Best Online Real Estate School👌 🏡 Voted #1 Online Real Estate Class By Most In 2018! 👏

Best Online Real Estate School👌 🏡 Voted #1 Online Real Estate Class By Most In 2018! 👏

welcome. you welcome guys. in one second
make sure you stay to the end I’m just trying to get everything set up for you.
all right I’m gonna get everything set up for you all right this is a video for
Best online real estate school if you’re searching for a best online real estate
school which I know you are cuz it around 1,300 searches per month then
you’ll know that Epogen trade school this is an online first-ever online
entrepreneur Business School where you earn and learn at the same time you
don’t just sit here and learn for two or four years and never end up doing what
you’re supposed to do alright so at our trade school we teach real estate we
teach SEO and we teach affiliate marketing we teach personal training and
we also teach cooking classes culinary arts so far and then we’re building our
more sections but we have a fantastic real-estate section already okay so in
the real estate section of the Alpha giant trade school we teach three things
we teach virtual wholesaling we teach real estate lead generation and we also
teach something we call the home tail model of real estate and I’m going to
break down each and every one of those real quick so that you can be confident
that this is the school you want to go to for your online realest realest eight
training all right so virtual whole selling is where we teach first if you
know what wholesaling is then good we just do it virtually that way we can set
up multiple deals simultaneously in different cities and make a crapload
more money remember you learn and earn at the same time okay you learn and earn
at the same time you earn a living and make a killing
the job trade school okay especially in a real estate section so virtual
wholesaling is just a glorified matchmaking process where you connect
investors will estate investors these are regular investors that buy up the
Monopoly board you connect them with motivated sellers and you do this real
quickly where you can close deals within weeks sometimes the first week that you
start if you go hard can’t promise you anything you just have to do it some
people get in these schools and they don’t do a damn thing and then they
blame it on you know so if you’re ready to make a killing this year you ready to
do it with real estate then this is a school for you so that’s virtual
wholesaling where you matchmaking connecting them when the deal closes you
get an assignment be an assignment fee is typically between five to ten
thousand dollars depending on what the city or state is okay it varies but on
average it’s five to ten thousand dollars per deal so if you got like five
of those or ten of those a month five thousand times ten bills is what five
thousand times ten deals is what okay so you should already know and it’s not
difficult to get ten deals you just strive for ten ten is the number you
strive for that and then you go past that okay that’s 50 K per month okay and
it’s very simple once you set up your lead generation systems I show you how
to do this in the school we teach you that all right so there’s virtual
wholesaling next is the your real estate lead generation business now a real
estate lead generation business is simple let’s say that you don’t want to
be an agent anymore if you’re an agent let’s say you don’t want to get your
license anymore you don’t want to do all of that but you still want to be in real
estate you can generate leads for real estate agents instead meaning you can
set up the properties online whether there’s paid advertisements or free
campaigns and websites that generate calls for buyers and sellers people that
want to buy properties and people that want to sell properties
so you can set up these campaigns online for real estate agents and real estate
agents will pay you between three to ten thousand dollars a month or more
depending on if it’s a firm or not okay so are you can charge them per call
every time a call comes in you charge their credit card it’s very very very
very very very simple so that’s your real estate lead generation business in
a boat all right so there’s many ways of making money with real estate and we
teach you the back doors of them where you don’t have to fix up property and
take a whole year and then nobody wants to buy it you don’t have any pipes on it
is scary you doing driving four dollars abandoned signs and all of those extra
crap you don’t have to do that okay so we teach you a simpler a more simplistic
way of getting income with real estate last but not least we teach you the home
tail model we call it the whole tail model of real estate is literally where
you take homes and you treat them as if they’re hotels extended stays vacation
rentals bed-and-breakfast and more okay so we teach you how to do this
short-term rentals or whatever so you find a landlord and you get him as a
partner or you find someone that has a foreclosure and you save them you can
tell them look you are charging seven hundred dollars a month for rent what if
you could make seven hundred a week from this same exact property without tenants
they say what the hell okay there’s exactly how you say so now all
you have to do is your lead generation skills that you learned in the other
section and you generate phone calls and bookings for Hotel Motel
bed-and-breakfast all of these different keywords and you keep them booked up for
the month and you charge them 3000 R if you walk to one 1,500 bucks
one thousand fifteen hundred bucks per month per property to keep them booked
very very simple so let’s say they got five properties you made them a million
every 40 years out already so I recommend is finding one person to work
with and doing the strategies that I teach you in the school and you will be
making a killing with real estate using the home tail model it’s very very
simple alright so those are all of the sections so far in a real estate school
that we teach you you don’t have to have a license you don’t have to fix include
you don’t have to put any money into any properties or anything like that and on
top of that we have all these other sections of the school where you’ll
learn how to earn a living and make a killing okay so that should have cured
your insecurities or your reservations for whether or not you should join that
open trade school we’re going there I’ll show you real quick the virtual
wholesaling section let’s check out the virtual wholesaling section just so you
can be confident you can do this what is virtual wholesale get your free
professional real estate site here so we help you build your buyer and seller
lead generation websites and everything like that what all do you need to do
this so we set you up man finding cash buyers the basic techniques advanced
techniques finding motivated sellers to close make sellers beg to sign with you
pricing so that you get the deal every time get your purchase and sell
agreement forms there’s only one form you need and it’s just so that you’re
not liable about anything you don’t own any property or anything so you can’t
get the trouble okay so you’re good alright so we teach you all of that then
we teach you how to automate the whole process of getting the buyers and
sellers to call you on social media and all of these different websites alright
which buyer and seller keywords are best to rank for in Google data make a phone
ring the most how to use a ring with voicemail software to bring in buyer
seller leads rank your buyer seller keywords for you so if you’re having
trouble with your SEO on Google or it’s taken so long we would actually do that
for you how to find the title companies where your deal to work with use press
releases to build buyers and sellers list I use parasite SEO to rank your
listing and get buyers how to become or hire a bird dog if you know what a bird
auger is you know that they’re valuable and how to make deals how to make
thousands in between bills let’s say a specific deal is taking longer than
you’d expect it to close and you didn’t set up multiple deals like we tell you
to so now you broke well we teach you how to make thousands in-between deals
okay so this real estate school has everything you need you don’t need to be
an agent that’s the difficult way you’re left out there you’re vulnerable and it
take too damn long with this if you come in and go hard I can’t promise you
anything but if you do exactly what I say there’s no way in hell you won’t
succeed with this you can close your first deal within weeks or maybe even
the same week depending on what areas you’ve target okay so who are you
comment your name and in the comments below this video like and subscribe tell
me what you think how different is our real estate school online real estate
school from other real estate schools you’ve already researched and stuff like
that on a one to ten scale how interested are you in enrolling in a
real estate school if you comment on your one to ten scale in the comments
I’ll go ahead and cut you a bill or whatever alright
on a day with day but they were Dave is where we spent four to six hours which
is with me you maybe even a few other students but most of Santa’s just be me
and you will spend four to six hours setting up all of your systems to
guarantee or to make a valiant effort that you succeed in this nobody else
does this with their students okay so that’s what you want to do this is why
we are the best online real estate school welcome to Africa

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