Better Real Estate Follow Up – Fix Your 2017 – FSBO Approach – Borino Live Coaching #124

Better Real Estate Follow Up – Fix Your 2017 – FSBO Approach – Borino Live Coaching #124

lovely lovely lovely Tuesday to you my
real-estate Rockstar friends welcome to another to the addition of Barina live
we are here every Tuesday almost every Tuesday we talk about real
estate we talk about money success mindset lead generation prospecting
advertising marketing I answer your questions we hang out for about an hour
hour and fifteen minutes I had my biggest cup of cappuccino of course to
keep the fuel going hmm how are you people did you have a good
memory all day mow the nice did you enjoy yourself did you work if you
worked you have that chance of winning a digital marketing book for my man Ryan
Deiss I’ll tell you all about it I’ll tell you about the bootcamp I will tell
you about fizzbuzz we talked about getting more clients making money being
cool having a good time so if you have a question just supposed to drive next to
the video if you’re watching it on replay come back a Tuesday a fly for
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talk to you I love my rockstars and a lot of the Facebook group did you know
first a good news we have been included in top 20 real estate groups on Facebook
worldwide we are number six we are the sixth best real estate group and we’re
gunning for number one our friends and labcoat Nick and Tristan are running the
best group which I really like and I’m sure many of your members so congrats to
making Tristan but well done rockstars we are among the best here we share we
inspire each other I will post a link to the article of the company who did the
research is not just some opinion they researched the activity of the group how
many posts they are how helpful the posts are links videos pictures all that
kind of stuff so kudos thumbs up congratulations rockstars well done
alright hey mr. Tristan congratulations you guys scored the first toast nice to
have you Tristan how are you doing bud alright cool cool cool okay did we just
freeze did you guys lose the connection or is it just my computer
well let me double-check if i refresh this bad boy no okay so we’re good
fantastic anyway so good to have everybody including our friends from lab
coats always like those guys if you haven’t signed up I’m not sure when the
district and you guys are doing that awesome the webinar on how to run
Facebook ads now the reason I like in the reason I posted a link on our group
as well and if you haven’t guys if you don’t sign up it’s going to be epic is
because I like to talk to get information get advice from people who
are actually doing shit and lab coat guys in lab codes like Tristan and make
and everybody else there a lot of these people are actually doing it using it
working it daily so if you go follow somebody if you go take somebody’s
advice take it from somebody who’s been there who’s done it was done expired so
it’s done says boss who’s done Facebook at groovy so go check it out sign up to
that alright at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time 2:00
p.m. Eastern so when we wrap up cool go check it out I think you will enjoy it I
think it’s going to be good excellent all right huh Gordon welcome Jesus I
skip my office meeting today instead I’m listening to you
you’re going to learn some good stuff so with that might as well get started what
do you guys say this is the first question it came from Ariel and Ariel
would like to know something about Fizbo and since I do know a thing or two about
physicals and I share with you guys let’s start there Moreno fellow rock
stars in your opinion is it worth mailing out sample custom-made listing
postcards to visibles you’ve met with but we have not yet list with you who
have enlisted I enjoy making a custom to each home but I wonder if the time it
takes to arrive will happen after they have made a decision on who they would
like to list with in addition I put my branding on the card so I don’t want to
appear overly pushing so she doesn’t put any branding on the card it’s a custom
card I do email each of the recipients a JPG of the postcards it’s mainly one
being redundant or is it a waste of time what are your thoughts Ariel is working
fizzbuzz which is awesome so let’s take it apart first is it a good idea to mail
custom postcards to physicals and the answer is short answer yes
it’s better than nothing keeping in touch
with Sybil’s is really the key there are two components to your success with
physicals strong good first impression non fails the high status helpful
adviser who comes in to help to guide to be a resource rather than a pushy
salesperson that’s step one and then step two is persistent follow with
something that’s cool that’s helpful this alone will guarantee you’re going
to get more traction with the fist but will guarantee a listing of course not
which is a much better chance if you use this approach if you’re persistent if
you followup with repetition because it’s the repetition that will create a
sense of familiarity it sits in the air that creates comfort and comfort create
trust and Trust is the foundation of your success not just with visibles but
with any weights doesn’t make sense so far so first strong compression number
one good impression because if the impression sucks if they either label
you too pushy too arrogant too aggressive or too needy too desperate
then the follow-up doesn’t matter what you mail afterwards doesn’t matter what
you do later doesn’t matter you’re following me so you set up a good strong
first impression nice conversation with them enjoying the talk with them and
then following up repeatedly how often every 7 to 10 days after about two weeks
they completely forget who you are there are other agents going for that
listing people are distracted they have a job kids problems health issues all
kinds of things on their mind so you need to repeat and repeat and repeat so
back to our else question should you mail postcards is that a good idea is
that part of a good follow-up that really depends what the content is judge
your follow-up not based on delivery like is the postcards better than video
is the video better than letter is the letter better than phone call judging
based on impact how much impact will it going to have on your client and this is
not just this is both this is with any type of lady following up with think
about it what is the content of your follow-up matters a lot more than what
vehicle do you use to deliver it to that system so we can have a post card that
can have a really cool content something really interesting there kind of a huge
impact put in a picture of their house on a postcard yeah I can see kind of
interest in it there’s not much benefit to it
when your follow-up when your pieces that you communicating to the seller
deliver something that they can use something that’s helpful or at least in
theory so let me give an example let’s say one of your follow-ups is you send
the seller a simple guide how to create a slide show on YouTube and promote the
property and you have a simple checklist here’s what you do step on upload photos
step two add some music step three either slide with address of the
property step four add some information about the homes that five post done then
here’s how you promote that video if you provide something like that now this is
both sees you as a resource somebody helpful somebody cool somebody
who knows what they’re talking about who is a real estate expert important
positioning and somebody who’s helpful is literally guiding them helping them
along the process because now you’re not a threats to them on contrary now
they’re a lie here’s the best part most visibles will react in two ways to
that postcard first reaction will be holy cow this is cool and helpful and
second will be fuck me there’s so much work to get a property sold they have no
idea how much work goes in it third thing that will happen is they will
never do it Muslim will never do it on contrary you’re just edging yourself
closer to taking over getting the property market in insult for them are
you with me so far so if you have an arsenal of these kind
of resources that’s what the physical rental system is about do you have an
entire library there are 20 different pieces that you send communicate email
mail or deliver to the Fizbo you start building this connection and Trust with
them very very quickly at the end the agent who is the most helpful one who
they think is their best choice will get the listing no hand down every single
time the agent that they like and trust the most you need to focus on how can I
be that agent what will it take to get that positioning strong first impression
helpful follow-up frequency of your follow-up that’s the secret
so is postcard should be part of it yes you can send it just listed adjusts old
neighborhood update even a picture of their property something cute one of the
best postcards you can send is thank you hard cinnamon I think especially if you
met with them had a good conversation with them join send out cards I’m a
member go to send out cards comm /bo Reno I’m affiliated with send
I really like them that makes the process not just easy but the pieces you
can send are very unique they’re not the branded corporate II kind of shitty
marketing pieces they’re cool that’s something that the seller may enjoy when
they receive it doesn’t make sense so you send them that you keep in touch
that way the variety is important in your follow-up too you don’t want to
have what’s called a channel burnout channel burnout happens when using just
one delivery message is one thing and you keep on boarding with them over and
over again you don’t want to do that which one is a little bit of a variety
so there may be a letter there there may be a text there that may be a video
there all these channels open the communication between you in the seller
because at the end you really don’t know which one’s going to resonate with them
the most with me so far okay so now the most impactful are personal
conversations does the best follow-up when you have a chance to meet the
seller face-to-face and have a chat with them where they can ask you questions
and communicate with you is by far the best it has the most impact nothing
comes even close the second would be a phone conversation now guess what agents
avoid the most the average agents not you guys the conversations they hope
that something as simple as a postcard will suddenly magically make the seller
pick up the phone and call them that doesn’t happen we both know that it’s
part of your fault it’s part to keep your name in front of them it’s part of
the overall strategy but it cannot be the strategy just because somebody is
uncomfortable picking up the phone because they don’t know what to say or
they’re intimidated or what if the seller gets pissed what if the seller
says this or does that the only love live your life um what is yeah so
postcards part of the strategy but it needs to be overall sequence and a
strategy that has a certain system to it and then has a certain message to it and
the general messages I’m here to help that’s the overall tone Oh everything
yeah I recall got it hot here today Jesus we have one of those humid hot
days it was raining drizzling in the morning and I can’t have the air
conditioning here because my home office I have a big big home office on the
ground floor of our house and the a/c units are close to the wall and they
make these having noise that the cameras pick up so I can’t use it so I’m
sweating for you guys I’m working for you really hard okay yeah there you go
Gail thank you so much for posed to you she posted though the building to send
out cards they have they these cool little cookies you can send
them and little little trees you can send which is nice because you’re
associating food pleasure food with your follow up with you which is a nice link
very powerful so check that out that would be the way I would set up the
follow up with the physical and have conversations Azkaban quest answer their
questions tell them about market tell them about new listings in the
neighborhood tell them about new sales in the neighborhood allow them to ask
you questions to be their resource to be their go-to person and you’re going to
build that with postcards in with everything else that has to be part of
it with your text with a visit once in a
while help them with an open house let them use your signs if necessary we’re
not worrying about they sell on their own because if they do great you help
the human being they saved money that’s good for them that’s what they want but
I didn’t make the money it’s not about you will make it about you you will make
money with the overall attitude of being cool and helpful there will be plenty of
people who will not substitute eclis already know that 70% of us is both list
with an agent remember than any of you I did with fizz berg most of them end up
listing so don’t believe what people say or what you hear out there look at the
statistics look at the data these books are not selling they will list with an
agent who do you think they’re going to pick a date why not you if you put four
five six six bolts in the system every week plenty of listings out there for
you yeah helpful all right nice to have you Gail I know you have to run awesome
mr. Isaac is here with us excellent jake is checking in mr. Jeffrey Thompson
current real estate rockstar speaking of rock stars who are doing boot camp I
know you guys have been asking about boot camp so here is the thing we are
starting a new boot camp in August if you want to join us I would love to talk
to you personally about it we get on the phone you and I for 10-15 minutes and
chat about it tomorrow we are opening a VIP list pre-registration that means if
you are on a waiting list if you sign up for the waiting list you will have the
first chance to talk to me my staff will be in touch we will be setting up
appointments call appointments or just get on the phone and chat about the boot
gap so you’ll have a chance to talk to me ask questions about the boot camp I
will ask you some questions to see for it good magic you’re good fit boot camps
always fill out every single time we’ve never had a bootcamp
that didn’t sell out so if you are on a VIP list and we have a whole bunch of
you like 30 some people are on the VIP list watch for an email that’s going to
come out either this afternoon or tomorrow to invite you for the phone
call with me after that everybody else will have a chance now yes you can be
sneaky about it and if you go to Gober intercom and jump on the waiting list
and you’ll be included on the list it that’s fine if you want to do it if you
want to join the bootcamp that’s awesome so the pre-registration for the phone
calls and the bootcamp opening tomorrow Wednesday and then the boot camp is
starting all this 23rd it comes with all the systems everything I ever put
together you’re going to get if you have some of my programs we give you full
credit for those towards the tuition Ruby we’re starting Wednesday August
23rd – two months of us working together building your systems your lead
generation your follow up your listing presentation business in a box and mom
and Tristan and my man Nick are joining us they’re going to be part of it we’ll
talk more about that later all right my friend groovy groovy okay let’s look at some
questions Geoffrey would like to know if the SIDS BER interview is in the Lister
University it is in the list University but here’s the most important takeaway
from that interview for those of you don’t know phys bar is a national big
website that where physicals go to post their properties like this go comm for fees but all these the say there’s a free package and they have a
paid package and they analyzed over seventy thousand for sale by owners and
they track how many of those end up listed with an agent what they found is
in 30 days seven out of ten end up going with an agent and that’s a solid data
straight from the CEO that I interviewed the rest of the interview I mean they’re
pitching their system and it proved to be not very successful to be honest they
had this program for agents kind of like Zillow the premier agent similar and
people who have joined they didn’t get a whole lot out of it but it was the
information that was priceless because even I didn’t know that so many fizzles
lists so quickly and this was data they analyzed over the last three years and
it’s very consistent that’s the first number you need to know the second
number you need to know is eight eight percent of the home
sold currently for sale by owners it’s the lowest since 1981 eight percent that
means 92 percent of the homes are sold with an agent you know I’ll think so
don’t believe when they tell you all we have all these offers we all of these
buyers bullshit there’s no data to back it up do something else on their own
yeah sure they do but nowhere near as many as you think most of them end up
listing with an agent that’s a fact so if you have a good approach you’re going
to get them grooving all right justice is so much good stuff my aunt always
like to share with you guys especially with you you know what I like
think about this here’s an agent ristin who makes a lot of money
he runs a very successful operation as a team him as an agent out there hustling
working here is on Tuesday morning with us learning new stuff there’s always
something new you can learn I learned constantly I sign up for a mastermind
group with my man Frank Kern I go to seminars I read books I do all this
stuff just like you guys which brings me to my next point what I wanted to talk
about today this week we are in June Basel fuck where did the last five
months go seriously I was buried in video plus it just went by that was that
for you two to five months we’re going to be happier half halfway there halfway
through 2017 pretty crazy right pretty damn crazy
Jesus what I would like you to do is spend a few minutes and go over where
you are where are you in your business do you feel like overall you really on
track things are going really well this is going to be a best year ever or do
you feel like something is not quite going the way you’d liked it to and you
don’t have to tell me just be honest with yourself where are you today where
are you in terms of your income because the bottom line is dollars you can
bullshit yourself about how many likes you’re getting on your posts and how
many leads you have and how many buyers and any of that but if you’re really
honest dollars will tell the truth that’s a quote you can put on Twitter
dollars always tell the truth if you’re making dollars
and if you’re halfway income lights where you want to be where you’re
building that ideal lifestyle remember the exercise we did we’re going to do it
again by the way I’m going to do another webinar we’re going to split it in two
and we’re going to do that exercise again because we’re in half way point
eight is critical if you’re not on track to recover very very very very very
quickly and you get but where are you are you on track do you feel like this
is going to be a stellar year I’m making the money and I’m halfway where I need
to be in terms of income earned that’s how you measure your success in real
estate how much you enjoy it how you’re helping people and how many dollars
you’ve earned get it okay so now if you are on track
fantastic fine to tweak look at what’s working
already where is the dollar where are the dollars coming from do more of that
get better at that put more money or time or effort or all into that where is
it not working and you’re going to break it down into three areas because there
are only three areas if you’re not making the dollars there are three
problems and it can be a combination of those so I’ll ask you are you on track
to take listings are you getting enough listings listings is the first problem
second problem is appointment are you getting enough appointments and third
problem are you getting enough leads that’s a whole formula this by the way
is the formula to be a millionaire real estate agent if you want to make a
million bucks or more this is the secret right here you have to have these three
things in place note you have to know where your leads come from and there are
two ways to generate them prospecting model and marketing model they both work
they’re both good their pros and cons marketing that’s where they come from
you grind you work your ass off or you spend money on marketing promotion and
advertising yeah so leads is number one appointments is number two guess what
systems you need to have in place they’re follow that’s how you get
appointments that’s how you turn those leads into appointments so follow-up you
need to have a follow-up in place and so are these listings that means you
have a good listing presentation yeah this in a nutshell is a complete
profitable business because think about it if you know how to get good leads if
you know how to get appointments with those leads and if you know how to turn
those appointment into listings you’re rocking it there’s just a matter of open
up the valve crank it up more more funnels to it so
you get more appointments and more listing going into a team if you want to
add more staff make sense so now if you’re not on track my first question to
you we’re doing one-on-one with me would be how many leads have you generated in
the last six months high probability leads that should be your focus goodly
somebody wants to move in the next six to 12 months how many and you know the
answer I get a lot can you guess I don’t know houston we have a problem
you got a no and you know why agents don’t know why many agents don’t track
it because somebody they would realize how much they fuck around how
unproductive they are are you one of them are you first step to fix it you
have to admit where you are what’s broken and I tell you majority of the
clients I work with majority of my bootcamp student this is where they need
help the most is generating good quality leads okay
so focus on that what is working what is not working where are your leads coming
from you need to have some systems in place three or four that generate good
quality high probability leads who are going to move in a six to twelve months
or sooner of course okay so that’s the first area I’m not getting athletes
troubleshoot first jump on it come up with a simple plan set up a few systems
expired for some by owners referrals open houses Facebook there’s a whole
bunch of ways you can do that but these would be my core choices set it up so
the daily half of your time money and effort and energy is kind of bringing
these laser through marketing and to prospecting here with me okay so that’s
step one now you say well I’m getting leads I just want more appointments I
got these leads coming in I’m just not getting to a point I would be
where if these are high probably leads where’s the problem
follow-up spend the next day or two evaluating a follow-up so that the
second half of 2017 you can turn it around and you can that’s the beauty of
this business he doesn’t take months to make these changes and see the results
it can happen like that did you like that how he did that all right so
follow-up follow-up is content plus frequency
what do you follow-up will you talk about would you mail would you email and
how often those are the two things negative value is my frequency fucked up
or is my content not good where is the problem or both yeah get a good CRM
speaking of which oh that’s not a CRM but I do have something for you content
plus frequency and you say merino I don’t know what’s wrong
how many leads I have a point I’m just not getting enough good listings there
are two potential problems with that one either the people you’re talking to are
not high probably leads you’re doing your due diligence you’re bringing lead
but these are the people say hey you know actually doesn’t sell in six months
we can always stay here hey you know so don’t get our price will say if it’s
going to take two years so be it that’s not a high probably that’s not a quality
lead that’s a suspect not a prospect okay so maybe the problem is here maybe
you need to adjust here so you get good listings here that’s one potential
problem the second problem is you’re getting good leads you’re getting
appointment with the right people your listing presentation sucks you’re not
building enough connection and Trust they’re not convinced that you’re their
best choice you don’t bring enough authority and expertise and confidence
to the communication they’re not convinced that they can trust you
because at the end it really is about trust because if they like you and trust
you of course they’re going to do business with you if selling is
important to them if they are high probably lead and if there is trust
there’s nothing else in the way okay so these are the three areas spend a little
time because I tell you just like Here I am standing going back half a year is
gone we’re going to be talking and it’s going to be Christmas and
be here like that too then you going to scratch your head going shit this is not
a good year I don’t want to be there six months from now scratching your head I
want you to be there six months are now posting pictures on Facebook and all the
cool shade you gave your kids all the vacations you’re going to go on all the
beautiful things that you now can afford the freedom that you want it’s all out
there for you Jesus Christ five point six million transactions closed this
year what else do you want there’s plenty of business out there get your
act together and let’s go you got a garage you got to work your
asshole that’s part of the secret and then sending up some systems that will
get you there faster doing the right thing not just doing AC it’s out there
for grabs people somebody’s making the money five point six million
transactions closed in 2017 come get some no more excuses no more
bullshit yeah all right difference Geoffrey would like to know if the one
guy can sign up absolutely yes this is the cool thing about boot camp if you’re
doing the boot camp or if you’re graduate in the past if you did double
your listing or the expired Plus boot kheema the double your listings you can
come back 447 bucks we take it as many times as you want to come back we’d love
to have you we always have about 15 seats reserved for our alumni so yeah
come back definitely it will open tomorrow as well hey Yolanda nice to
have you Gordon same thing for you my good serve we’d love to have you back in
August it’s going to be slightly different we’re going to talk more a
little about video and they’re a couple of things I’m adding to it come back so
yeah we’ll open it tomorrow and this is good Jeffrey makes a really good point
listen to this out of the 8% for so by owners that actually sell half so to a
family or friend according to the NA our report which I have seen you should get
it value it’s a great report so only four percent know how to sell to a
stranger what does that tell you that they have zero marketing skill they have
zero negotiation skill they have no clue the problem is they don’t know they
don’t have a clue they think it’s easy assign in the front yard if I gets a hot
market of course we have a lovely house somebody’s going to buy they have no
idea they’re clueless they just don’t know they’re clueless they have to go
through the experience with your guidance how much work it is how complex
it is how dangerous it can be and how fact they can get even if they do sell
it and how they’re going to walk with average 60,000 less than
etherealists with an agent get that report it’s a it’s called the 2016
profile of buyers and sellers by na are you go to na are you can order it for 20
bucks great report it’s like hundred pages nothing but
analysis and data no bullshit no fluff data step facts can argue with that and
then if you do this is Bo Reno I will actually show you how to use it with a
physical because the last thing you want to do is you’re going to whip it out and
say look stupid you’re going to lose money
you’re not going to so on your own they don’t wanna hear it nobody wants to be
called stupid so there has to be a better marketing way better elegant way
to convince them to influence them based on psychology based on human behavior
where you agree with them not blowing smoke up their ass just telling them
take a chance I would if I could save ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars in
commissions of course I would give it a try human nature you know I mean it’s a
different approach make sense so use it it’s a good report 2016 profile of home
buyers and sellers really good hey Victoria good to have you I so much
appreciate these Facebook live posts I really like doing them with you guys I’m
really enjoying it gary has a question sorry I missed it HPL is the six to
twelve is that in months looking to sell or is it six to 12 liters per day
good question Gary it is people who want to list or who want to move between six
to twelve months you have to supply set your window my window was six months or
less those were the leads I was after so when I was prospecting somebody tells me
two years down the road usually I would not bother with them because there’s
just too many variables the follow-up is too long unless they had a very solid
deadline and it can be a retirement that can be an event in their life that can
be something those will be the exceptions or I would really hit it off
with them I would really build very close connection with them like they’re
cool people we like each other then yes I would include those but for the most
part my target my focus my marketing my communication all that was focused six
to six months now you might be flexible a lot of it depends on your market a lot
of it depends on your personality on the area you work and all those conditions
and will impact what your window is but that would be mine yeah
and high probability leads are leads that are easy to identify easy to
connect connect with communicate with and there’s a high probability you’re
going to convert them into a listing so if I were to really ramp up my business
that will be my core focus because those people like fit balls you can find
immediately you can go on Craigslist and have leads in a matter of minutes you
can fire up espresso and I’m going to talk about espresso I have an email from
his personal to tell you about and pull up expires in a matter of minutes
those are great leave because they have been identified for you so unlike I
interviewed my man Brian Kinsella Brian if you’re in the bracket there was a
great interview my man it’s posted exclusively for you guys who are in the
bootcamp and who are in the list University great stuff really good stuff
we spent about 45 minutes chatting about how to ramp up your success how to grow
your business how to become successful in spite of all the odds and my men like
you Tristan you can relate he’s in Southern California he’s in LA area as
well he’s in Hacienda Heights very competitive market and yet the dudes
going to do over 50 deals this year four years in the business pretty cool so he
shares some of the insights he’s very driven we’re actually talking about that
book relentless he has very relentless and he will share with you how to stay
focused and be driven in this very competitive business so going back to
our conversation he door knocks a lot and you have to do a lot of door
knocking to generate maybe one lead maybe two you have to sit through a lot
to find the lead with high probability lead they’ve been identified you can get
expired to kick it’s visible immediately you cannot do that with referrals you
cannot do that with other funnels you know what I mean that’s why I like them
that’s why this HPL high probability and you already know based on the stats we
talked about them base to the stuff we talked about here every week
most of them list expires many of them come back on the market yes some with
the old agent with their current previous agent that’s a not visible is
listed in an agent so those are good opportunities if you have the right
system the right communication the right approach and the right mindset
those are the conditions to make it work stop en now I mentioned espresso I
wanted to run something by you I got an email from Melissa from ice
persuade you listen to this they have a cool new trial I’m affiliated with
espresso I get these huge checks when you join them now I like this
I think they’re really cool and I think that will really help you with fizz
bowls and ex-parte expires and physicals in u.s. physicals also in Canada so they
have a new trial listen to this 30-day trial for $29 if you use the code
burrito so that means you get 30 days for 29 bucks to use the system see how
you like it but here’s where it gets good
during the third day trial they have a full use of the platform plus they get
or they daily leads when available – for them we get them three months of
plastics parts and one month of passes bows how cool is that it gets better
if they continue to use this persuasion beyond the 30 day trial after they pay
their first 159 payment which is what this press will cost per month we will
upload another nine months of past expired late if they continue to use
this press origin beyond that and pay their second payment of 159 we will
upload another year of plastic part leads past expired leads are based on
availability past expires do not exceed 4500 in quantity fuck 4,000 reads
imagine what you can do with that okay so that’s what we have now I don’t know
whether this applies to existing customers you need to contact the
customer support of espresso but this is what we got for them that’s the new
promotion you must use the code Barrino to get this good deal go to espresso
agent calm really good data service for physicals and expert sign up this is a
good deal where you get because we take care of you speaking of good deals who
wants this book anybody wants this I have to so one of you will get this
here’s how you get well you want to make a contest let’s make a contract I will
give this this is a really good book it’s called digital marketing for
dummies written by my man Ryan Deiss who runs a multi-million dollar online
business several businesses actually online who really knows how to generate
traffic who really knows how to acquire leads online how to work with landing
pages get more people really good stuff hands-on stuff from somebody who’s
actually doing stuff remember how we talked about blankets or Kristin all you
guys those are people who are doing it this is not some theory this is from the
trenches so if you want a copy I will pick randomly somebody who has commented
today on today’s broadcast I will random will take one person you
will get a copy the second copy I’m going to send to you is remember our
challenge we had a little challenge going on over the
Memorial Day weekend starting Friday ending Monday night how many
conversations with potential leads – Jeff there is a video not far from this
one somewhere right below called Friday – Friday video I posted on Friday called
the challenge post how many conversations you have the person with
the most conversations between Friday and Sunday we’re out Friday and Monday
between Friday noon and Monday night will get another copy of that book those
are the last two books I have really good book by the way very cool all right
so you have till 6 p.m. Tuesday night to post your results in the comments of
that video and we’ll pick one where the most conversations will get a book
courtesy of Boreum every week I give away cool book next week giveaway will
be a book I’m reading right now I’m really enjoying called relentless if you
just want to pick it up on Amazon it’s like 10 bucks on Kindle really good read
very inspirational highly highly recommended john has a question when
does the boot camp start in on August 23rd we get together every Wednesday for
about two hours two and a half hours on private session with a small group it’s
a live webinar online webinar private webinar
everyone say 1:00 p.m. Eastern yep they’re all recorded all these sessions
are recorded you can watch them again watch to replay Brandi says made that
book it’s a good one alright so brandy and Laura will you will be in a drawing
we’ll pick one why don’t you may win it cool
Angela saying hello Ben says I’m needing a desperately Barrino as well as the
boot can come to the boot camp with me get on the waiting list if you want
tomorrow we will notify all of you guys we’ll set up these calls there’s not a
big pitch or anything it’s really just me asking you a few questions where you
are what’s going on in your business where you’d like to be twelve months
from now and how I can help you and what I’m looking for is not experience we
have some people in boot camp or a brand new it we had one students we haven’t
even gotten her license yet she did the boot camp right after about halfway
through the boot camp she got her life and with some people have been at it for
twenty years and everybody in between and we have some people who do two deals
a year who want to go to 20 and I got some people who do 100 deals a year who
want to go harder so it’s not based on your production what I really what I’m
really looking for is your desire your drive how bad do you really want it how
bad do you want to have a kick-ass Christmas
2017 where you can buy the greatest toys for your kids you can buy the greatest
gift for your spouse you can go on greatest vacations by the most loveliest
cars and homes and all that stuff that’s my mission
to help a small group of you who really want it so bad that you’re willing to do
what it takes to get there yeah groovy all right John would like to have the
book as well Isaac says hey I don’t have my license yet but can I still do the
boot game you absolutely can now some of the things of course you cannot do like
you know call expired listings if you’re not licensed I don’t think so I’m not a
lawyer so I can’t give you legal advice but some of the activities you will not
be able to perform but I think to learn this shit right away is priceless
you know I wouldn’t have been homeless and struggling if I wanted stuff early
on so all right Ben says I’m there if there is a space for me come on let’s
talk the success package has taught me so much already learns that I am the
worst agent in the world now I’m much more confident confidence is a huge part
of it because we remember we talked about the first impression now think
about this you walk into your dentist’s office because you have trouble with
your tooth and your dentist is needy nervous insecure tentative hesitant how
confident would you be to let that dentists perform a root canal on you and
pay him thousand dollars for that not much right you’d probably bolt out of
there pretty quickly and I would it’s the same thing here they’re dealing with
a very painful very difficult very complex situation that stresses two
people out if you think people are looking forward to selling their house
and moving all that bullshit they’re not it’s stressful yes I may be excited
about their new home in some instances but going through that process going
through all that shit with paperwork and cleaning the house and getting the
repairs done and picking the right part negotiating and all that
think about this something to ponder you ever wonder why so many sellers are so
shitty negotiators when it comes to go sit in your office like they follow
the process of rectal extraction that means they pull numbers out of their ass
and you as an expert are sitting there shaking their head going what the fuck
is wrong with these people if you wasn’t illegal I could kill some of them you’ve
been there right you bring them the fantastic offer or another agent breaks
a great offer you’re trying to put it together and let’s pull and shout their
ass and you’re just sitting there going I’m going to kill them well then they’re
why are sellers such terrible negotiators understand this they have
zero experience there’s no practice you and I do this every day you sit down
negotiate terms negotiate offers negotiated repairs you’re in the middle
of this thing constantly in the middle trying to appease everybody and being
bring everybody on the same page and makes it work and you’re good at it most
likely these people you know is the last time they negotiated five years ago when
they bought that new Ford and they hammered the salesperson down as they
were taught or they did it online if they bought recently that’s about all
the negotiation they do in our culture here in North America for the most of us
we don’t negotiate do you go to a restaurant and go she ate the price of
wine you don’t do that right you don’t walk into the stores I like that but I’m
not paying 200 I’ll give you $150 they’ll be looking at you like that afar
get out of here what are you talking about we don’t negotiate the only time
we really negotiate is when you buy a car and guess who have the worst
reputation car salesman why because you believe they take advantage of you why
because you have no experience in negotiating we don’t or they don’t are
you getting it so all of a sudden now they negotiate these huge prices I mean
half a million dollars come on that’s a big number they have no experience they
have no idea in certain countries in certain cultures it’s part of it it’s
like in a bazaar if you walk into a bazaar to not negotiate with a
shopkeeper in certain areas in certain cultures would be considered an insult
like he didn’t appreciate them as a person you depreciate their goods you
don’t value them and they want to show you their cunning ability to communicate
a negotiate with you you understand what I’m saying but for us for the most of us
it’s completely foreign it’s actually very uncomfortable so now you’re dealing
with people who are put in a very very stress
full complicated unknown situation doing shit there no good at working with
people they don’t trust recipe for disaster
in many cases so just understanding that will give you the firepower to influence
them and to communicate them not as a force but as a guide as an ally where
you patiently work with them not trying to bombard them with facts and figures
that creates more resistance coming from more of an understanding the human side
of it yes you can back it up and you should and you must but that’s not the
answer that’s not what will get you there it
has to be their understanding that you know way more about it and you can be
trusted in your a high-status agent who is the guide who drives this thing and
they’re the passenger and they trust you and not only trust you but pay you for a
safe delivery to the destination are you getting me okay good David so thank you
for that Gordon says AHA this year signing up for every boot camp you have
would love to have you this may be the last one in August we may do one maybe
November maybe it’s not uncounted we’ll see alright David says Bernie knows the
most nuts and bolts coach in the industry on top of that he kicks you to
do better that’s my goal is to inspire you to really grab you by the balls and
say wake up fucker look at all this opportunity you have you owe it to your
family or to your children to your grandchildren to your spouse to your
friends and most importantly to you I mean if you’re going to put in the hours
if you’re going to put in the effort if you’re going to deal with the rejection
why not get paid for it why not build the lifestyle you want to build why
would you not do that and if you said well I’m trying but it’s not working
fair enough this is the problem let’s fix it
whether you do boot camp with me or not doesn’t matter I mean like I said we
sell it out this is I don’t do these to pitch you the boot care I’m just telling
you if you want accelerate that can help you but it’s not important you can
troubleshoot it yourself you can definitely help yourself it may take a
little longer and we take a few little details that’s fine
boot camp is not everybodyís only take about 60 people
60 percent of the people who sign up who want to have a call with before the
percent get rejected but you can troubleshoot it because it’s really not
that complicated do the math am I getting leads am I going important am I
getting listings you know where people get stuck but it’s not comfortable I
don’t feel like doing it I like rejection nobody gives a shit you got to
have a thick skin you’ve got a houseful out there for the money you want to earn
your earning the same money the doctors do you want to earn the same money that
CPAs do you want to earn the same money the top attorneys do instead of spending
years and years in college this is your college this is your schooling right
here right now and the price you gonna pay is not going
to be in student loans but in sweat or dollars or both what I mean by that
there are only two ways you’re gonna make it right here you’re going to do
marketing which if you have the budget fantastic
I run ads on Facebook we do online marketing we do Direct Mail a little bit
it’s cool so if you have the budget for it you’re not going to do it $400 a
month don’t kid yourself but if you have the budget awesome or you’re going to do
it in sweat you’re going to get out there and you going to grind you get a
prospect and then as your business grows you can diversify a little bit of
marketing some advertising and some prospecting all packaged together while
you have these systems in place that will nurture the connection with your
sphere like send out cards where you’re near to your connection with your past
clients we organize a party you do a moving I do do all these things to
establish good trusted connection with your people use social media like
Facebook to me communicate with them on a human level that’s the whole answer
yeah don’t overthink this it is not if complicated as you as you is some not
new rock stars but it’s unbelief now don’t confuse by it’s not complicated by
easy this is by no means easy this is not easy dealing with these people
dealing with the offers with rejection and prospecting daily especially if it’s
not going well and to keep it positive upbeat attitude is hard I give you that
I absolutely understand I’ve been there but ask yourself this and keep asking
this question what’s my alternative what you want to do you can have it any way
you want don’t ever buy into the bullshit you don’t have choices you
absolute we do what’s the other option what’s the
other choice you have here you have the opportunity for freedom to orchestrating
income any way you want to only are terms where you want how you want it you
have that freedom the price you’re going to pay is in the time the effort the
discomfort and some money what’s the alternative
the only alternative you have is run another business guess what
different conditions saying say or work for somebody else and there somebody
else is going to determine the hours you’re going to work the projects you’re
going to work on to the money you’re going to make that’s a shitty deal if
you ask me that’s not freedom and you’re trading five days of blind for two days
of freedom for a limited income not a good option that never resonated with me
at all I’d rather pay the price where I’m going to work my ass off for a few
years really hustle and then enjoy the fruit of my labor and then invest in
real estate flip a few properties by some rentals and a fearsome now you say
all right people I’m done now it’s time to get back you
can do that in real estate or build a team and work less hours you can get
there but not in some fucking office nine-to-five job stuck in a cubicle
working with some idiot boss those are the options can you go back to school
and become a doctor yes you can if you’re willing to invest the next 12
years to do that and about 300,000 in student loans more power to you and then
you’re going to reach that level about 307,000 dollar income in real estate you
can do it in two three years no promises but it’s definitely possible and I had
some students who do that I want you to be the next rockstar London I want to be
in Lex superstar like Jessica who came to me did okay took off like a rocket
ship Jessica stove and just guys here in the
broadcast you are such an inspiration to all of us now living the lifestyle
bought a new house since she did the boot camp with me by the two new cars on
track to do bunch of deals and I don’t know the exact number I think it’s like
70 deals or something that big dream for them perhaps them to retire and work
with her happened all of that and I’m not telling you any of this to impress
you how genius my coach if you really analyze what I teach you
is pretty basic stuff because the whole business is pretty basic stuff yes some
of the tools are complex but the concept of the business of getting leads
following up with them and getting listings not that complicated
where I come in as an expert I can take something complicated and make it simple
so you can do it because if I tell you it’s going to take hundred and seventy
seven port steps you go off like that no not doing that but if I can show you
that you can really do these simple steps that a small schmuck from
Czechoslovakia with absolutely zero business intelligence zero education no
skills whatsoever could pull it off why don’t you you can do ten times better
than me I was not a rockstar agent like some of you guys are never made million
dollars a year something like some of you do but I can coach and guide you
there that’s my expertise that’s where I’m really good at is combination of
inspiration technology systems and guidance and you know the hardest part
for me you know what the hardest part of my job is the hardest part and now it’s
not doing these lives with you the hardest part is for me to convince you
so that you believe you can do it it’s not the real estate part I can explain
you this and we can break it down further into steps and systems and what
you have to do daily and the dialogues and the mechanics and the marketing
pieces that go with it all that that’s the easy part it is for you to actually
say I told my belief I can do that you know Hannah and I my wife and I had
a conversation this morning she had some challenges in her life struggling like
me and I’m a grunt we met here in the US by the way she’s from Czechoslovakia as
well and we’re comparing the journeys we both had and in many ways they’re very
similar and for both of us there were multiple points where we felt so down
and out and I’m sure you can relate you had something in your life with less
bear shoes this is just rough but we both agreed that even at the lowest
point where we felt like let’s pop another bottle of Jake ban so that we
make it through today something within me always believed that it was going to
be all right I always had that sense of hope that
it’s going to work out just fine and thank God it has if you have that if you
regardless of the circumstances right now which may be dire for some of you or
you know what’s worse than dire circumstances average average the
fucking Toyota Corolla the average where you just kind of get through it
you make enough money to stay in the business to pay the bills and live in a
little apartment and drive a little car do a little bit of this man and it’s
just okay my preference if I were to give them a choice would be to fail
epically learn from it and really take off which is exactly what I did now a
better way would be just get so excited gets so passionate planned such a
phenomenal future plan the Christmas we’re talking about that that excites
you to do not need a failure and you get out of the mediocrity if you’re stuck
there which is really dangerous because there’s not enough push of the problems
and there is not enough pull because you just kind of get by so the secret there
is just get super excited about the possibility you can do and if that
doesn’t excite you’re in the wrong business because you can really do the 9
to 5 grind and suffer a lot less not suffer but you understand what I’m
saying go through this I’m just kind of cruise but that to me when I’m done here
I want to arrive on Harley with cuts and bruises all dirty and sweaty look back
at the whatever years of my life I have left and say god damn what a great ride
I give it my all I went all out I played hard and sometimes I get knocked down
and sometimes it didn’t work and sometimes I got pissed off and
disappointed but at the end look at that I lived with passion and I gave it my
all and I went all out and I got balls to prove that I can do it and I prove it
to myself and I live with so much passion and so much dedication and
everything I do I give in my heart that’s what I want not just for me but
for you you need to discover it in you and you have it otherwise you wouldn’t
be here otherwise you and I would not be talking we just need to get that flame
up because once you have that oh this is just a set
of steps where somebody tells you you’re an asshole or hang up phone on your
slammed door in your face you know what you do next because you have that big
picture yeah how are my friends thank you thank you for all the love Adelina good to have al Lia she has a
question what would be a good CRM contact relationship management customer
management there are two that I would recommend Evelina one you should look
into is lion desk really good system before I give you the two or might as
well lion desk is one wields a juggler with the other one there are several
others here is the best one the best one is the one you will learn how to use and
use and you’ve about 15-20 choices out there somebody than others but the two I
would recommend check out lie on disc I think they’re really cool very
inexpensive and the second one would be RealtyJuggler pick one use it because
the one you use the one you will follow up with your leads is the one that’s
going to get you business you know why majority of your business will not come
from your initial contact so let me wipe this let me clean it and this will help
you with your follow up to understand this we spent one session in a boot camp
or nothing but follow-up which is actually coming up on Wednesday tomorrow
but here’s what I mean you make a contact with the lead or
can’t or lead contacts you online email call whatever this is the first touch
this is the second touch this is the third touch so let’s say you talk to
them then you send them a thank-you card then you send them a market update
then you have a little chat with an alumna listing then after the five
touches a magic starts happening majority of my business and many of you
confirm the same majority eighty percent for me happen between contact five and
fifteen this was the sweet spot for me not the
first contact few listings once in a while but majority required a little bit
of a follow up building trust this was all about establishing my expertise and
trust providing helpful cool information to them this is where the conversion
happens so this is why a good CRM plus personal touch is so important that’s
why it’s so important because that’s where a business is going to come from
is establishing that relationship in nurturing that connection with those
people and for me it was between five and fifteen that’s where most of my
listings came from and your numbers may be slightly different but be really
surprised it’s a really different yeah so contact relationship management take
one whichever one you choose it’s not going to be perfect it’s going to floss
it’s none of them is perfect I was on top producer for many years wasn’t
perfect it’s a monster it does a lot of cool stuff but it’s very expensive and
it’s a bitch to learn but whichever one you pick is the right one use it because
at the end using it it’s going to get you the money yeah was it helpful all
right Aaron digital marketing yet you’re in the drawing everybody who posted a
comment will just pick or pick a winner really glenda has a really good question
boring or do you think that Southern California market is very different from
other areas in the country you work this market what was your experience really
good question of Glenda I would say it is not very different you still have
people who think they own a mansion and it’s a three-bedroom two-bath home right
the other thing for most part agents cannot be trusted they all would
like to save as much money as possible they think buyers are picky and they’re
difficult they all would rather not sell through an agent if they could do it on
their own and save the money it’s the same thing I get this question a lot how
are your systems different Murray know the Fizbo you know the expired plug the
boot camp no lhasa you know the differences it is not based on selling
that means it’s not market dependent or price dependent it’s based on human
psychology and I believe that whether you own a house in Beverly Hills
or a mobile home in Kentucky or a tract home in Florida any of these the
psychology of that person is the same the fears are the same the desires are
the same the emotions are the same which changes the cops you know you’re working
in a different area but the human behavior that drives in the core driving
emotions their hopes their dreams their fears I’m saying they’re not dependent
on the geographical location or price point if you know how to connect with
people and build trust you can sell front oceanfront property in Laguna
Beach Newport Beach Beverly Hills or like my man Tristan in Malibu or we can
sell regular small homes in Florida in anywhere else in the world because at
the end people do business with people they like trust and respect the most
that’s really the bottom line does some of the market may need to be adjusted
for a high price range yes a little bit you need to deal with a little more
glitz more than onr but beyond that they’re not going to list with you
because you had a fancy 50-page brochure printed on a super high glossy paper
with professionals and photographs there will listen to it because they like you
because they feel you’re our best choice you’re our guy or you’re a gal we trust
you we believe you can get the job done for us that’s the bottom line
now the difference then there is some is you have more competition of competent
agents in Southern California as far as I can tell compared to some other areas
not just by quantity of agents but quality of the agents so you have to
deliver your a-game in some of these areas you have to be sharp the first
impression shot the way you dress sharp the way you’ve the kind of car you drive
short the dialogue the communication I can take the body language the mindset
and then the marketing that supports it needs to be a plus because you have a
stiff competition for competent agents but here’s the thing can you do it
absolutely some of you guys my students Victoria who else in sunny California
Bryan Casella I just recorded an interview with him he’s crushing it can
be done it can be done it just requires you to know your shit be an expert and
not just expert in terms of real estate that’s a good
that’s like without it you’re not an agent your wanna be so we need to know
the market the pricing the process and all that
that’s a given I can’t teach you that you can learn that doesn’t take a whole
lot take probably a couple months of very intense study but beyond that you
need to be an expert when it comes to communication to understanding people to
go in with a heart rather than the salesman mentality I’m after Commission
yes you want to get paid perfectly fine but you flip it around you make it about
them you connect with them you understand them you’re interested in
them because at the end they don’t give a shit about you and that’s because
they’re assholes they’re not they’re cool people they don’t care about you
you’re just a means to get them to where you want to be your army so if you can
position yourself that way by good communicating good follow-up persistent
follow-up making it about them understanding their position in their
situation and they’re really deep emotions that drive them like why
they’re really selling you must understand an expert you need to know
that you cannot guess and you cannot assume what is their biggest fear what I
are really worried about that they’re going to get screwed about what price
maybe I don’t know but again you cannot guess you need to know and once you know
boy the connection the communication is just fireworks now that’s how you turn
clients into friends and allies and ambassadors and that’s how to get both
load of referrals let’s re-establish yourself as a dominant force in the area
and you can be touched with an approach like that you’re unstoppable because
everybody think about it every agent every seller every client wants somebody
who they can trust they desperately want an agent who stands out not by marketing
not by some glitzy slogans and logos but how much they care and how much they can
do for you that’s their desire to finally have an agent who they can trust
who will not take advantage of them who will do right by them unfortunately you
cannot just walk in as as hello I’m the agent who will do right by you there you
know you can just do that and be stupid selling I know some agents still try but
how work is that working out for them how well is that working out for them so
you’re going to take a very different approach human approach persistent yes
high status yes confident yes trol absolutely but compassionate
connected and that resonates as people like nothing else no fancy marketing
will ever touched it no fancy scripts can ever touch that because it’s one
human connecting with another human this business is all about people especially
this day and age where we’re so elated and bombarded and overwhelmed by
technology and and internet and distractions all these things going on
in our lives of people are forgetting to communicate with each other where we
actually incorporate in a language my kids said that the other day he goes LOL
and i canta fuck you out of here really you know what i mean we’re losing the
ability to connect and communicate so if you can bring that the good old
fashioned connection combined with all the nicest latest fanciest gadgets and
gizmos you’re unstoppable that’s the secret helpful Isaac has a really good question boy you
know do you thing you can go over the importance of being a high status agent
real quick Isaac we won’t have time to go over it today and I very much
appreciate the question but what I would like you to do is go to
my channel on YouTube look it up I did a special video on nothing but that how to
be that and why it’s important because I can’t do that in a matter of 10 minutes
you know I mean there’s more to it than that and I’ll give you just quick
surface answer so jump on my youtube channel look up that video I posted few
months back how to be a high status agent look it up they’re very important
because it will show you the secret that so many agents don’t understand that it
is not about posturing and it is not about being arrogant or closer it’s
something very different so do check it out very good question
alright or my friends Ben says I love the way you tell it how it really is no
pass getting a lot of these sessions I very much appreciated that comment just
I thank you man I bet my goal is no fluff no bullshit but give you solid
tools and inspiration so that you can succeed but I tell you another honest
would be I have ulterior motives I don’t do this just for the love although I do
love your success but here is my motive if I give you enough stuff like this
that inspires you you go out you show properties you make money you come to me
you give me something good funny you’re going to do the boot camp again one of
my systems everybody wins now you have a good system now we have my guidance you
can help more people you can make more money you can feel good you can be proud
then you have a good comfortable lifestyle you support me in my business
because you know I can’t do this for free obviously everybody wins but first
I have to deliver before I can ask for your check or ask for your credit card I
must deliver first just like you with the physicals just like you would the
expert I walk the walk it’s the same concept same principles you’re going to
deliver so much quality guidance information connection being helpful
being cool it’s the same principles I do the same here with you I give you tons
of free stuff we do this over and over follow up get it
hi first impression good status and lots of good information because what you’re
thinking is well shit if I get this for free imagine what I’m going to get from
this dude if I pay him you got to get a lot
now that makes sense so you take the same approach with your physicals it’s
the same concept we’ve expired with every lead it’s the same thing that’s
how you and I been we’ll build build trust it’s the same same mechanics and
what’s how powerful it is angela is a very good question how many people are
typically in the boot camp new students 30 I cut it off at 30 and then we take
on the long lines but as far as the group of new people it’s always 30
that’s at signing up for this book and will not be back we’d love to have you
back absolutely natasha has a fantastic question boring I need to get better
converting my leads how do I do it few things you need to know Natasha first do
you have good leads to begin with do you have high probability motivated leads
how do I know if I do you ask them you have a conversation with them just like
what we talked about a little while ago build a connection and Trust so they
feel open and connected with you to tell you because if they’re hesitant to tell
you there’s not enough trust and if there’s not enough trust why in the
world would they do business with you later think about that so build trust
first bit of connection first as the first order of business connect with
them on a human level ask them questions really understand what they’re trying to
do now you tell me either good leads these are good lead I’m just not
converting enough then evaluate your follow up do they perceive you as a high
status expert if the answer is yes then it’s the quality of your follow-up and
the frequency of your follow-up that needs to be fixed I would follow up with
super-hard leads every other day if I know that they’re almost ready to set up
an appointment I would constantly think about this I’ll give you an example that
you can relate to because I know somebody will freak out if I tell you
follow up with them so often imagine every other day I pick up my phone and I
call you for 15 minutes to give you something helpful to inspire you to
boost you to push you to make your day better and more productive would you be
pissed off would that bother you would you not pick up the phone call if I
called you every other day 15 minutes call 10 minutes call hey do this today
or here’s a piece of information or here’s a little script I want you to use
or here’s a little little something that uplift you would you answer the call of
course you would right why because it’s about you because it would help you
because there’s no sales pitch at the end because I have only agenda I would
have is to make you better to boost you to help you and at the end you would
tell me you know what fuck I’ve been getting these close to last two weeks
what can i buy from you right think about that it’s the same with with with
your leads don’t be afraid to follow up what you’re really afraid of is that
you’re going to follow up like most agents hi this is Jim with ABC real
estate I was wondering if you’re ready to list your house it who wants to hear
that that’s not a follow that’s being obnoxious and showing that you’re
incompetent because if you’re not competent enough to do a good follow up
how competent do you think they perceive you to be to get their household ooh
what a thought I never thought of that before think about that if you’re not
competent not to have a good follow-up how do you believe will they perceive
you as competent agent to get their property sold if your marketing is
shitty if your script are dated stale it allows your website why would they trust
you with something as precious as their home then you know what they judge more
than anything is you the website matters the business code matters the marketing
matters but it’s mostly you and most of it is not just the words although they
matter as well but the overall package confident high status or low status
native stopped in love the no BS approach tell it like it is mr. John
absolutely thumbs up no man Hortensia has a question boy you know speaking of
facebook leads what are your thoughts on bold leads you know what I never used
the service so I don’t have an opinion but if you want to learn how to do
Facebook leads at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time jump on lab coats go learn how to do
that and if somebody here used bold leads if
you guys have some good success stories or disaster stories please do share but
you know I can’t speak I never use them alright we answered that 12 to 8 months
ROI on bold leads for information from my office experience Jeffrey has
something to share so yeah Patrick is right mr. vandergelder’s mr.
Las Vegas it’s simple yet hard I very much agree with that this is a simple
business and it’s hard business that’s why it’s such a fail failure rate is so
high yes it requires mental state like a
professional boxer would require no question about it but the income
potential of course is there so that’s the price
Natacha the question can you talk about the cost of the bootcamp I’ll have all
your programs every program you have natasha will be credited towards the
tuition so whatever you’re already invested in terms of boring of programs
we will credit you let’s get on the phone and talk ok fill out the waiting
list if you want and somebody from my staff will be in touch and we’ll talk
the boot can by the way is 1997 and we break it up into payments but if you
let’s say you have the success Plus which is what I don’t even know the
prices but whatever you spend goes towards that as a credit all right I
should make the great comment and I totally agree with you I think he says
your outlook on life is great something to take and mold into our own lives and
that’s not just with my outlook on life Isaac but everything I teach you the
systems I teach you the communication I teach you everything what I want you to
do is first take it and use it exactly where I design it for you don’t fuck
with it don’t touch it don’t change just use it get it going first exactly the
way it is don’t do anything else to it then once you master that and you start
getting results you start molding it making it your own give it in your own
voice giving it your own personality fitting it your market your goals your
ambition all that it’s a two-step process and then it becomes your own now
in the process what I teach you you will never be boring I don’t want you to be I
mean nobody can be as cute as handsome and sexy as I am I understand that it’s
tough but what I want you to take is what I give you and mold that fits you
first use it then mold it and it becomes you but in the process you never lose
yourself what I teach you you will never have to be me you never have to be
anybody else enough to be that aggressive sales persona or good mirror
by our house with me a blah blah blah you don’t need to do any of that
suddenly I went into Tony Soprano character
yeah but you understand what I’m saying I want you to be you but the best you
the most confident you the most high status you the most passionate you the
most unstoppable you can possibly be and with that my friends we’re going to wrap
up today’s call was great to have you here I always enjoyed it we’ll be back
next Tuesday of course as every almost every Tuesday at noon Eastern Time thank
you so much for being here one of the people who posted a comment will be
randomly drawn we’re gonna post a winner if you did that weekend challenge if you
did the Memorial weekend challenge from Friday to Monday post how many people
you talk to don’t cheat don’t lie be honest the
winner will get one of the books and I’ll talk to you all next Tuesday yes
and of course my boot camp students can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow thank
you so much for being here today coach Marino signing off lovely to have
you let’s go get a five everybody you

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  3. I think the reason less people try to sell their homes on their own these days is because they want instant gratification. With the technology age we are living in, people just can't seem to do things for themselves. They may want to sell on their own but it really takes too much time and effort on their part and that just contradicts today's lifestyle. Lucky for agents!

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