Build 2017: Workplace Safety Demonstration

Build 2017: Workplace Safety Demonstration

[MUSIC] As our world becomes
increasingly digitized, so does our ability to
connect with it. Imagine if you could search your
surroundings the same way you search the web. Using existing cameras and
advances in AI, we can now find things and
people in the real world, in real time and take action to
improve safety and well-being. When a dangerous spill
occurs in a chemical plant, cameras recognize the incident. Information about the spill is
instantly shared with the people who need it the most. Enabling them to protect other
employees from coming in contact with the hazard, [MUSIC] And clean it up. [MUSIC] This technology can also help
keep people safer in hospitals. Patients recovering from heart
surgery are limited to how much they should exert themselves. When someone exceeds the
prescribed level of activity, a nurse is alerted. [MUSIC] What’s more, the location of the closest
wheelchair is identified, so that the nurse can quickly get
the patient seated and safe. [MUSIC] This technology is also
useful in an environment like a construction site. Where people who need
specialized tools are spread out, sometimes across
multiple floors. Using cameras already in place, this technology can
identify a specific tool. As well as the closest
authorized person who can deliver it. Saving everyone time and
keeping the workflow moving. The digital and physical worlds
are come together to help make everyone more safe,
secure, and productive. And we’re bringing the Edge of
Microsoft’s Cloud to any device. [MUSIC]

48 thoughts on “Build 2017: Workplace Safety Demonstration

  1. I like the pretty videos is very awesome.

  2. No one has a Windows phone :'v

  3. i have windows at my house

  4. Cool

  5. Who still use Lumia ? 🙂

  6. no coments Microsoft! only woooooow!

  7. TERRIFYING. This is a facade for more nefarious purposes. Just use your imagination.

  8. Can't we just use our brain for all that? 🙂

  9. The only authorized person is not suppose to hold a hot saw like that .. But anyway this is great as long as it does not follow the same path all other companies follow and just because a money hording beast with ads and "locked features"

  10. Why would there be brand new cameras installed in a building that's still under construction

  11. What a shame Microsoft no Windows Phone

  12. Can someone explain me this in detail. What is this technology and how i can use it at my work place ?

  13. Microsoft kills windows mobile … Real slow

  14. Seems like ctOS to me… e.e

  15. They should call this program Arcus… Because an Arcus cloud is technically at the edge of a cloud!

  16. The hospital one seems so pointless…


  18. Microsoft CSI.

  19. wouldn't that be a hackers paradise the nsa will have their job easier better spend billions on security first

  20. I'm one of those idiots who bought a Microsoft Lumia 950XL. Let's hope the fix all the nightmarish problems with the next "Surface" badged phone series and finally add WebM playback that they've been promising for 2 years now.

  21. this is straight out of Person of Interest, Microsoft is making "the machine"

  22. Keep that shit as far away from me as possible! No freaking way!

  23. 1:40 how did she know who to bring the saw??) And where is he located? I think it would be easier to use a radio

  24. Hell no, we don't need this Microsoft.

  25. wow, corporations and governments are really using george orwells 1984 as a instruction manual

  26. Ah, the future is now. Seeing all the 'advantages' of this new technological overwatch is as exciting as it is terrifying, but, like the proverbial frog in the pot, those who embrace it will slowly come to realize they are being cooked. This isn't a chapter from 'Brave New World', it is '1984', on steroids. The best of intentions….

  27. Great, person of interest coming to real life.
    Now we just have to wait until someone builds Samaritan until we all get controlled behind the scenes.

  28. how the hell have you not figured out how to update a damn os without fucking over every other piece of software on a computer

  29. i love microsoft

  30. Persons in off the limits areas. Unauthorized persons in the building. A gun in workplace or a school can trigger an alarm. SO many uses

  31. what's your color ?

  32. SkyNET

  33. What is the name of the camera solution shown in this video?

  34. So many iPhones.

  35. We bringing the stuff to any device, except windows phones, cause there are only 5 of them left…

  36. This is scary. Just saying.

  37. So everybody just staring into their phones even on construction site. Nice.

  38. good work microsoft

  39. Usage of mobile phones at such workplaces itself stands as a potential 'safety hazard'.

  40. This could be a Black Mirror episode

  41. Make us Dream.. MS

  42. From EdX?

  43. Who would carry a saw like that? 1:39?

  44. Th at's so cool

  45. 我不管,我就用中文评论

  46. now this is educational.

  47. I really love AI technology but what about staying away from the phone at work places ?

  48. watching this as part of the AI course, it's brilliant! thanks Microsoft for the material!

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