Building a Tower of Wings 🍗 How Good Can It Get w/ Shane Torres

– I’m ready for some wings! (upbeat rock music) Hey guys, welcome to the show! I’m Shane Torres, and I’m here in the Murray
Hill neighborhood of Manhattan outside of Dan and John’s Wings. This is the show where
chefs take ordinary foods and elevate ’em to the next level. Today, Dan and John are gonna make me a traditional Buffalo wing like you’ve all had a thousand times and they’re gonna make me
something extra special and I have no idea what it is, but they’re very excited about it. I’m Shane Torres, and this
is ‘How Good Can It Get?’ Dan, John, what’s up guys? – Hey, what’s up, my man?
– How are you, buddy? – Welcome. Welcome to Buffalo in New York! – Buffalo (chuckles). Buffalo’s in New York!
– Well, yeah. New York, New York. – Thanks for having us in today. – Any time! – Give us a little backstory about how you guys got down here. – So we’re born and raised
in Buffalo, New York. – Did you grow up together there? – We met in college, so been
together for 20 years now. We started hanging out again and trying to find good Buffalo chicken
wings in New York City and we were disappointed. – Okay, so you were like we’ll
solve this problem ourselves. – Even the ones that we
started cooking on my stove in my tiny, little apartment
were tasting better than any of the ones we’d had before. So, we were like, “Should we try this? “Should we be the wing
guys for New York City?” – What’s the most experimental you get? I know you guys are keeping it pretty– – Probably the spiciest stuff. The standard hot sauce we have is maybe like 100,000 Scovilles, which is, it’s spicy, but
it’s not gonna kill you or anything like that. But we have stuff that
goes up to two million. – But we also do some really good sauces that are savory that I love ’cause– – Yeah, tell us about those. – So we do a lemon pepper,
which is real big in the south. One of the things we do with
our barbecue and bourbon wings is we fry ’em, sauce ’em, and then we finish ’em on the char grill. It caramelizes the sauce and it puts those really cool char marks on the wing and it gives it like a
different flavor profile. – So aesthetically it looks great, too. – And a visual profile as well, right. – All right, well, why don’t
we get down to business? – Let’s do it, man!
– Let’s get weird! (upbeat rock music) – So traditional Buffalo
wing, where it started? – The decade was the 60s,
came from a place called Anchor Bar owned by a couple
named Frank and Teresa. The war or the story of it is that their son came in for dinner– – I think it was a late night snack with his college buddies. His mother, I don’t think
had anything to feed him, but the chicken leftover
parts, known as the wings, which people didn’t really
eat, so she fried those up, threw some hot sauce on ’em with a little blue cheese on the side and apparently the rest is history. – They were just scraps before? – Yeah, but now–
– People were just using ’em to make stocks and whatnot. – Right.
– Yes. – Yeah, and then– – And now it’s an American delicacy. (all laughing) – I suppose it’s a delicacy. What is a traditional wing sauce? – Buffalo sauce, typically, is gonna be cayenne-based pepper sauce, to not over-complicate it,
that’s really the base. And then, liquified margarine or butter as the mixing agent, and when
you put those two together, it makes, what I think of, as a quintessential Buffalo, classic wing. – And everybody knows
the one-boner’s better than the two-boner. – I disagree, I’m a two-boner fan. – I think I got two boners
from just talking about it. (all laughing) Speaking of bones, David
Boreanaz is a Buffalo native. Yeah, yeah I got a
list, I got tons of ’em. – You’ve got like, six. – Do you guys know how many wings are made in the US on Superbowl Sunday? – I’m gonna guess billions. – 50 million. – 1.3 billion. (cheering) – You are so far off. – Well, I figured we do 30 million, right? And I added another 20 million to it. – Instead of talking about wings, why don’t you Millard-fill-me-up-more
with some wings? (cheering) 13th president of the United
States, Buffalo native. (rock music) – All right, I like Shane,
so let’s get started. We’re gonna make Shane
a dozen classic wings. We use our oil heated up to 375 degrees, that’s gonna get it nice and
crispy and juicy in the middle. All right, let’s fry these up. We’re gonna go about
13 minutes in the oil. Every so often, we make
sure to shake the wings, so that none of ’em are
gonna stick together and they’ll cook evenly throughout. You’ll know when the wings
are just about finished when they start to float. When we first started our wing company, I was the fry guy and
Dan was the sauce guy. So I’m gonna hand ’em
over to my partner, Dan, and he’ll sauce ’em up for out boy Shane. – All right, nice job, John! He’s pretty fry for a white guy.
(screen beeps) Sauce boss time with your host, Tong Cruise.
(screen beeps) Sorry, that was so cheesy. (screen beeps)
All right, first we’re gonna get our most classic Buffalo
sauce, our Buffalo medium. It’s gonna be three parts
cayenne pepper hot sauce, one part liquified margarine. Give it a nice shake,
give a beautiful coating, make sure every wing
gets that equal coverage, and after it has that
beautiful sauce love, they’re ready for the plate. All right, time to put ’em to the test. We’re gonna go see what Shane thinks. All right, here we go man. Traditional Buffalo, amazing chicken wing. – The smell wafting off
(beep) is ridiculous. Yeah.
– Yeah. – Can I ask, why celery? – It’s a palette cleanser, it’s crunchy, it’s delicious. – Celery’s delicious? – When paired with delicious, greasy chicken wings, of course!
– Yeah, yeah, all right. – It makes you feel healthy
about what you’re doing. – Yeah. – [John] All right, boys. Cheers.
– Thanks. Holy (beep). Flavor’s good, it’s nice and juicy. It’s gettin’ all over my fingers, which is a really great
sign most of the time. It’s so complete just with the taste, and the scent, and the
way it looks coming out is (beep) awesome. You guys are killing it over here. – And chase it with a piece of celery. I’m gonna make you a believer in this. – Chase it with a piece of celery. (laughing) Seriously the best wing
I’ve had in the cities. It’s amazing, thank you boys. – Thank you, thank you. – What’s next? – Well, we’re gonna crank it up a notch. We’re gonna bring you our wing tower. (bells chiming)
(intense music) – Okay. – And then we’re gonna bring
you our Buffalo Bloody Mary. – A Buffalo Bloody Mary. I can’t wait to see this. (rock music) – Now that Shane enjoyed those 12 wings, let’s make him a wing
tower and drop 70 wings. (oil sizzling) – Okay, it’s been 13 minutes. These wings are nice and crispy
and ready for a wing tower. – We’re gonna hit these wings
with all 12 of our sauces, not just the Buffalo style. On the bottom we’re gonna
be putting the mild, medium, hot, inferno. Then we’re gonna go
with our barbecue sweet, barbecue spicy, smoky bourbon, and we’re gonna finish
it with some sweet chili, honey mustard, and some teriyaki, and then we’re gonna pepper
in some garlic Parmesan and lemon pepper. It’s gonna be awesome. Mmm-hmm. – [John] I got the barbecue sweet and the barbecue spicy going on back here. These are gonna go on the grill. (meat sizzling) – Gonna sprinkle some
of our lemon pepper ones here on the bottom as
well, spicy barbecue, and with the smokey bourbon. Smokey bourbon is my favorite
and we always hit those with the grill afterwards, that’s why those lovely
char marks are on there. And John’s favorite,
you might not know this, but John is a German fellow, and he fancies the honey mustard. – Well, yes, I do. (laughing) – Do some teriyaki’s, a
little drizzle drazzle, and the finishing move. Boom! All right, looks good. I’m gonna go work on
that Buffalo Bloody Mary and I’ll meet you down
at the corner of the bar. – All right. (bells chiming)
(intense music) – All right, Shane, here we go, buddy. Elevated Dan and John’s wings. – Jesus Christ. This thing is like, three feet tall! – And your beverage! – Don’t forget your Buffalo Bloody Mary. – Look at that. Look at that right there. How many different flavors? – We gave you the whole array. So it starts over here, with our traditional Buffalo flavors; mild.
– One. – Medium, hot.
– Two, hot three. – Inferno.
– Four. – Then we go into our garlic Parmesan. – Five. – Honey mustard.
– Six. – Lemon pepper.
– My favorite, seven. – Take it up to level two, we got spicy barbecue.
– Eight. – Sweet barbecue.
– Nine. – Smokey bourbon.
– 10. – And top deck we got our teriyaki. – [Shane] 11. – [Dan] And sweet chili. – Jesus, 12, is that 12 flavors? – 12. – Which one do you think
I should start with first? – Mild. – Mild?
– Lemon pepper. – Oh, maybe lemon pepper, yeah. – All right. Jesus, it’s got such pop. – Yeah?
– Yeah. You get all of it clearly,
the lemon and the pepper. It really pops up front
it’s so (beep) good. All right, now tell me about the one with the char marks on it here. – With our barbecue and
our smokey bourbon wings, we fry ’em, then we sauce
’em, then we char ’em. – [Shane] Okay. – So I think you should
try the smokey bourbon, which is this one right here. – [Shane] All right. Jesus. You really get that flavor in there, the smokey you were talking about. There’s a little bit different texture. – [Dan] And the bourbon, my favorite part. – Yeah, mine too. Speaking of booze. – [John] We took a regular Bloody Mary and we elevated it to our
Buffalo Bloody Mary version. Enjoy. A little spicy. – That’s really good. Yeah, the mix is great, nice and zesty. – [Dan] It’s the breakfast of champions right there.
– And blue cheese olive. – [Dan] Yeah, pop that bad boy in. – Oh my God. – [John] It’s the little touches. – It’s so good. Look, I know you guys have 70 wings and 12 different flavors over here, but I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I like to drink and eat my breakfast at the same time, so. – [Dan] There you go, man. – [John] Enjoy. – [Dan] It’s like shish kebab style. (laughing) – What’s the spicy one? – Spiciest on here? – Yeah.
– Inferno. – That would be this one
over here, the inferno. – [Shane] I’m gonna
try a little bit of it. – [Dan] That’s definitely
within your wheelhouse. It’s if you like something
with an extra kick. – Oh, yeah, that’s about right. It comes on a little later. You know what I like
about it is that, like, when I eat, but I’m not losing flavor. You know, like, some guys just make it so Goddamn hot that it’s– It’s supposed to hurt you.
– Yeah. Thank you guys so much. Everybody’s gonna enjoy this place. Thank you for having us in today. – [John] Our pleasure, man – Appreciate it.
– Anytime. (laughing) Bro wing hug right now? – Let’s just pray over the wing tower. (laughing) (rock music) I got two new best friends today. Dan and John took a regular classic wing and found a way to make it extra special. Dan and John! I wanna thank the guys from
Buffalo for having us in today and if you’re ever in the
Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, or the East Village, come see Dan and John’s wing tower. I’m Shane Torres, and this
was ‘How Good Can It Get?’

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