Best sales training for Realtors and Real Estate Agents – FULL Case Study 2017

Best sales training for Realtors and Real Estate Agents – FULL Case Study 2017

Sales Training for realtors and real estate agents hello and welcome if you’re watching
this video then you’re in real estate and like everyone in real estate you’re hoping that they choose you but
really what’s the difference between you and anyone else I’m sure used to
knocking doors picking up the phone and calling unbelievable numbers of people
only to get the door slammed in your face or getting them to hang up saying i
already have an agent or I’m not ready to sell my place right now just go away
would you and we all know what that’s like we’re trying to differentiate ourselves
and separate ourselves and really there isn’t any difference between us right well I want to tell you why that’s not
true and exactly what you can do to turn your real estate agent career absolutely
around my name is Matthew Pollard and I am the rapid growth guy and I want to share
with you a story of Colliers International in Austin Texas i want to
share with you about the owner Volney and Alex and Thomas two of the agents
they came to me for help they had a massive problem Volney had been very
successful in his real estate career for a long time and then opened up a franchise
Colliers international franchise and for the first time to grow they would have to hire
new staff and so they hired three brand new people and these people were really
excited about learning the art of real estate and real estate sales the problem
they found is because they were young no one took them seriously and everyone
said look can you get me to speak to your boss or listen I’m just not
interested and everyday rejection after rejection after rejection I ate at them one of them who called
himself the Bulldog said he needed to get hyped up on coffee just getting
something that zone to hammer the phone otherwise he just couldn’t do it I’m sure you do things like that
yourself how do you get yourself out of bed every morning knowing that you are kind
of interrupting people in their days to try and sell the real estate so they
came to me and said how can I do things differently and it was actually just
after Thanksgiving in America and I said that I would teach them how to do it by
using story and I walked into the training group and Alex was so not open to
hearing things he thought he knew it all he grew up with two salespeople parents who said if you sit there and hammer the phone you’ll be successful but Volney sent me in there and
asked me to teach these guys storytelling sales so they asked me how
my Thanksgiving what’s and i responded with my thanksgiving was great but short
see I had two TV interviews the next morning so i had to get the bed by seven
because i had to get up at three o’clock in the morning so i could go to the
first interview and then I had to go to the next one I had kxan in the morning
and then I had fox 7 and when I walked into fox 7 i actually saw some people
recognize me they said I saw you on kxan earlier that morning and I thought
you were fantastic and you know it was really great for you to share that
information there was a company there the company was called digital marketer
and they’d spend an absolute fortune sponsoring a group of people so they
could get on television so they could get publicity and he responded to me
with how did you get all these television shows and I said one of the things that I
focus on is having a very crystal clear message but also making sure that I
publicize it in the right way I mean if you know how to do it properly pretty
easy to get on television and nice it you’re getting more media than us and
we’re multimillion-dollar training couple that are actually one of the
biggest companies teaching people how to make money on the internet on the internet so they asked if I come in and do a whiteboard session with them to teach them how to
get more media so realistically my thanksgiving was kind of sad because i
had to go to bed early but really it kind of ended up really really great
because those opportunities were fantastic Alex was blow away and was like this
guy’s the real deal and all of a sudden they all sat down and listened to what I
said so i want to tell you what i did what i just did is I told you a story
about how my Thanksgiving was that had heaps of credibility points seeded into
it to make you understand how credible I was and why you needed to listen to me
because otherwise I would have said is here’s my bio here’s all the great things that
I’ve done and you would have gone yeah sure see the logical mind processes information
and says I’m a critic of that that i don’t believe that whatever hang up the phone
just completely switch off and hope this training ends right but the emotional
mind loves stories and for an emotional mind to love stories it has to believe
everything that it hears think about when you heard Goldilocks and the three
bears the first time you have to believe that bears had beds and ate porridge and if
you didn’t the story didn’t make any sense so the emotional minds completely
short-circuited illogical mind and believes all the credibility points or
all the details of the story because it has to for it to make sense and then all
of a sudden when you finish talking about that you can then move on and
people will take you seriously because they now have completely taken in all the
things that you’ve said without the critic for the logical mind going no no
nope nope and that’s the power of the story so I said to them what I would
love to do is teach you how to tell stories and how you can use
them on the phone when you’re trying to get deals Alex who was the hardest person to
convince said they don’t listen to me to me for more than 5 10 seconds if I
went into a story that went for a minute they would just hang up on me mid-story Thomas was
all ears he was a very introverted salesperson and he just needed a go the
reason why Volney wanted this training wasn’t actually for Alex it was
for Thomas to try and teach him introverted way of selling one of those
things that I’ve taught for years I was an introverted salesperson my self I
mean the first time I sold it took me 93 doors and getting rejected getting told to get a
real job wondering what I was doing with my life and I taught myself through
process and i would each step along the way and within six weeks I was the
number one sales performer for the largest sales and marketing coming in
the southern hemisphere I learned the system the system that Volney hoped that I
could tell Thomas that Alex was in the room and he just did not believe that he
could use stories and then they would work so i said what i would like you to
do is I would like you to set up a meeting and just give it a goal i want you to set up a
meeting with your three bosses the people that have all the stories and i want you
to call the meeting story time it was hilarious I mean think
about it these are proud commercial real estate agents inside the calendar every
single Monday they got something blocked out called story time and that time was
for their boss to share valuable stories about experiences that they had with
clients that perhaps had an objection to start then at the end that was so happy
that they worked with them and Alex and Thomas would learn these stories and take them on and really embrace them
like they were their own stories and instead of saying I have a story they
would say that our organization we had a customer just like that to an objection
and then go into story about explaining the objection what how they discovered that objection
wasn’t actually valid and then why they were so happy that they work with them
and the money they saved and all the valuable points around it in just a
very short period of time these stories took a life of their own Alex no longer needed to get hyped up on
coffee he used to say you know you have to get hyped on coffee and just hammer
the phone now he said he said well now I just waltz in make a few phone calls
tell a few stories and now i’m even locking down the whales that I could
never have locked down before Volney shared with me that within two months
the number of appointments went up by three times and not only that they were
bigger and better appointment with people as Alex’s so much bigger that he
would never have been able to get before and they shared that that was
potentially worth a million dollars in additional revenue just from sharing
stories Alex was actually gobsmacked instead of
trying to explain logically why someone should listen for longer and getting
hung up on in 5-10 seconds they would sit and listen to a minute long story
about this specific customer just like them and how their objection of it’s not
the right time right now was wrong and how they were so lucky they believe them
because they saved so much money and then booked an appointment there was so
much power in that story on top of that they also learned one additional step that
made so much more of a difference most real estate agents they come and do the
deal once especially in commercial real estate they get a big Commission check
and they run out the door on to the next one one of the things that this brand had
earned their living out of is keeping long-term relationships and always being
there for their clients and giving them education around making the right
choices and I said you’re doing so much more than just commercial real estate what are you doing basically you know
it’s just a couple of additional things I mean it’s the reason why our customers
love us so much so we don’t take it you know lightly but we don’t know how to
frame that so we just we still call ourselves commercial real estate agents
and Is said you are not just commercial real estate agent your long-term real estate
strategists you help them be ready for the next move and the 10 moves in front
of that you are their partners they no longer have to rely on doing their own
due diligence because they can trust you to do it for them and Volneys response
was I’ve got a wonderful story that I could
tell about that and they use it every day now so i want to share with you exactly
in much more detail what I did for Colliers international for Alex for Thomas for
Volney and share how you can do it yourself in the upcoming webinar before
I get to that though transparency is everything to me so there is no one better to get up to share the story of exactly how
it benefited them then Thomas Foley and Alex themselves so click on the link
below and watch the real story of the real people and how it affected their
real lives and then i look forward to seeing you in the webinar about getting more clients for real estate Cheers

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