Best No Money Down Real Estate Strategy

Best No Money Down Real Estate Strategy

I think we all know what it feels like
to make $10 an hour. But have you made $100 an hour?
Have you made $1,000 an hour? Have you made $10,000 an hour? I know what it
feels like to make $100,000 an hour and you’re going to want to watch this video if
you want to learn how to take your time and make it far more precious because I
want to share with you how to get in the game of real estate in a way I’ve never
done it before. After 15 years, finally innovated what I think is going to end
up being one of the most powerful ways to help you get in the game of real
estate even if you don’t have any money. So, today is such an exciting day. In fact,
this is the moment where I think I finally hacked how to give you a tool
that I’ve been trying to freaking figure out for the last decade and I think I’ve
got it nailed down. You see this whole game of what is the easiest way of doing
real estate with no money and no credit, listen, there’s books written on the
stuff where there’s hundreds of strategies and so many ways of doing it.
But at the end of the day, I’m interested in the idea, the best idea and then doing
that one idea over and over and over again. And so today, I’m actually
releasing something brand-new. I’m going to be calling you my real estate maverick.
And what is a maverick? I’ve always fashioned myself a maverick. A maverick
is someone who’s a little rebellious, goes against the system. Basically finds
a path. Finds their way. I mean, think about it. Me being financially
independent at the age of 26, that was quite maverick. Totally
different and outside of the system. How do I help you become a real estate
maverick? Well, you got to find a way to get in the real estate game with the
easiest way possible but yet make the most money. Here’s the way it works. If
you want to do a real estate transaction, and we’re talking about no money and
we’re also talking about no credit. What is the easiest way to make that happen?
So, this is kind of cool. For those either been watching me for a long time, I want
you to tune in and watch every second of this video because I promise you, by the
time you get to the end of this video with what I’m going to share at the very
end you can be like, “Kris, I’ve been waiting for this.” Because don’t get me
wrong, every day I get comments on my video saying, “Kris, help me invest in
real estate. Kris, will you mentor me? Kris, will you help me?” And from all of
those questions, I finally a couple of weeks ago got the Eureka, aha moment and
I’m going to show you how to do it. You see, doing real estate with no money and
no credit is a big deal, why? Because if you can get yourself into a home. And
let’s just say for a moment that all you did on that home was make $10,000 but it
didn’t require any money or any credit. What kind of ROI would that be? How
much could you say you earned per hour? Well, if it took you 5 hours to do all
the work and you got paid 10 grand, then you’re getting paid $2,000 an hour.
And if you want to be a millionaire, you have to learn how to break 4 and 5
figures in hour. Like that’s the secret. It’s not working harder. It’s working
smarter. So here’s what it looks like right now with me. I have a brand new
program and what I’m doing is I’m launching my real estate Mavericks. And
as a maverick, what you do there’s a couple of components you want to be
aware of. You see for this to work to do real estate with no money, no credit.
Number one, you need an amazing deal. The second thing you need is you need an
investor to put up the money for the deal. And that’s how you make real estate
go down. And you’re like, “But Kris, what if I don’t have amazing deals or what if
I don’t have money?” Well, I guess I can’t do real estate.
That’s why maverick, we’re talking to you about how to do no money, no credit and
this is what it looks like. In this brand new partnership that I’m extending out
for the very first time to you right now listening, I have a team of 200 experts
and every day they find me the very best deals. As in literally, I go into the very
best markets that have the highest growth rates or the highest cash flow
rates and I have a team of 200 experts that will find these homes, find them for
me get them under contract Whittle them down to the very best ones and
essentially by the time I buy them, I’m going to be earning 25 plus percent ROI.
That’s my low average. Now think about that for a moment.
If you could be involved in something where the real estate was making 25
percent a year. The deals are not only done and
available but I found a way to make it available to you or you can have access
to be a part of my team as one of my Mavericks and I’ll let you use my team
to do all the deals. Does that sound amazing? Like right now
if you’re watching this, it’s like you should be reaching through the screen
saying, “Kris, I want to kiss you, maybe on the cheek” And that’s because what’s
going down right now is I’m saying, This part is 342 hours of work per deal
by experts that you don’t have to do. My team of 200 experts will take care of
that. So then you’re like, “Wait Kris, are you saying that I need to bring the
money?” No. Maverick. It’s a no money and no
credit. So what do you do? Well your role is simple. You see people on YouTube find
me. Social media find me and they say, “Kris I’ve got money” You’re going to do all the work. Let’s partner up and be 50-50. And that’s what I normally do. And that’s what I’m doing. I’ve have partners joining on a
regular basis for every home that I can possibly buy. I’m building their wealth
long term but here’s something brand-new for you. If you introduce me to a
potential partner that is a fit to work with me, then I’m going to split my
ownership with you as an equal partner. I just want that the land for a moment. If
you just follow my system on headhunting and finding people that have some money
in 401k’s and IRA’s that want to actually become partners and my team takes them
through a vetting process and says, “Yep, you’re qualified to be one of Kris’s
partners.” They become a 50% owner and I’m going to take my ownership and I’m going to
split it with you equally. By the way, that itself might be the definition of
maverick because what am I really asking you to do? Am I asking you to go look at
a 100 homes? No. Am I asking you to go to Home Depot and buy crap and fix stuff?
No. Am I asking you to comb through thousands of opportunities? No. What am I
asking you to do? As a real estate maverick, I will train you on where these
people are, you might even know some of them. It surprises you because they’re
not rich, they’re just average everyday people that don’t have the ability to
get where they want and now you have a chance to literally with making an
introduction. With making an introduction actually become an owner in everything
that I’m doing here. Now here’s the crazy part: If you were to find 5 people
that each bought 5 homes, 10 years later, million bucks for you. As
in your cut as a real estate maverick. Friends, I’m putting the tools together
that I wish I had at the beginning of the day when I was just getting started
as investor. I don’t know of a cleaner, faster, simpler, easier way for you to
build wealth than what is actually just been talked about right here. So here’s
my invitation. There’s a link below and it’s And
there’s a brand new page as you’re watching this video, click that link and
I want you to see all of the information that’s there. If that connects with you, I
want you to fill out your information to say, “I want to talk to Kris’s team
and I want to see if I qualify to be a maverick.” You’d be surprised and how
little it takes to qualify. I’m looking for someone with big heart, has big
intention and says, “Hey Kris, you did it the hard way, you’re now making it
available to do the easy way like you are, I want to be a part of doing it the
easy way.” If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to be one of my real estate
Mavericks and I’m excited for you. I wish I have this 15 years ago when I got
started because I think of the wealth that I would have built by this period
of time in my life. I’ve been listening to you. You comment and you ask. Will you
help me? Can you mentor me and now it’s available. It’s here. It’s real. It’s for
you. It’s the simplest thing that I’ve ever given anyone before. And there’s a
really high likelihood that it’s going to be 100% life-changing for you. So tada!
It’s like we did a magic trick today. Thank you so much for watching. Obviously,
stay tuned, stay subscribed. Share my videos but more importantly, this game
it’s open today. It will not always be open, it can’t be. You know this program
will be suspended from time to time, why? Because check it out, I don’t have access to
unlimited deals. My team expands and grows. We do deals. We’ve done a billion
we’ve done 4,000 homes worth of real estate and I got room for you right now.
So, there could be in the future a waiting list but if you check the
website and it’s available. You can put in your information. My team will chat
with you and see if we have a match. If we do, your your first deal literally
might be happening inside the next 30-60 or 90 days. So, congratulations and I look
forward to connecting with you more deeply between you and my team. Take care.

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