Bogotá Real Estate Snapshot (watch this before buying) (2017)

Bogotá Real Estate Snapshot (watch this before buying) (2017)

[Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] this morning the mayor’s office the Bogota released in 2017 real estate census today I thought I’d talk through some of the key points that I saw in the report and what better place to do it then on the roof of the building we’re about to renovate overlooking Marisa so the first thing to notice if you own real estate in Bogota over the past year its increased in value about 9.8 percent so that’s all types of real estate but it is higher than the inflation rate so if you do own real estate your your the value of your property has increased in the last year there’s been 6.8 million square meters added constructed in Bogota now where did those meters go take a look at the map only two percent of all new construction and bullet are in the tsuba area you’ve got a lot of strata three strata for that’s going in there so second place mezuzah ken all the way from Calle 102 kg a 220 you’ve got a lot of new construction going in there especially towards those northern areas whether it’s still some room left Bill Chappell Neto although I had a you know a small part of the new construction coming in it had a lot of demolish there is actually the locality with the second largest amount of demolition in the previous year about 15% of all demolition but without was happening in Sapa Neto and a lot of that is happening about ten blocks that way on 58 and Caracas a little cluster of older real estate that’s falling apart and being redeveloped okay so that’s you know that’s 35 percent of all new square meters going towards north and going towards the west ninety-five percent of visitors to Bogota desire to stay in the area that we like to call the Golden Triangle so the three points to that triangle are one the 93 unity zona G number two the Centro Candelaria Centro International and then number three you’ve got the Selita Rea u.s. embassy area the multinational offices along the KJ 26 that’s where we find that 95% of visitors to Bogota want to stay so we because we operate on the short-term furnished rental market we need to identify areas that we can rent to visitors to Bogota interestingly enough inside that Golden Triangle La Candelaria for example it only got one point four percent of the new meters added to the width up to taquito it only got one point four percent added to the new new meters members Barrios una dos a little bit larger a 2.4 percent counting to Tsukiji la candelaria Barrios Unidos and Chapa narrow you’ve got less than 10 percent of the new meters editable with hop why because all of the easy to develop block already developed that’s why when we found this building had a very small footprint about 240 square meters it didn’t make sense for a developer to demolish 4 storeys and build six storeys but for us to come in and renovate full stories into multiple short term rental units it makes sense but let’s talk residential 60% of all new I believe that 6:00 p.m. so in residential about 6:00 I’m vlogging here so in residential about 60% of all new residential properties went towards strata 3 in strata for now we’ve been talking about that for a while you get 80% of Bogota made up of the lower strata 1 2 & 3 let’s do a quick recap on what a straddle are in case you don’t already know but we thought has a strata system from 1 to 6 strata 1 our properties that are subsidized by the highest strata strata 6 is the upper class the upper upper class the properties they subsidize the lower strata strata stakes only makes up about six or seven percent of real estate in but with a very small portion so 80% of Bogota lives in straddles 1 2 & 3 Bogota you do have a very diverse wealth gap but because the economy is growing and the middle class is growing you’ve got quite a lot of people moving from strata 1 to 2 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 that’s a lot of pressure on these mills products and not that that sticks to the scent of new construction towards start a 3 & 4 is in response to that look at that hope you’re getting that so I hope that helps you understand what’s happening in this market we do generate our rental income through the domestic and international market not the local market but it is really important for us to understand what’s happening with the supply and the demand of property especially in the areas that we function in you’ve got 1 million more people coming to Bogota in the next 10 years at bogus our current density it’s got about half the land that it needs to provide living spaces for those people so there’s an upcoming shortage of of property in all areas especially the areas that are desirable to live in in general the most desirable areas to live in are still the inside that Golden Triangle there are some local areas of town that are becoming popular you’ve got you know budget car with with 170 that are really nice modern organized suburbs for the local market but in terms of the international and domestic demand not so much so as far as working Sun will really focus on chopper Netto especially this place right here chopper narrow central it’s where you have some pieces of land that are still available to be developed especially this part right here you still have a lot of two story or one story buildings that are falling to pieces and probably going to be redeveloped by the big constructors over the next few years it’s already the one of the most desired places for international visitors to stay because they can have great access to the central Candelaria as well as yours only cheese on the cheese on a G and all of the nightlife areas to the north so it makes sense for a lot of people to be right in the middle that’s why we’re focused there guys thanks for listening I want to do a question-and-answer episode I want to hear what questions you guys have for me let me know in the comment section below what questions I should answer in the next video and be sure to smash that like button smash smash the subscribe button – see you in the next one if you enjoyed that video my name is Pham I’ve been here in Colombia for seven years I’m part of a group of entrepreneurs that is completing passive real-estate investments and we’re stunning short-term rental units into the first decentralized to itself I’ll be making a lot more videos like this one so subscribe below and make sure to hit that notification valve

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