BEST Real Estate Agent Marketing Game Plan! Dominate Your Market As The Top Realtor!

BEST Real Estate Agent Marketing Game Plan! Dominate Your Market As The Top Realtor!

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s video we are going to break down as you can see right here the ultimate digital marketing real estate agent game plan so if you’re a completely brand-new to real estate and Maybe it’s your first year or told newbie and nobody knows who you are in your community after Showing you this game plan right here every single person in your community will have seen your face Within the next six months I can guarantee you that so if your brand real estate this is the exact game plan that I would implement or let’s say that you have a digital marketing agency and you run ads for clients, especially real estate clients This is the exact game plan the exact strategy that if you are completely brand new or if you want to get them the best results possible that I would leverage For your business now a quick note before we dive into all this is I’m basing this off of a $20 per day budget But even if you don’t have that budget right now if you want to start with $10 per day You can easily shift this budget with what I’m gonna be explained to you but if you think about it guys even if you’re a brand new starting completely from scratch from zero today if you just have faith in this model right here and the Confidence $20 per day. That’s $600 per month over the course of 12 months. That’s 72 hundred dollars for the entire year and Using this exact model, even if you just close one deal it pays for all of the marketing advertising Plus think about the massive branding potential that this is going to give to you. Okay, so let’s break this down I’m gonna walk through step by step exactly how this is all laid out and How you guys can go through and implement it and if you need the step by step Tutorials of how I actually go through and set everything up I’m gonna add a link down below to a 100% free training will show you guys how to actually set up the ads and do everything So I’m just click down below and get into that training Alright, so basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna leverage the top social media networks The reason why is because we can get eyeballs we can get Attention for just a fraction of the cost compared to direct mail we can leverage our time So we have to spending all of our time cold calling Knocking doors all these things that really just aren’t very effective for our time. We’re even wasting money on Expensive billboards, right? So the first thing we want to do and this is something I’ve talked a lot about here on this channels We want to leverage Facebook and Instagram now Facebook owns Instagram So that’s why I kind of put them in the same category and we’re gonna have ten dollars per day So you can see right here Facebook Instagram ten dollars per day Going towards a our cold market people who don’t know who we are They’ve never heard of us but obviously they live in our community because we want to work with people in our community and Then we’re gonna have another five dollars per day going towards YouTube and I’m gonna talk about that here in just a second and then the remaining five dollars per day going towards our Retargeting now if you’re completely brand-new to just digital marketing. You’re like I was retargeting We’re gonna break that down here in just a second So don’t you worry about one last thing? I want to say and stress is that this works if you have Listening to market or even if you don’t have listening this market this works for fire lasers works for so elites So it really doesn’t matter where you’re at in the real estate game and what you’re going for This exact strategy is going to be able to be implemented to help you dominate your market so that everyone knows who you are alright, so Facebook and Instagram, we’re gonna do ten dollars per day and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up a facebook Instagram ad and we’re gonna be sending people to a landing page Alright, so the old concept of a landing page you want to send them? There is a post our main website if you guys have seen some my previous videos You know the importance of a landing page over a website and if you have it, basically your website Like you’ve probably already noticed if you have a website right now, it’s not really set up to convert Website visitors into actual leads so getting someone’s name phone number and email address So it’s great for them to go through and kind of search around your site get different information But you’re never really gonna see about someone put in their name phone or an email address into a forum or call you or anything Like that. Usually your conversion rate is less than 1% Whereas if you send people to a landing page right here You can get your conversion rate as high as 20 to 25 percent Now the people visiting your page to convert into lead So to put that in perspective if you have a hundred people going to main website You might be lucky to get just one lead from those 100 people. Whereas if you get a hundred people going to your landing page you’re gonna have as many as 20 to 25 people from those 100 visitors to actually become leads, right? So you’re seeing 20 to 25 times more leads? From the website visitors that you’re getting to a landing page and then the top everything off here We’re gonna have a lot of different ways to go through and follow up with this new lead But the best way that we have seen is going through and having an automated follow up text message Following up with every single lead every single person that comes in opps in here now We’re also going to have automated emails and maybe some automated Facebook messages But texting has been the number one thing that we have seen for people to actually Respond to and so you can actually book appointments from the leaves of your generator Which honestly at the end of day that’s what it’s all about because you can generate a hundred leads per day But if you’re not actually connecting with them if you’re not actually booking appointments from those leads Just really doesn’t matter, right? So this is the exact strategy right here. And if you guys want me to I’ll link out to several other videos I’ve got tons of videos on my channel showing you all different types of Facebook ads Instagram ads I show you guys the exact templates I show you guys exactly what to say on the landing page right here on this channel 100% for free But if you want a deeper dive training once again, just right below this video in the top comment or in the description I’m gonna have a link to that free training Alright, so then the same thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do this with YouTube now the reason why I want to go through and branch off to YouTube is one because YouTube you’re able to use video and when someone sees you in a video they’re able to connect with you Your brand you’re able to establish a lot more credibility a lot more authority through that video as opposed to just a hundred percent Text-based ad right now really quick guys I know some of you guys that might be new you might be I don’t want to be in a video I’m like you’re freaking out This video doesn’t have to be anything professional. I’m actually shooting this video right now with my iPhone I don’t have a microphone. I actually just bought one on Amazon. I figured after 40 thousand YouTube subscribers I should probably do that. But just shoot here their iPhone it only needs about be about 90 seconds to two minutes Talk about who you are what you do what community you live in so you can connect and let people know that are watching This YouTube video as a pre rup role ad before another YouTube video They might be watching That you’re in their area and that you can help them buy a home or you can help them sell their home Right, look a lot of times you can use the same video on YouTube on Instagram and on Facebook So you’re able to leverage your time even? Making that video now the great thing about YouTube as well is this gets into Google’s advertising network? Which is a little bit different than Facebook well obviously it’s completely different than Facebook and instagrams and They have a lot of the targeted options that Facebook’s actually taking away and they’ve been taken away for last several months and so you can go through and maximize all these targeting options of homeowners people with higher incomes Maybe people that are looking there in market to buy a home or they’re in market to sell their home So there’s a lot of different interest targeting a lot of different options that are still available with YouTube But aren’t available anymore with Facebook or if they still are They’re definitely taking those away very soon because of all the scandals and everything that’s happened with Facebook. Now the great thing about this Too is guys you’re able to get views on this video you’re able to get your face in front of people in your community in front of hundreds of thousands of people for just pennies on the dollar if you’re paying money for a billboard or a bus advertisement or something that’s like that now the awesome thing about YouTube Facebook Instagram and getting this video out there is you’re able to get hundreds of thousands of people even millions depending on the size of the community that you’re in of Eyeballs on your video on your face on your branding for just pennies on the dollar compared to a billboard Compared to Direct Mail a bus advertiser or anything like that and then also You’re able to tap into these YouTube targeting options of home owners or people looking to move or higher income Individuals and the great thing is is once they’ve hit this Paige. So they’ve watched your video right here They click on it. They hit this landing page what we can do is set up our Facebook pixel to track every single person that visits this landing page so long story short What a Facebook pixel is is this basically Facebook’s tracking mechanism that you can track every single person that visits your website Every single person that engages with your Facebook posts your Instagram posts and so you can know exactly who those people are. So now If we’re marketing to these people on YouTube that are homeowners that are looking to buy looking to sell their higher income and they’re clicking here they come over here now we’re able to retarget to these exact people and take Advantage of all of those interests targeting that Facebook doesn’t really allow anymore But we’re still able to take advantage of them on Facebook because we’ve already done the target on YouTube they’ve hit here and then we just Remark it to those people. So retarding right here. If you’re completely brand new to this concept remarketing retargeting. It’s the same thing It’s just like how Amazon Markets to you, okay? so let’s say you’re shopping on Amazon and you’re going through you’re clicking on several different products and then you go and you’re starting to buy something and then it shows up in the side the right-hand side or shows down below the Product that you’re buying a product that you have already looked at or you’re on some other website And then that product shows up again So they know that you’ve already been interested in that product because you’ve already clicked to that product And so the remarketing retargeting is the same exact thing Because that person clicked on this YouTube ad they went to this landing page we’re able to show them a Facebook or Instagram ad because we already know that they’re Interested and most likely interested to buy or sell a home which guys that is super powerful So look at this for just $20 per day $10 per day on Facebook and Instagram to people who have no idea who you are $5 per day to YouTube to people who have no idea who you are and then $5 per day to Retargeting a people who have visit your website. They maybe have engaged with your Facebook post your Instagram post Maybe there are a past lead that you’ve had that so people that is some Have an idea who you are or what you’re about and what you’re doing you’re able to retarget to these now Guys, if you’re if like $20 per day right now is just like absolutely stressing you out and you’re like Jason I don’t know if I can make this happen cuz 20 hours per day is just way too much. Just cut this in half Right, just come down here Facebook and Instagram just do $5 per day YouTube you $5 per day and retargeting $5 per day or If I was cutting that in half, actually what I would personally do is I’d probably scrap YouTube for right now and I do $5 per day or I do 750 per day on Facebook and Instagram and Retargeting at just 2 dollars and 50 cents per day so that I can get my brand my face out in front of a lot more people now guys I dive a lot deeper into the whole strategy of the lead generation how to set up the Facebook Ads the exact copy and paste templates of the Facebook ads and even the follow-up of email marketing text message marketing and facebook messenger marketing and my 100% free training that as I mentioned a number of Times already. I’ll have a link to that in the top comment as well as in the description So go through opt-in check that out Also if you guys are brand new here Make sure you subscribe the channel because I launched new videos Every single week on how to generate more leads make more money or and grow your business So if you are a real estate agent or if you are marketing agency owner and you help real estate agents Generate more leads and book more appointments This channel is the best channel beyond to go through and learn more about marketing strategies. We have worked with over 5,000 real estate professionals we’ve spent over a million dollars on Facebook advertising and so we are running tests constantly and Sharing what we’re learning right here on this channel with you guys. So make sure you subscribe Also, if you found this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up I greatly appreciate that because that helps this video gets seen by more people to be able to help them with their business their marketing and Also, I’d love to hear where you’re from drop a comment down below. Let me know what business you’re in Let me know what you’ve tried as far as digital marketing goes for your real estate business I would love to hear love to hear where you’re struggling to be able to help you out with whatever You might need to help you succeed. I answer every single one of the comments So if you guys want a direct comment right for me I’m just go ahead drop a comment down below and I will respond to your comments So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and give it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next video

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