Better Real Estate Tracking and Monitoring Leads with an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

Better Real Estate Tracking and Monitoring Leads with an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

Larry’s team closes 750 transactions per
year and a lot of that has to do with setting up a brand new ISA team within his business
hi this is Brian Icenhower and I am here with Larry else from Detroit Michigan how’s it
going Larry I’m doing well how you doing I’m doing good Larry and I have worked together
now for us than a year and I really thought it’d be good to get you out here to let everybody
know what you’ve been doing because it’s quite phenomenal Larry Larry’s team in Detroit closes
750 transactions per year and it’s been so fun to work with him and then they’ve shown
significant year-over-year increases in production and a lot of that has to do with setting up
a brand new inside sales agent or ISA team within his business we’ll talk about that
a little bit what that’s done for your team in the production especially as a plate Larry
sure we started an ISA team about six months ago have a sales manager and is for
ISAs would put up put through your training and they’re doing phenomenal January we had
about 46 sales and 24 those were contributed from the ISA team so they’re doing great
our ISAs who are going through the program are doing phenomenal putting prospecting into
their day to day activity it’s really been a huge opportunity for the agents in my office
and just for training and and really putting things into practice that’s awesome yeah I
don’t know everybody knows when he said last month in January in Michigan and this January
in Michigan I know there’s there’s quite a little little bit of turbulent weather and
to close 46 units and have 24 of them come from your ISAs is pretty darn impressive Scott
who I’ve gotten to work with quite a bit he’s your ISA manager and Scott does an amazing
job he went through our ISA management course and certified ISA manager now you know he
learned how to hire ISAs how to train them how to onboard them quickly to get them into
production fast and continue to hold them accountable and work on their skill development
and it’s just he’s as good as they come and I think that’s what a lot of people don’t
realize that when you know a lot of people want to get an isa like wow this is an inside
sales agent they’ll finally work the phones for me I hate working the phones they don’t
realize you’re really running your own call center and that you know you have to do things
to run your own call center you know I’d say hiring is a big aspect of training and its
really helped us hiring and and the onboarding and training has been significant for us for
all of my staff from the receptionist to the sales manager to the transaction manager the
trainings has been an onboarding has been really really effective for us it’s helped
me from making bad hires that’s something I was always nervous about kept me from hiring
and with the right training and right onboarding and right hiring process it’s it’s made a
big difference in my hires so it’s been much higher ratio hiring a successful person for
the position that I’m hiring for I I think and I think that’s a big part of it you hit
it on the head because you know no one really grows up saying I want to be a telemarketer
you know like that’s not my thing you know I mean it’s often a stepping stone position
and as a result when you hire an is a if you don’t get them into production quickly and
get them succeeding and earning income you can have a really high turnover an attrition
rate so you really need to be good regardless at constantly hiring and training we also
you know help with some pass up out of that position to the people that really succeeded
and want to grow if not we’re gonna risk that turnover so getting them you know getting
all those ISAs through our is a training course quickly and getting them in the chair faster
so that they’re actually producing and generating that income while they’re training and working
on that skill development really worked well for you then you guys I mean you guys did
some pretty elaborate entire team planning with regards to implementation of tracking
systems and scoreboards and accountability as well too we did a lot when it comes to
accountability and and tracking from just is a context to having a daily or having a
weekly meeting with the entire staff in the checklist the checklist for pending and closing
transactions there’s been a lot that has has really helped us make streamline the process
so we can do more transactional volume without being overwhelmed so without those things
that we’ve implemented to to track all of our business it would be chaotic so yeah it’s
it’s been really essential to to implement some of those those things and and the scoreboard
to whatever we have our weekly meetings and we go over the scoreboard and we motivate
and talk about our weaknesses that’s it’s a big big factor in our success or growth
or development yep I you know I’m with you and it’s a testament to you guys too because
you’ve embraced systems you know and systems aren’t sexy and they’re not fun but boy they
are great to have in place right so get them there it’s just not the best you know the
best part but we got them there right when we do have a scoreboard so we can track response
time we can track lead follow-up contacts initial contacts all of those things to hold
everybody accountable to doing what they should be doing everybody does better right you know
everybody everybody does better when if you track it it will grow and you guys have done
a great job of tracking it and I think that’s why you’re getting such big results so quickly
and Scott’s really embraced that he’s embraced gamification too right so he just kind of
makes it a game you know everybody’s always trying to see how they rank against each other
in in all the different categories whether it be contacts or appointments a door or lead
follow-up to every you know they’re they’re constantly trying to compete with one another
and it makes it fun you know it makes it fun it’s fun it’s it’s fun for everybody here
and part of it is is the gamification the contest the competition so it’s that’s that’s
another big factor and just getting everybody motivated to work every single day and make
the calls and exceed expectations I agree okay so there’s one thing I did want to talk
to you about too because one of the systems we implemented that has been working really
well for you and I think you guys have put some great personal touches on it is our two-week
assault plan and and what that is just for all of you they don’t know it is a plan so
when an inbound lead comes in okay so a lead comes in any type of lead really it could
be you know a premium lead like for Mozilla or it could just be a forced registration
from a website or anything that comes to us you guys put them right into a two weakest
plannin and that means for two weeks we are trying to make constant contact with that
lead through various channels of communication calling them or text them or emailing them
or shooting video emails or trying to message them and find them on social media just to
make that first telephone contact with the lead once we make the contact then we switch
them into a variety of potential follow-up campaign categories depending on the degree
of urgency right then it could be a hotly to warm lead a cold lead and those dictate
the frequency of follow-up we’re gonna do until they’re ready to meet in person and
purchase her or sell a home so two plans really right we start with the two-week assault plan
to make contact and then once we make contact we learn the urgency and we move them over
into your CRM s lead follow-up campaign category based on the degree of urgency and we stay
in touch and we track those follow-ups to make sure they’re happening so tell us about
how that two-week assault plan has kind of helped you guys and how you implement it to
make more contacts with leads that’s helped us a lot so we have a really good CRM and
we we put every new that new lead in there a lot of times its instantaneous whenever
they inquire with us if it is online lead sometimes we’ll get a call in lead and that’s
that’s great because we can convert them right on the spot but a lot of times leads come
in at night and things like that so we want to make contact with them as soon as possible
so we blast it out and we have is a get a sign to it immediately and then they’re calling
texting emailing for two weeks until we make contact with them and then yeah we convert
them over to hot lead warm lead and and we’ll put them on a secondary plan once we make
contact with them and then we develop and nurture them until they’re ready to start
seeing houses or their pre-approved or they have coupons and then at that point we’re
moving on to the next stage yeah it’s been really good for conversion and and tracking
whenever you have so many buyers coming in it’s really easy to just let them all go or
stop following up and with system we have a lot of it’s automated but a lot of it’s
not – we also we have to make actual physical calls and actually reach out to them but you
do have a little bit of better support and the back door so that can be automated some
emails and texting but but we got to make the calls too so we assign it right away – is
a it really has increased our buyer conversion from inbound buyer means yeah I think a lot
of people don’t get that right they don’t get that when they call a lead if they don’t
answer you know they might try again right but they don’t really understand like the
bulk of the business is in the follow-up it is gonna be very rare that a lead comes in
that we make contact and we convert off that first call the bulk of its gonna come from
the follow-up and it takes I mean on average you know you’re talking about five or six
contact attempts before we make contact so many don’t even ever try that that’s our average
right so you know and that’s and so many people miss that and if we are not tracking to make
sure our people are making the requisite amount of attempts we’re gonna miss out on a lot
of business so we you know we do need to put some accountability in there and be able to
track that that’s why it’s so important to have a plan that we can go in to your CRM
and monitor to make sure that all of these contacts are being made in those first two
weeks under the assault plan to make sure because if someone’s not you know hey we’ve
got a problem B I’m gonna stop sending that person leads because that one clearly is having
a difficult time following up they need to get caught up and we can learn so much about
our team’s performance much more quickly and correct mistakes as we go and you guys have
done an amazing job and it’s a testament to the production I’m sure a lot of it is the
systems and we are able to really track and monitor calls made contacts made how much
they’re following up and they and accountability you know it goes back to accountability where
we can really see what they’re actually doing and making sure that everyone is doing their
follow-up soon so far we’ve had a lot of success and we try to make it as easy as possible
with those systems to so they aren’t struggling with lead vol that very easily able to kind
of go through all their leads every day so yeah it’s it’s super important especially
if you’re paying for leads to not be making those contacts we 7 context to somebody before
you give up I know a lot of agents who who kind of just gave up after the first call
like you said and they might be paying for Zillow leads and they make one call and that’s
I’ll kill you yeah absolutely well Larry thanks so much your time I know you’re busy and and
I really appreciate you sharing this and your successes of everybody and some amazing tips
I’m excited to keep going with you and see where this thing goes because we’re off to
the races pretty quick thanks I appreciate the opportunity and all your support and everything
all right take care Larry thanks thank you.

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