Best Real Estate Marketing – Become The Digital Mayor

Best Real Estate Marketing – Become The Digital Mayor

wow it’s a cold one today! so why don’t you and I have a
conversation on how to run a media company and how to be the digital mayor
in your local city. and… i think I need a haircut. close… so close… all right I think
we got it. so after I fired my coach I had an aha
moment. it was like an apple fell from the tree and I realized gravity exists.
so I knew if I wanted to do something different I had to ask different
questions. how do I become the digital mayor of my city? my aha moment came in
the form of doing the exact opposite of what my real estate coach told me I have
to do. I figure if everyone’s out there doing one thing I’m going to turn around
and run the complete opposite way. so I took a simple concept and I turned it
upside down. I actually have a meeting to run to right now but I’ll get back to
this in a few moments. so today I’m meeting with Lisa who is
the other team member and we’re going to go over Infusionsoft and some of the
systems, marketing strategies… you know sometimes in the industry there’s a big
question what CRM program do you use, and, you know, there are two schools of
thought on this. most agents would say how much is that CRM? fifty bucks a
month for a CRM? why? like that’s too much! I’m not paying that. give me
cheep-cheep-cheep! if a real estate agent looks at a CRM
program as nothing more than a database of random contacts. I hundred percent
agree. 50 bucks is still too much. but the CRM that we use is Infusionsoft. is it
expensive? absolutely! it costs hundreds of dollars
per month but it’s not just a CRM. it does a lot of the automation for us. let
me know in the comment section below what CRM system do you use and why. ten minutes to spare 🙂 …no I actually got a coffee but thank you.
talk to you soon. okay bye. well that was nice of her. by the way my wife, she
donated approximately two-thirds of her liver to a dear friend of ours and on
January 29th was their three year anniversary. now I created that video
it’s not part of these vlogs but take a look at my youtube channel. there are two
videos under the heading it’s personal. so take a look at it. it’s about 20
minutes long. my wife is absolutely incredible. she’s an angel and she just
literally saved somebody’s life by doing this. I encourage you guys to watch it.
it is a touching story. many people actually cried watching… just watch it. it
has nothing to do with real estate but it’s a great story. that’s her in the
hospital after waking up. you cut your dog hair and screwed it up?
yeah! …oh oh I guess I should turn this off. off it’s almost 3 o’clock. we’ve been
here since 11:00??. meeting is done! if there’s one thing I am completely
addicted to, its coffee. kind of sad! so here’s what my coach would tell me to do…
she would say go out there plug yourself into the community. become the hockey dad.
soccer dad. joined the different club. here’s… I could probably demonstrate much
better… so this is you. clubs… sports… events. meet-ups. so my coach would say
okay, pick your favorite clubs and just join them. and start handing out your cards at
these clubs. get to know these people. same thing with
different events and meetups. I’m not one of these people who goes out there and
hands on my business card. that is very uncomfortable for me. but there’s just
something weird about me going out and say hey by the way after I sell homes…
you see the look in their eye… yeah… thanks is that really why you’re here? is
that why you’re the hockey dad? is to hand out your business card to
everybody. if this is how everybody else is doing it, I’m going to turn this upside down . so let me show you what I mean. now I know you’re watching this upside
down and it may not make any sense… but to me it made a lot of sense.
instead of me going out into the community joining all these clubs
harassing people with my business card I thought why don’t I be the community and have all these people join my community. hence the term “digital mayor”. I thought if
I can go out there into the community and help the community as the digital
mayor I wouldn’t be just a typical real estate agent. that was my theory. that was
my philosophy. and it worked. agents are typically known for being
that person that joins the clubs, hands out their business card and says refer people
to me. I didn’t want to be that agent. I just refused. going back to my coach … when I would ask her, what do I do with the people that are not ready to buy or sell?
and she would say “dump them” I thought no, can I use this approach… this
approach to incubate everybody in my database so when they thought about
buying or selling I would be their natural conclusion. well here’s another
theory I have here… this is the part digital marketing comes into play. the buying cycle. any time you are I want to buy something regardless of whether
it’s a product or service we go through the same buying cycle. the scale goes
from zero to ten. so it’s pretty easy from zero to five everybody is in the
research stage. thinking about its stage. for five to eight is called the serious
stage. but not quite ready to pull the trigger and from eight to ten you are
buying the product or service you’re just questioning who you’re going to buy
it from. I need it now!! so as the digital mayor I wanted to speak to everybody. I didn’t care if they weren’t thinking of buying a home. and I
didn’t care if they were buying a home. I wanted to talk to everybody.
so I started producing content. things that would be valuable to the person
living in my city regardless of what stage they were in. if a person was in
the 0 to 5 stage and they weren’t thinking about buying or selling but as the
digital mayor I produced the type of content they loved consuming, I’ve just
opened their eyes to the fact that it’s me a real estate agent, also providing
them things of value. and I wasn’t asking anything in return.
as people move down the level of seriousness into the five to eight stage, of
course you provide more information. what do most real estate agents focus on? which group? of course this group! and that is the group that my coach said…
focus on this group because there is no money in here. but that’s where all my
money comes from because every agent is fighting for that lead. fight for that
same lead every other agent is fighting for. there is no competition in here. I
hope that’s making some sense because by the time I move the prospect from this
stage to this stage, gee which agent should I call? it’s a natural step to say
let’s call this guy we’ve been getting a lot of great information from him. I hope that explains how I see being a digital mayor. for me
this business isn’t about fighting for the same lead that everybody else is
fighting for. for me this business is how to capture the attention of everybody
else that isn’t looking for a home right now. and here’s the way I look at it.
what is the only profession out there that should be able to represent their
city? do you think it’s natural for a doctor to blog or vlog about their city?
or a lawyer? or a car mechanic? or any any other profession? I don’t think so. I think
a real estate agent is the most suited person to document their city. to vlog
about their city. to write about their city. to produce a podcast about their
city. or as I like to call it becomes a digital mayor of your city. if you’re
that person that produces the content that a buyer is consuming you will build
that trust that relationship with the person viewing your content. if you’re
selling your home and you are the digital agent, you have the best chance
of explaining to mr. and mrs. seller why you’re the most qualified to sell in
that neighborhood… because you’re the digital mayor. you know the ins and outs
of that neighborhood. you know every entrepreneur. you know the mom-and-pop
shops. you know the local people that live there in that neighborhood because
you’re the only one blogging about it. writing articles about it. creating a
podcast about it. to me that’s what a digital mayor is. taking this… oh it’s not on here… you actually become the community. you
because the information provider. you become the New York Times of your city.
what’s stopping you? nothing! nobody says you can’t!
and that was my philosophy years ago when I started this concept. anyway I
hope that made some sense. this is how I choose to run my business. it makes it a
lot more fun than the traditional way because when you do something unique
trust me you get noticed!

20 thoughts on “Best Real Estate Marketing – Become The Digital Mayor

  1. What kind of camera and lighting do you use? Your video looks great!!

  2. I use ZOHO CRM

  3. I use Lion Desk as my CRM. My favorite feature is it will call or text me when it's time for me to call back a lead or client.

  4. I use Perfect Storm. Its a website/CRM package from Joshua Smith. I like that it has a powerful IDX for home search and email, text, ect drip plans already set up.

  5. I'm just entering the world of real estate…you're vlogs are highly entertaining and the out of the box thinking is enlightening…thank you!

    btw…we use boomtown for a crm at my agency

  6. Hey Sebastian – what about a little twist on your thoughts? I live in a very small community. I'd run out of static content in a short while. What if that that digital mayor was all about being the media company that documents the active life in the community? What I mean is – not necessarily interviewing the doctors or writing about the restaurants, but "living" the life, about marketing the life through my social media platform and my marketing company. Does that make sense?

  7. Mailchimp right now… Was also going to use activecampaign

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  11. I have used infusion soft in the past. and it is one of the more expensive crm to purchase however it does a lot. For me at the time it was a little over whelming. Today I use podio. its free and easy and i can integrate it with other software. By the way love the sunglasses

  12. Will start this! Thanks brother!

  13. Drip, and i segment my audience into different categories bases on buyer; sellers: then into demographic

  14. I don't say this much, but I F'ING love this concept. It's what I'm about to do in my home town. AWESOME MAN!!!!

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  16. We use eEdge! Magic is in the follow up!

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  19. Sebastian, I'm curious as to the results of this approach. I seen this video is about 2 years old. Would love and update!

  20. Don't forget to check out the description for links to free training content 😀

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