Building a Downhill MTB “Endurbarrow” for Trail Building

Building a Downhill MTB “Endurbarrow” for Trail Building

The Southeastern US is soaked. Like super duper bummer 24/7 nonstop rain
for multiple weeks. We ain’t riding today. But that’s okay because you guys have been
pushing me to make good on a DIY project that I suggested in another video. I bought this wheelbarrow for $30, and after
just a few projects it’s falling apart. It can barely withstand the rigors of light
gardening, let alone trail building, but that’s not even the issue. The issue is, no wheelbarrow is optimized
for 50% grades. So today, we’re gonna build a downhill specific
wheelbarrow—or maybe an enduro barrow. We’ll see. This old ebike will never run again, and it’s
just taking up space at my house. So we’ll salvage the suspension fork, front
wheel, stem, and bars from it. From my parts bin, I’ll collect a few more
stems, a mechanical disc brake caliper, and some hardware to hold it all together. Since my old wheelbarrow is on its last legs,
I’ll dismantle it and save the one part that’s any good: the plastic bin, which
is surprisingly resilient. My idea is to attach a pipe to the steerer
tube of this fork, and build a chassis out of stems and handlebars. By using bike parts, I know this thing will
be stiff. With a downhill ready chassis, all I’ll
need to do is fasten the bin to it—somehow. The real challenge is finding a pipe that’s
the right diameter for the stems. Tony is always willing to entertain my crazy
ideas, and lend his knowledge of sizing and hardware. After some head scratching and experimenting
with different parts, I went home with a pipe that matched the outside diameter of the steerer
tube. All the sizing looked right, and things were
coming together, but the chassis didn’t seem quite enduro grade. To really beat on this thing I’d need some
help from another friend. Johnny normally works with wood, but he dabbles
in just about every facet of DIY. As such, he was willing to help me make the
best of what I had on short notice. After some sanding, welding, and hammering,
I had a wheelbarrow chassis that was—well, probably better than the last one. We’ll let the slopes of berm creek have
the final word. With the fork flat on the floor, I used a
level to get the handlebars alined with it. I then tightened down the pinch bolts on the
stems—a lot. No torque wrench on this build. Next up, attaching the bin. I lined up the bin and drilled additional
holes next to the factory ones, to accommodate u bolts. By fastening the u bolts around the handlebars
at four points, I was confident everything would stay put. To actually operate the endurbarrow, I attached
a cockpit to the very end of the chassis, complete with grips and a brake lever of course. Because internal cable routing is all the
rage, I drilled a hole in the stem cap to run everything through the pipe in the middle. Since my mechanical disc brake caliper was
missing some parts, I needed to get creative and make my own cable clamp. To make the Endurbarrow stand up, it would
need feet. Using the two sets of handlebars in the middle,
I started tinkering with scrap wood from the van video. With a really wide stance, and feet that sort
of stick into the ground, the Endurbarrow would be perfect for use on uneven terrain. With the endurbarrow complete, it was ready
for testing—except for one problem. All that rain. That didn’t stop me from doing some rock
work. There are a few areas in my yard that get
muddy and slippery, so I wanted to lay down some stepping stones there for foot traffic. If you didn’t know, rocks are heavy. With my old wheelbarrow, hauling rocks into
the yard was a two person job. With the endurbarrow, it’s a piece of cake. Just pull the lever and descend with confidence. With a huge wheel up front, the Endurbarrow
handles bumps like they’re nothing. With its wide stance, toppling is a thing
of the past. I expected this thing to be entertaining,
but it actually turned out to be a better wheelbarrow for berm creek. But light use like isn’t enough to call
it an endurbarrow. We needed to give it a proper test. The endurbarrow turned out to be stiff, capable,
and worthy of it’s name. And there’s nobody here as surprised as
me. I thought this thing would flex like crazy,
and that the stems would slip and throw the bin totally off balance. Somehow it doesn’t, so the Endurbarrow will
actually get used for future projects on Berm Creek. I asked you guys to remind me to build this,
and you did—in the comments of every video. So thanks for holding me accountable for that
suggestion, and please let me know what you think of this thing. I had a lot of fun building it, and got a
few projects done while testing it. Now if only this rain would let up, I could
actually use the Endurbarrow to build something rideable. Until then, thanks for riding with me today
and I’ll see you next time.

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