BREAKING! 19 FREE Real Estate Leads In 24 Hours From Facebook!

BREAKING! 19 FREE Real Estate Leads In 24 Hours From Facebook!

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and this video I want to break down a cool strategy as far as lead generation Goes that Vicki is shared inside the Facebook group the other day And I wanted to be able to break down and share with you guys because this is gonna be a great way to generate Some free leads for your business if you know you and the key is here I would be doing this alongside with your Facebook advertising because the Facebook advertising that’s going to create the consistency in your lead generation Whereas this strategy is gonna get you a little bit of a spike and leads But then there’s gonna it’s gonna kind of taper off All right So you want to be doing both of these it’s gonna be very beneficial to what you’ve got going on, but Vicki right here She said hi a new member here generating leads already. We’re struggling with some of the techy Facebook Ads manager stuff So I posted in some local buy sell trade Groups Sunday morning got 12 leads with valid emails. And/or phone numbers in about seven hours Okay, so you got 12 leads 100% for free in seven hours. Then she said five more since then Which some of them are bogus, too? It looks like but also posted in facebook marketplace today and got two more leads good way to add free leads to your pipeline So I 100% agree This is a strategy that I actually implemented way back in the day in My business and I just haven’t really done it a lot with with it so I want to break down and show you guys exactly how to go through and do this and I’ve actually used this in the Past and generate well over a hundred leads within a week for an open house that we were doing This is about two years ago when I was first kind of getting into the space But leveraging Facebook groups and some of these different platforms And like I said guys the great thing about this is it’s a hundred percent for free yet It’s gonna kind of die off after a little bit Okay. So what she did here is she used our listing leads campaign? So basically she used this exact post right here and then posted it into some of these Facebook groups as well as in the Facebook marketplace now, I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do this So you guys don’t get in trouble because there’s a lot of these Facebook groups. They have rules that you cannot do this So you need to make sure that your not going against any of these rules or else you’re gonna get kicked out it’s going to be considered spam and The people are just not gonna really like this. Okay. So first thing first we need to go through and create a landing page Alright, so you guys know inside the Arsenal system. We’re just going to do this step-by-step Just for those of you guys who maybe you know need a quick run-through a quick refresher here But we’ll just click on create another lead page and this strategy works best with listings so if you have a listing use your own if you don’t have a listing use a listing from a member on your team and Ask them obviously get permission first, but then what we’re gonna do is come over here Choose this listing Leeds campaign will just click choose right here. And then from here, this will kick us in to the website builder We can head out the images the text anything customize it to you and your business So what we want to do is just change out basically this background image We’ll just click choose new image here Go to my images Upload an image from your desktop and I’m kind of going a little bit faster here because we did cover this in the earlier videos In this week’s module But you can upload a video or if you’ve already got it uploaded. Just let’s say we were going to use this image We clicked use this image and it just updates. All right, now we can keep the headline sub-headline This is all pretty much we can keep the same if you want to change the number of photos You can just come over here is do like 19 or 27 or however many photos you’ve got and then one last thing you want to go to the Thank You page So this is the page after someone enters their name phone number email address that they’re gonna be brought to you Okay, so we’re gonna come over here and you want to also just make sure that you’ve got that same picture as the background Right here. So we’ll click Choose new image. My image is scroll down click this and then we’ll hit use this image alright, and then as far as this goes Few more listings on my site you can then go send Put a link to your actual website right here right now just goes to Google so it’s not going anywhere that’s gonna be sending people out or anything like that and then Just by default says check your email for the price Address and photos of this home. Okay, so then we’ll just hit save And so at this point, we’ve got your whole landing page already done setup. You don’t really need a mess with this anymore but then Before we go and actually make this post in the marketplace or in these groups We want to just make sure that the emails are saying what we want to say them What we want them to say sorry, so we come in here and says get miss taxes the price and picture this property Okay, so we’re delivering this via email. All right, so that’s where we want to come in here And on this first email we’ll just click on this Okay, so it’s going to say hey first name? It’s gonna auto populate with whatever name they put on the landing page This is thanks to request information Here’s a link to view all and then you just update here. How are many photos? You’ve got so like let’s say we’ve got 27 and then you can send the link This could be to a Dropbox link a Google Drive. It could be a link on your website wherever you have these photos stored that’s where you’re gonna send these people to and then as far as the address I Want to give them the address so they know where it is So if they want to go through and do a drive-by check it out do a little bit of recon on their own We can allow them to do that. So I’ll put in 1 2 3 Main Street and Then we also want to give them the asking price because obviously that was one of the hooks of what we were holding back So they would opt in and so we put in let’s maybe say it’s 500 thousand Ok, and then from here, feel free to reach out to me. It’s gonna audition Detail because you guys have already probably seen this, but you can see all the other follow-up emails that are going out All right If you want to create another one You can create a new email a new text message and these will automatically be sent to all these leads that are opting in so anyway coming back here guys and I’ve actually got a screenshot of Vicky’s post right here So this is what she’s she posted right here inside of marketplace. Ok, and you can see This looks exactly Where is it exactly like our post that we’ve got right here? So she’s kind of got instead of pre listed She’s got Toller remodel lottery thankful for in this totally remodeled three-bedroom two-bathroom thing Go here to get the price pictures and location. Literally the same exact thing She’s got a couple paragraphs and then she’s got a few photos of this home Ok, so guys this literally just copy and paste and you don’t have to spend money You don’t have to run ads and like she said she is getting leads from what she’s got going on it I think it was like 12 leads in the first 7 hours or vice versa. I can’t remember the exact number Let’s see 12 leads in the first 7 hours and then fie another 5 more and then another 2 more from the marketplace ok, so how you actually go through and do this is every single city Has these Facebook groups that are called buy sell or trade or kind of like the you know The yard sale type Facebook groups. So let’s say we are in Salt Lake City buy sell trade Salt Lake City, ok, so we’re gonna click on that search that then we’re gonna come over here to groups You can see the group’s already popped up here at the top Let’s go full screen again, or you can click on the group’s right here this is right here the rules this form to buy sell or trade is a place to buy sell trade or donate and so you can click on this and We can see the rules right here a little bit more detail List price the description location a photo will help sell quicker No commercial ass permitted without being approved in only on Mondays. His site is a public relations subsidiary So you want to make sure that you are reading the rules so you’re not getting kicked out? Okay, but you guys can see like these groups if we go and look at them You got four hundred sixty five members one point eight thousand one point one thousand five hundred and five thirty two members three point one thousand, so If you’re going through and look in these groups, there are people in your specific community And if you don’t live in Salt Lake City just type in your city and then join the group make sure you read the rules And see what’s going on so that you know you go through and post Okay, and then the post is literally using this identical post Okay, and then as you see here, let’s take a look back what Vicki did for the price? She said just ask for price. Okay, so now let’s just go through and set one up inside of the Facebook marketplace So you guys can see exactly how this is done. So we come over here And we click on the marketplace Okay Now we’re gonna click on sell something Alright, and this is item for sale buccal for sale will say I am for sale Select the category, so we’ll come down. Let’s see where we want to do it So we’ve got household Okay, but we’ve got rentals or property for sale I’m gonna do the property for sale because that’s a listing that’s in essence what that is, right? So what are we selling? And so if we come back here and look what? Vicki did which was an exec cellent example. She said totally remodeled. That’s what she said. That’s what she said. She was selling okay, so you could say like how we use on this example pre listed or something that’s gonna peak interest there so you could say new Townhome or something like that and then for the price She put asked for price and that’s what I recommend doing as well And so then they’re reaching out to you because remember on the landing page on our ad that’s what we’re holding back We’re holding back the price the pictures and the actual address and location So that they’re gonna opt in and show interest in what we’ve got to offer Okay, so then we come down We put the the location. So let’s say Salt Lake City So we’ve got all these different options Salt Lake City Utah describe your item. So what we’re gonna do is basically just come here and We are gonna just copy and paste this Put it in there. So pre listed or we could say New town home See before it hits the market four bedrooms three bathrooms go here to get the price Location more pics and this is we’re gonna have a leak out to the landing page. We just created right here okay now in order to make that little like shortened URL All we got to do is click on this like copy that and then see how I’ve got like this little bit Li link You go to bi T dot L Y and This is when you have like a really long link and it’s just like a total mess. This will short it for you Okay, see how you just paste it in there and it just shortens it automatically then we click copy Then we come back here to the marketplace And we just paste this in right there, and we’ve got it down here again Boom and then right here. This is like 3-bedroom home and we’ll say Salt Lake City and I’m not gonna actually post this but I’ll show you guys the strategy, right? So we’re gonna say three bedroom home in Salt Lake City Melo has fantastic. So basically then you have two paragraphs highlighting some of the key features of things that you should be pointing out like Like Vicky said newly remodeled or stainless steel appliances vaulted ceilings. Things are gonna be peaking people’s interest be like, oh man I want to check this place out. Okay, and then you come here and Add photos, so I’ll let’s see I’ve got I think I’ve got one photo here so we’ll use this one photo but I like to use what Vicky did and What I will show you guys and all the other modules as far as creating the actual add of using multiple pictures Because just one picture it’s like it’s cool, but they want to see a little bit more before they’re reaching out to you Okay, so if you have like, you know eight to ten pictures, that’s ideal You can see it says you can add up to ten photos here So if you have eight to ten two more photos the better and then let’s see right here Alright, so it looks like it’s not letting me hit next here because I do not have an actual price right here That just says asked from price. So I’ll actually have to ask Vicky to see what she was doing there But there’s two ways you can go through and do this right here Okay, like you they want you to have like a dollar sign amount right here So if he hit zero, then you can hit next and then post it You can put the actual price of the property right here But that kind of like is a little bit holding back the appeal of the property But as far as like the location plus more pictures a lot of times you can still gain that interest Another option you can do is people put $0 and then you know, obviously that’s gonna attract some interest there I probably want to do that because it’s kind of like sounds weird to say like we’re like you can see over here in the back this house is free which obviously is not the case, so I would probably Although it’s not ideal The most ideal ways to go through and put the ask for price Is just put the actual price of the property so maybe like let’s say it’s three hundred thousand Three hundred thousand right there not three million three hundred thousand then we’ll sit next and then from here All you do is hit post. Okay, because you’ve got the you know, you’ve got the new townhome You’ve got the landing page right here the links everything hit next hit post I’m not gonna actually have it go live because obviously it’s not a real Listing here, but it’s a great way to go through and generate a lot of these free leads right here So we discard this and you can look at you know, some of these other Properties but some of these like it’s good and you can see like you can ask for details you can message the seller But I also like to have like the landing page option on there because then they can opt in you can get more of their Contact information. So it’s just alternate ways to go through and get people’s contact information, right? So that’s kind of the way to do it with marketplace. And then I also showed you guys with the Facebook groups Basically, you’re using the same exact post you’re using like you know going through and hitting the highlights of the property having a link out to your landing page as Well as a few images about 8 to 10 images technically, that’s what I like to do And then you’re able to go through and get those posts that that listing in front of a lot of people that are in that community and Typically like Vicky was saying these are people that are pretty highly engaged So they’re not going to go through and put in bogus information people do that from time to time But they’re actually interested in the actually are living in your community This is a great way to go through and generate some free leads and doing this at the same time as having your paid advertising Running okay. So anytime you want to go through and launch a new listing or even have an open house? These are two ways to go through and maximize the exposure to those listings is using Facebook groups for the local area But remember to check out the rules for the group and then also Using the Facebook marketplace, right? So anyway guys once again if you guys have questions go through post those in the group Vicki’s in the group But I want to get her to bombard with this That’s why I wanted to shoot this video showing you guys step-by-step how to actually do this But with that said guys, thanks so much post your questions in the group and I will see you in the next video

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