through the building blocks of public speaking chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said the
journey of a thousand miles begins with one step so too does your journey toward becoming
an effective speaker as you start your journey remember that it’s important to put
first things first some people jump to the end and worry
about how many colors and fonts they should use in their powerpoint or
whether their hand gestures are effective there are a few other things
to think about before you get to that point though putting first things first
in public speaking means starting with a good foundation simply put the first step in your
journey is to be able to stand in front of an audience without passing out
throwing up or running away I’m not being facetious if you can get
up the first couple of times and avoid these major snafus then you should
consider it a success you will have shown yourself that the world won’t end
and speaking in public may not be the worst thing that ever happens in your
life congratulate yourself on laying a solid
foundation for success as a public speaker once you’ve established the foundation
you can begin to focus on the next level items that established a framework for
your speeches building an effective framework involves being more
intentional and conscientious about things like topic selection organization
the outline introductions and conclusions supporting materials and
source citation these are essential items that give your speech structure
and make it easier for the audience to understand and follow along without
thoughtful planning and considered structure your speech will lack the
framework that is necessary to hold up the content with a solid foundation and
framework in place you can begin to consider some ways to dress up your
speech with some furnishings what kind of language and linguistic devices can
you use to enhance your message what delivery method is best suited for this
kind of speech how might you use presentational aids to
improve audience understanding and connection to the topic are there
delivery elements that are distracting the audience from the message how can i remove them what delivery
elements can be added to convey credibility and strengthen the speech
in general these are the sort of higher level
adjustments that can add a great deal to the effectiveness of your speech they
should only be given consideration however once you’ve mastered the
foundation and framework levels finally the pinnacle of the pyramid
being built are the finishing touches once you have the basics of public
speaking in hand you can begin to give attention to some of the finer points of
the craft one item in this arena would be limiting vocalized pauses such as um uh
and like another would be owning the stage in general by speaking with
increased charisma confidence and connection to the audience as you
progress as a speaker and the other things come more naturally to you then
you will find you have more time and energy to give to these kinds of
finishing touches the moral of this story is that building these skills
takes time focus on first things first to build a firm foundation and a solid
framework then give attention to the higher level skills as you master the
previous levels if you take your journey one step at a time one building block at
a time you’ll be at the top of your speaking game before you know it check out some of our other videos for
more insight into the public speaking process

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