Boosta din kreativitet genom att leka mer (Pappas Pärlor)

Boosta din kreativitet genom att leka mer (Pappas Pärlor)

You will never run out. Creative thinking itself gives birth to more creativity. The more weird things you come up with, the easier it will be to come up with even more! In this episode, you get to follow me to Motala when I visited Johan Karlgren, better known as “Pappas Pärlor”. “Hadouken”, Street Fighter characters on a sliding door… Hadouken! When I’ve made such a door (the first one was Mario) it branches off. So I’ve done a dozen different doors over the years. But that’s just one of the branches I’ve played with. For example, I’ve also made road signs at pedestrian crossing a dozen times. If you’ve cracked the code once, then it is easier to see new possibilities: “Looks like skateboarding…” “or playing football …” I can make a tribute here or something like that. You have your toolbox of creativity with all the things you’ve done before. [VICTOR] My goal with this channel is to find the most creative people, interview those who are an edge case, because I think there’s a lot o learn from the extremes. When it comes to Johan, it feels pretty clear that I’ve found just such a person. He has done more than 4000 (!) posts so far with different pieces… one is more inventive than the other. The fact that he’s an extreme person, becomes evident when you enter the studio where he creates. Times like this, I’m glad I have this camera. It’s 360 ° and shoots in both directions. It’s rare that there are so many things to film … [JOHAN]  It’s pretty messy 🙂 This whole adventure started with me selling video game flowers in marketplaces. Then it has evolved over the years. (Damn, it’s been a long time! ) Now I am represented in galleries and should apparently call myself an artist. I could have made a living from making the same flower over and over again, now 5 years later It’s a good hourly wage on them! At the same time, then I probably wouldn’t have been where I am today. Who wants to see the same flower for 5 years? I think this is very important: I’m not chasing the money, I’m chasing having fun. To me, creativity is all about play. To embrace your inner child. Imagination! It’s a lot about what you’ve forgotten since childhood. My love for video games was born Christmas 1987. When me and my brother got our first Nintendo 8-bit. “Ice Climber” was the game we played then. [VICTOR] Oh! One of my favourites too! Best battle game ever! I played for ten hours straight, then I had a blister on my hand the size of the A button. [VICTOR] Very relatable! The instant love for video games! It’s another way to play. To relax by going into a world of imagination, where you don’t have to think about grocery shopping, driving the kids to football practice or whatever. [VICTOR] It’s classic advice, play and creativity are related to each other. Play & innovation is something that many large companies, such as Apple & Google, advocate. But it’s pretty difficult to do in practice, how do you do? [JOHAN] How to play? How do you get it into your everyday life? If you’re a square person, how do you free yourself? [JOHAN] That’s a good question… It’s probably good then to find a hobby that gets you relaxed. If it is painting, which was a hobby for me, which then became a job, or if it is video games … It must be something that suits you. Play can also be skateboarding for example, which I have also been doing a lot. Sports can also be about playing! Perhaps it’s the sort of things you don’t prioritize as you get older. I can’t skateboard anymore because of my knees and my back. [VICTOR] My board is inside here. Sometimes I’m rolling to the store 🙂 And my kids sometimes pull me out to the board, So I sometimes get out there, but it’s nothing like it was 20 years ago. Skateboarding itself is also a very creative activity. [VICTOR] Indeed! You decide the rules of the game yourself. [VICTOR] That’s where I first became interested in creativity. Skate video as a format is pretty unique. Before I started making these videos, skate videos were the last thing I did. [JOHAN] Okay! I’m with you! I also have 5-6 movies from childhood. They were on VHS, but my brother made a digital version when I turned 40. However, they should not be shown in public. [VICTOR] I was just gonna ask! When skateboarding, you learn to scan the urban landscape, looking for skate spots. And that is practising your creativity! That should be similar to what you do with your street art, is that right? [JOHAN] Yes, it’s exactly the same! As a skateboarder, you see spots everywhere when you move through a city. I still do that now at the age of 40. I might see a staircase and think “Oh, what a handrail!” The street art I do is exactly the same. I’m out looking for spots! Although I will not boardslide down the rail, but maybe I’ll put up something there instead. Redefine reality so that it becomes more playful. This creativity hack should not be taken literally, but it is very interesting that there are so many creative people coming from skateboard culture. I think part of the answer can be found in what I and Johan just talked about. When you skate, you constantly practice your creative skills by trying to look at objects in the urban landscape in a new way. You can probably get a similar effect from taking up photography, for example. There you can also get a reason to think about how objects can be transformed into something different. I remember when I was a kid I often looked up to the clouds and let my imagination find different figures, animals and other things. That was probably a similar exercise in creativity. Some of my best posts have come after some time off. For example, I was in Paris some time ago, took a quiet week there. Then I made two posts that have become two of my most shared and liked posts ever. You can show them here! It was Arnold from Terminator 2 and Superman, both during the same week. It’s from a place I’ve had on my phone for two years. A place next to an animal clinic where I take my cats. I’ve had a picture and thought about it for a long time, and then all of a sudden it happens! If it’s not an option to travel to Paris to get some some distance to your problems, you can, fortunately, achieve what is called “Psychological Distance” in more than one way. Simply put, it’s about changing our way of thinking about a problem. One way might be to pretend that the problem came from somewhere far away geographically. Or far away in time. You can also get a creative boost if you pretend to be someone else, and then try to solve the same problem. There’s a lot of research supporting the idea that “Psychological Distance” is a method that really makes us more creative. For those who are interested and want to know more, I’ll put in some more links in the video description. Before we finish, I would like to say thank you to Mallboden, a café & hostel, who was kind and let me park my tiny house with them during my time in Motala. Johan lives nearby, so there are a lot of “Pappas Pärlor” to discover in the area. A visit is something I recommend to anyone who is going to Motala (or who wants a reason to go there). Super nice place located right on the Göta Canal, which I enjoyed both with my Paddleboard and of course by swimming! And don’t miss their magic waffles if you go there. I think I ate like 10 servings during my time there. Thank you Mallboden! If you want to know more about Johan, it’s easiest to check out his Instagram account. I really love doing these videos ❤️ If I just manage to get an audience, I will continue to release videos like this for a very long time to come. Please help me make this possible by subscribing to my channel here on YouTube. It’s just a click away, on the button below this video! Feel free to share the video with people you think may be interested as well. And if you really get the feeling for this, then you can buy me a cup of coffee. Hope you want to continue following this channel. If you liked this episode, then I think you’ll love what is to come!

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