Blackjack Livestream from the El Cortez Casino! July 11 2019

Blackjack Livestream from the El Cortez Casino! July 11 2019

all rise and thank you Jeff I just saw that you gave me $50 super Cheston thank you so much and I'm sorry that you'll have to miss another stream I will be doing more when I'm on here in Vegas and yeah so we are playing blackjack tonight this is double deck blackjack and we're buying in for $1,000 again so let's just go ahead and get started hopefully think you can handle a little bit I think that's that's good so buying in for a thousand I know you can't see all of mine I'll move it over a little bit you didn't even see that better all right so I'm gonna start with $50 bits I'm gonna put five bucks on the side bet and yeah okay perfect you guys see all my chips see everything okay cool all right and thank you so much to do for the $2 supercharged says good luck and have fun yeah we're good six sixteen there we go nice try it again Oh Thank You Dustin for the $2 she would check he says good luck I am so addicted dear videos thanks so much ten against two three I think that's a double oh nice good double I think I got everybody's Oh Thank You Jenny for the $5 super judge says good luck at Windy thank you a little start there and we'll try to try to solve it again Jana honey good I might have to start playing to dance you guys yeah I guess I might have to 16 I might move I might have to in here so we're gonna angle the camera a little bit so I could if I need to play another spot I'll play over here so for now not really winning anything on this side 16 and 2/3 thank you rob Luke for the $10 super chat love your videos and your smile thank you so much I'll just keep playing it so it seemed like last time 17 ah they are definitely have lower odds but I think they make the streams a little more more exciting more fun of course when you play by on your own you're definitely not enough to do the side but nice there we go what nice and that is an eight against a five I'm not sure is that a split but all right we'll split it why not I'm not even sure I think so maybe it's not so 5 or 15 stay on that yeah thank you supposed to say 14 say I don't know maybe you're supposed to get that that was a double loop see sorry oh well at least our one you know what that's okay I'll take it I don't claim to be a perfect player I'm gonna play two hands hopefully let me know if you guys can see this side okay a dirt Hey I think that's that kids what do I have now 12 13 18 nice I like the horse assignment all right to choose against like that's a splint and yeah all right we're gonna split that ten oh that should be a double I think alright here's the action we're gonna have some other so that all right we're gonna do it we win this 12/5 that is 12 only the dealer busts will go back to one hand I play perfect okay good good try anyway how many cards make up the flush flush so the flush bus with a the side bets I guess you don't know if you can really see it so the way it works I'm sorry is that you it's it's the two cards that you're dealt plus the dealer's up card with the flush plus if you get a straight flush with those three cards it's 32 one three-of-a-kind 21 straight ten to one flush is some other one okay we'll go back to sue hands and you guys can see both hands well right I see everything perfectly okay perfect we'll try one hand come on back there can we please see the size up a table I can't really move the camera my camera is on a tripod but I just I just listed it so you ever interested you can call the El Cortez and the super shot is super shot is any pairs three two one three of a kind bonus thirty-one through a kind dealer bonus what that means 6 or 16 he would double all right we'll double it why not it wasn't double I think so I best not we're gonna for me I'm sixteen about seventeen since I lost I hope that soured Thank You Mohammad deli Obama up in the two dollars of each other he says double thank you so much that did try okay come on push glass for last time I was getting into when I wasn't betting it I was getting every time eleven there we go baby 17 [Laughter] eleven there we go that's a double nice [Applause] can I skip rinse thank you there we go oh we got the flush though yeah that's right almost straight seriously straight flush on that these three thank you to everyone for joining in probably won't be doing another ultimate Hold'em until my next trip try to play as many switch of a variety of games as I can seven against the six fifteen six 7 or 17 what is that 21 there we go nineteen the side bet on the right is called super shot I said it earlier on it's like I don't know if any pairs three two one three of a kind is 32 1 and then we have a kind dealer bonus I don't understand what that means welcome to Google and I just played the bet I know she had it thank you will Graham $50 super Shelly says hello hello to you [Applause] is correct well there we go so they don't have let it ride right now but if they told me that they're getting it so when they have it here and then I'll play it I really can only play the games that are available to me 15 Anna's 6 thank you Richard for the $2 super choices wasn't a pineapple under the sea we believe that a mr. spongebob mr. Squarepants I guess you're 18 what do we have now 17 that's an 11 why'd you hit that I don't know I don't claim to be a perfect player don't like it it's okay we're just here for fun nice straight I played right okay there you go I thought I'm pretty sure I did what nice baby perfect like that nice go back to two hands we'll stick it out again if you're not sure what the mathematically best way to play is you can always go to listener bods doggone you're interested that's I try to play the best as I can to that strategy from memory but sometimes I like to take a gamble all in good – fun nice 11:00 again I'm not sure organize think we will will start the shoe to two hands I try to keep these in full files in like four and five hi there oh sorry no I can't I have the phones up here I don't see it this is just another front phone but nice to meet you good start excellent one of us has to win nice Thank You Eugene it's alright for the 200 every choice is good luck tonight thank you so much 18 all right better than loss I guess I'm a sucker okay super shot instead maybe I like the flush bus just because I know it better it's basically like a three card poker hand 26 I'm betting 50 a hand right now so – 225 all skin rinse perfect thank you so much 15 out of 15 why to deck they only have double deck again single deck shouldnít though that can single deck here nice 18 that is my guess satis quit I think so yeah okay so I thought thirteen [Applause] that's a 1218 I'm getting a ton of pairs maybe I should be funny less my mods are able to are using the beasts lot lady account to moderate it just gives them a little bit more flexibility 1913 we're gonna try one hand you know we'll do both side that's for you guys see if I can actually went into stock probably not 18 nice we'll try going one hand I'm gonna start of this shoe yeah that's good good time thank you for all the good luck wishes as well green chips are worth 25 Reds are worth $5 blacks are 100 I don't think I'm up I think I'm down a little bit maybe I do say the El Cortez I actually have a room tour one of their Suites on my Instagram TV if you're interested in they actually recently read it over a lot of their rooms that is a double there we go all right let's try one and with two 18 nice carrots I'll be doing slop streams later on in the trip so stay tuned for that make sure you guys are following me on instagram Facebook 13 now we'll do both sides how about try come on blackjack nice ace I thought it was the straight for a second there Thank You gumbo for the $2 super choices hope you have a winning trip ha thank you so much I hope so too nice nice train what excellent that is 13 put some money down oh nice fifteen we're gonna try two hands dirty man guys are funny nine against a to say that's we'll try doubling my not come on bust go back to one edge [Applause] it was Jenny's fault good to see you can you ever let it ride after win not usually not really how I usually if I'm up I'll increase my bet not I've time to stick to the same bed I'm losing certainly good I felt like being lucky so in this game dealer hits on saw 17 some casinos have different rules that's 12 14 thank you Cohen Krista $2 superjealous hashtag luck for this shoot Thank You Nina let's see the blackjack 18 I don't think it makes any difference there are other players on the table you're gonna be a winning hand 13 Thank You crazy caller Carl for the dollar super chat I really appreciate it no side bet dad so on the bottom 17 thank you casino crew entertainment for the dollar super chatter really appreciate it I'll get greens and then Ritz we're not doing a slot stream tonight but I will definitely be doing one on my trip at least one so stay tuned for that thank you we're good nineteen yeah i real stack them in little piles that is a 13 day nice all right you guys want to let it ride and we'll let it ride hundred dollars come on 911 okay come on ten sixteen seventeen come on nobody else this is the only table that's reserved guys it doesn't matter the table you plan on odds are the odds that is fourteen but I miss your super chat I'm sorry I Bini I'm doing the best I can Thank You ebony chillies for the dollar super chat I apologize two or three zillions of five I think that's a split we're gonna split it live life on the edge seven 12 oh no I think you're smelling 11 I'm sorry I love them yeah there we go okay yeah nine yeah okay come on ten all right so I think she has an 11 who's that way yeah that's okay are you watching the chat and have the phone in the tripod I have another phone that I watched the chat on the nine was a double oh I lost it didn't matter how many Fitbit steps do i average a day I try to get 10,000 so that's my goal in Vegas though I walk a lot – laughs sorry she would have had 22 he would have won if I double Oh c'est la vie Thank You Eponine for the dollar super chat appreciate it thank you for joining in I went all in that would make a pretty short scream so I try not to do that I want to spend as much time with you guys as possible you trying to get rid of me Oh fifteen Hey all right we're gonna try to dance okay that's 13 try two hands again well that is I know that one I think you're supposed to add a twelve Institute I think so that's okay I can never remember it looks like a coin flip oh boy run out of money um can I just get greens almost it's almost done that was but I didn't think it was a split definitely you wouldn't want two sixes that's the 16 is the worst hand you can get yeah I put it down kamilla I guess the last hand sashing row I'll do one $15.00 better leave a little something for it Thank You Elton for the to go super shiny so good luck love your channel all right my friend tell her PES 14 six all right that's it the rest is we have 20 bucks left but that's gonna be nice for you no worries so I'll end the stream here hey guys I hope you enjoyed the stream and had a good time with me as always I had a good time hanging with you sorry it was a short stream but hey when you're unlucky or unlucky but make sure you guys follow me on all my social media the links are in the description of this video as well as all my videos and make sure you have notifications enabled for YouTube so you never miss any of my live streams and yeah I'll catch you guys in the next one have a good night

21 thoughts on “Blackjack Livestream from the El Cortez Casino! July 11 2019

  1. Not certain how you win with that left side bet. Straight up, one position, not two, and keep it simple, otherwise with one loss and another win you break not even even (since the $5.00 on each hand) is gone on every draw. Not convinced cards are your best money maker, $1000.00 might go further on slots. Smiles!

  2. Why does the dealer stick the cards in the black thing in front of the chips?? The couple times I noticed it the dealer had blackjack. Can anyone explain. I’m not a card gambler.

  3. Why would you hit your soft 18 against the dealer up 7 card.. you already have a chance of beating the dealer.. another word of advice, you don’t have to always hit your 16 because the dealer don’t always have a 20…

  4. Sarah is very brave..she hits 16…

  5. 👍😟

  6. I missed the live

  7. Watched the stream as you were playing, watched it again just now. Yep. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you in person. See ya again sometime.

  8. When I saw only 37 minutes I knew the table would be bad… pretty nails though

  9. Side bets are novice bets, you're wasting the suckers that are paying for your poor strategy play….

  10. Twice the dealers hole card would have given you a straight flush off by one card, OUCH!. Sour luck overall on this stream, but still a lot of fun. 2 deck shoes are going to be real inconsistent as well. Sometimes you will do great other times you will lose your shirt in the process.

  11. Try the no bust strategy. Look it up.

  12. your the worst blackjack player i ever seen play the game! Does not matter if you dont claim to be a pro your still the worst

  13. I watched a lot of your blackjack video. And I realized that you don't double 10 against a 9. The correct play is always double a 10 against 2-9. Basically double your 10 when the deal's value is lower than 10.

  14. Una peinadita

  15. El cortez seems like a fun place to play

  16. There no sound at all

  17. Sorry….next time!!

  18. At least ur nails r still beautiful. It was fun ty
    .. ..

  19. Always split Aces & Eights, I split 9s when dealer has bust card

  20. I like your nails, nice colour.

  21. In addition to my experience, further I learn that the only way to win in long term is counting…sad

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