Books For Real Estate Agents To Read

Books For Real Estate Agents To Read

What’s up everyone! It’s me Chastin J. Miles your Dallas real
estate agent for Rogers Healy and associates. And each week I bring you the real, what it’s
really like working in the real estate industry. What I wanted to do for this video is actually
provide you with a couple of books that I read earlier on in my career, that I feel
like really helped. I’ve read a lot of books since I’ve been a
real estate agent and I continue to read books today and I think I may record more videos
like this so that you all can be in the same mindset of the page that I’m on when I’m saying
certain things in these videos. Just a few books that I read earlier on in
my career and these aren’t all of them. I’m going to provide you all with more over
time, but you can definitely check out these three right now. And what I’ll do just to make it easy; I’ll
put the links to the books below, I just got them off of Amazon and they were a little
cheaper than pretty much anywhere else. I’ll put the Amazon link that I went to order
them below in the description. You can go and get the books as well. The first book is the Millionaire Real Estate
Agent. This is a really good book. I’m not going to say that I use everything
in this book, but it has some great things, especially if you’re early on in real estate
and you don’t really know anything about building a true real estate business, this book was
awesome for that, so definitely check out millionaire real estate agent. The second book is Strength Finders 2.0. I adore this book and this was more like a
test for you to find out what you’re really good at. The reason why I like this book so much was
because it helped me build a really good real estate team. For a while in my business I was kind of discouraged
because I was trying to do this, I was trying to do that, and I just wasn’t good at it all. And so what strength finders did was; it pinpointed
what I was really good at so that way I can fill in the holes of the places that I wasn’t
good at with other people. I really like this book and as a matter of
fact; when anybody comes on to my team today I make them take the strength finders test
as well. Lastly, I recommend the Little Black Book
of Connections. I like this book too. This was actually presented to me by one of
my mentors, his name is Johnny, and he’s over here in Dallas. It was such a good book, because at a place
where he told me about it I was always like how can I meet this person, how can I expand
my network, I don’t know anybody, I’m having a hard time building this business and he
said why don’t you go and read this book, I want you to go and get it today and read
it in its entirety and I did and I definitely recommend you to read it as well. I hope those were helpful; books are such
a huge asset to any business owner and they are for if you are getting in real estate
or if you’re a real estate agent or just in any business, books are extremely helpful
and I definitely recommend you reading them. Check out those; again the links are in the
description. If this has been helpful to you and you want
to keep the conversation going, please leave me a comments below, I’d love to hear your
thoughts on these books or any other books that you’d recommend that I’d read, I’d definitely
go ahead and order them. If you like the video give it thumbs up and
if you haven’t subscribed yet, just subscribe; what are you waiting on? I release video weekly and I know they’re
going to be helpful as you continue your real estate journey, so until next time; much success
to you and I’ll see you later.

4 thoughts on “Books For Real Estate Agents To Read

  1. Keep Up The Great Work! The Videos Are Very Informative. 👊

  2. thanks Chastain! love your progression!

  3. Good morning Chastin. Great book recommendations. I've read the millionaire real estate agent and I must say that it is the bible for real estate agents. I would also like to recommend the book, Agent Mastermind! 17 strategies that will explode your real estate business today! By Scott Hudspeth & Agent Masterminds! This book is a must have as well!

  4. If you’re an agent whose looking to explode your lead generation, download my free PDF of “50 Ways to Lead Generate”. You can get it for free at

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