Build One-story Underground House​ of Double-storey House

Build One-story Underground House​ of Double-storey House

Starting to dig hole for house and expanding the hole. There is a man running in the backyard. We are continuing to expand the hole. Now, we are adding some water to moisten the dirt. We are continuing to increase the depth of the hole. Next, we are reaching the point where we are mostly done digging, but we still need to get the excess dirt out. The hole is now as deep as the mans chest We are continuing to throw out excess dirt. Now, we are beginning to dig a moat around the walls of the hole. Next, we are cutting the bamboo to length. Then, we transport the wood to the perimeter of the hole. We are adding the bamboo to the perimeter of the hole to strengthen the walls of the house. Now we are packing down the clay to make a firm foundation for the wall. We are leaving a gap for the entrance. Now, we are bringing in thinner bamboo rods for the inside walls. Now ,we add more thinner rods to make a bamboo floor. Next, we insert and weave bamboo strips to strengthen the walls. Now, we are lashing the outside walls and inserting medium logs for the roof. Next, we place smaller branches to complete the roof cross-section, and we lash the branches with vines. Now, we weave mud soaked grass thatch into the roofing cross members to complete the roof. We smooth the mud roof to bake and dry in the sun, which will repel the rains. After adding some loose grass, we light with fire to bake the mud thatch roof. If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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