BEST Real Estate Agent Qualities to Have

BEST Real Estate Agent Qualities to Have

How’s it going everyone Matt Leighton welcome
back to another real estate video. So today we’re talking about the best qualities
to have as a real estate agent. What I have found by watching the most successful
agents both in my area and on Instagram in other areas is that these five qualities are
usually shared by most if not all of the agents, so let’s get right into the list. The first quality to have is empathy. This is the ability to understand and share
the feelings of others. People want their voice to be heard. Clients, other agents, customers at open houses,
everyone wants to be heard and they want you to know where they are coming from. Being empathetic means that you’re a good
listener, you don’t interrupt people when they are talking, you’re making eye contact
with them, you’re nodding when they say something you agree with. A lot of sales is understanding the other
human and understanding why that person is doing what they are doing. Empathy builds trust. It builds likability and people want to work
with people that understand them. When someone is talking to me for a really
long time, I might ask an open-ended question or ask about something they just mentioned
to see if they have anything else to say. I want them to ‘get it all out’ so to
speak and then to respond in a manner that shows the other party that I do understand
where they are coming from or how they feel. And one of the best ways to do this is to
start a sentence by saying something along the lines of “It sounds like”, or “It
seems like” or “It looks like” and then you finish that sentence with a variation
of what they just said. As a sales person, one would think that the
first quality to have would be persuasiveness or the ability to close a deal or something
along those lines, but above all, empathy is a key trait to have as a real estate agent. The number two trait is confidence. This is confidence, not cockiness. There is a difference. Confidence is believing in yourself and having
the skills and knowledge to back it up. Cockiness on the other hand is being arrogant
or bragging or showing off, without actually knowing or having the skills to follow through. In my early career, I wasn’t confident and
people can pick up on that vibe. And when you’re not confident, the client
is not going to feel confident and that’s not the feeling that you want to portray. Confidence is found from within and I don’t
have enough time to teach you how to be confident, that’s something you’ll have to figure
out on your own. All I can say is your mind is a powerful tool
and whether you think you’re confident or if you think you’re not confident, it’s
probably true. The next quality to have is persistence. As a real estate agent, following up with
people is crucial for a successful real estate business. There are some deals that I’m working on
now that are literally 4 years in the making. 4 years of phone calls, emails, holiday cards,
thank you notes, you name it, I’ve probably done it. And I think with persistence also comes the
fear that you’re being annoying or bothersome and it depends on what you are doing to be
persistent. The thing not to do is to ask your buyer every
week if they’re going to buy a house. Yeah that’s super annoying don’t do that. When I follow up with people, I might send
them a recent listing that sold near their house or an article that talks about the market,
or ask them if they saw the new property come on the market. I am coming from a place of help. What in the world can I do to help you. I’m always trying to add value. Be more about the relationship than the transaction
in your persistence. The fourth trait to have is being creative. Problems will come up in every real estate
deal that happens. Every single one, something will happen. And your job is to undesrstand and expect
that to happen, and then your job is to solve that problem. And be creative. I don’t want to hear that you can’t do
something or you don’t think it will work or you don’t know how it will get done. There will always be problems and there will
always be solutions. Come from a mindset of creativity. Being open-minded will help out a lot. Don’t box yourself in, always think that
there is a solution to the problem. Some agents just totally lose their mind at
the first sign of a problem. Event he slightest speed bump in the process
will through some agents for a loop and they’ll think the buyer won’t be able to buy the
property or that the seller won’t be able to sell. When problems arise, keep an open mind, and
find a creative solution. And the fifth quality to have as a real estate
agent is the ability to be calm. It is
not your job to get emotional. It is your client’s job to get emotional. And they will. You’re supposed to be the rock in the transaction. I’m not saying don’t celebrate having
your offer accepted or celebrate closing. This is more for when problems occur like
we talked about in the fourth point. Chances are, the best solutions will be found
when your head is calm and you have the ability to think clearly about the problem. If you’re getting emotional about every
little thing that happens, then you’re never going to be able to solve the problem. True power is sitting back and observing with
logic. If you have an emotional reaction to every
single word that is said to you, you will continue to suffer and not be able to get
through the deal. Breathe, allow things to pass, and once you’ve
accepted the problem or whatever negotiations are going on or whatever the case may be,
calmly move forward. Having a calm demeanor is probably the most
underrated quality that a real estate agent has to have. And remember, you can celebrate, you can be
happy, you can be sad, I’m not saying be a robot, far from it. But when problems start happening and when
your expertise is needed, it pays to be calm in the heat of all that’s going on around
you. Ok there you have it the top 5 qualities to
have as a real estate agent. So if you’re thinking about being a real
estate agent or if you’re looking for an agent, these are qualities you have to have. What do you think? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you very much for watching until next
time. Create a productive day. Take care.

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  1. Good information especially about empathy, mindset and confidence. Follow up is crucial. I saw some stats that 80% of deals are done after follow up, only 20% on the first approach

  2. Thank you for another great video. This list of qualities helped to confirm my decision to enter the real estate business.

  3. Slam Dunk Matt! Way to go…this is an awesome video.

  4. Great Video!

  5. You never Disappoint Matt!;) so true, give and benefit others before you get anything in return, if any at all….-That’s how you build trust 😘

  6. Woow amazing vidoe.

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