Best CRM For Real Estate Agents – 7 Must Have Features For Realtors 🤯

Best CRM For Real Estate Agents – 7 Must Have Features For Realtors 🤯

the CRM systems, customer relationship
management systems have come a long way over the past I would say maybe even
five years. what real estate agents look for back then is completely different
than what real estate agents use today and when I got into real estate of
course I had sheets of paper everywhere, and they were yellow sticky notes
napkins. I would you know talk to people I’d write down their names and of course.
half of these things got thrown out. the other half just got forgotten. and then I
would go through my files three years later and find a lead that I didn’t
follow up with. so I knew that idea had to be scrapped so I started asking
around and of course the number one CRM system that kept coming up back then was
top producer. there are a lot of features in top producer ,and now I haven’t used
it for the past several years so I don’t know what they’re like today I just
remember being extremely overwhelmed. there were a lot of options that I
didn’t know how to use and a lot that I just didn’t need. and then the
real estate industry started shifting where now I was generating online leads.
so I went from the old school talking to people getting the contact info going
back to the computer and entering it all in. that started shifting into people
going online and leaving their information. and that would generate a
lead for me. and I remember logging onto top producer one day
to see if they have a form that I can implement into a website or into a lead
generating landing page or squeeze page. it’s the same thing. and I couldn’t find
it. so I call tech support and I said hey I want to generate leads online but can
I use a form from top producer. insert that into my website and generate leads.
they couldn’t understand what I was talking about and they essentially said
no that doesn’t exist. shortly thereafter I just canceled my subscription because
I didn’t feel like top producer was keeping up with the pace of technology.
I’m not knocking top producer. they could be doing things completely different.
like I said I have not used them in years. I switched from that to then using
Infusionsoft because I wanted more marketing based CRM that would do the
lift heavy lifting for me. I was now generating leads online. I was
implementing automation systems and I wanted the CRM to do all that for me so
I didn’t have to do it manually. Infusionsoft is a great program but it
is extremely pricey. that too had way more features than I needed but it did
do everything that I wanted the program to do. and recently a few months ago, I
switched to active campaign. there were many reasons to switch to active
campaign. but … well there are two two biggest reasons I did. one it
was the price. it was literally half the price of
Infusionsoft. and the other big reason it’s very user friendly. it doesn’t
surprise me why people call Infusionsoft confusionsoft because you need some
sort of a science degree. I kind of felt the same way with top producer so i was
kind of used to using complicated systems. but now I switched to active
campaign. I’m super glad that I did, but it’s
actually very applicable to real estate agents and I if you haven’t looked into
active campaign I would highly look into it. so this video isn’t really about
active campaign and I’m not trying to push active campaign on you. I want this
video to be about what you should look for in a real estate CRM.CRMs have come
a long way over the past few years. and there are two schools of thought. because
there are those agents who say I want as cheap as possible. in fact if I can get
my hands on a free CRM I would rather use that. but these ones here typically
are extremely limited because they won’t work with other online websites or
online applications. and then on the other end you’ve got your high techy
stuff that is really the brains behind your operation. I tend to move more
towards the brain of the of the operation because it will do, like I said
the heavy lifting for you. I’m not trying to start a debate which one is better
because everyone has their own individual needs but if you’re a real
estate agent who wants a lot of automation, look into more of a marketing
and automation type of CRM. here’s what you should look for and I thought I’m
just gonna share this with you and hopefully it will help you guys. so the
first thing is you have to be able to tag your contacts and what I mean by tag
is like a yellow sticky. that’s the easiest way I can I can explain. you
should be able to add a yellow sticky, a virtual yellow sticky to your contact
and write a note like, buyer or hot lead. something like that. just a very short
description, so you should be able to pull up your contacts by the tag name.
so if you log into CRM you should be able to say okay show me everybody that
has a tag that is called hot leads and only those leads come up. do you know
what I mean? the second one is you should be able to track their movement. I know
this is like oooo big brother-ish but let’s face it in today’s day and age
what company isn’t tracking your movement online? you should be able to do
the same thing. you should be able to track somebody’s movement on your
website for example. so if they click on your tab that says about me you know
that person could potentially be looking for a real estate agent because why else
would a buyer or seller go to your website and click on that tab? well now
they want to know more about you so that CRM system should be able to track that
movement. number 3 automation you should be able to set up automations where your
CRM does the emailing for you, or it prompts you to take some action. so for
example if you’re tracking somebody on your website and they click on about me
your CRM should then prompt you to call that person. that’s what I mean by
automation because how else would you be able to know if somebody’s on your
website looking to hire you? wouldn’t it be awesome if your CRM told you to do
that? number 4. you should be able to track video views and that is one of the
coolest features about active campaign. when I send out a video for example I
want to know what percentage of that video was watched by who. a hot lead a
buyer or seller if they’re watching your videos and let’s say you do a video on a
monthly market update and you send it out to your database.
you should be able to track who watched what. and this saves a lot of time
because if you’ve got a full list of phone calls or emails you need to return
you need to know who’s engaging with your videos. because wouldn’t it suck if
you’re trying to contact a person multiple times and you really want to
get a hold of them but you don’t realize they’re not even engaging with your
videos? so you’re spending your time calling back a person that doesn’t
engage with you. that’s just a waste of time.
number five. keep score. you should be able to apply the score a value from one
to five. for example. one being the lowest score five being the highest.
so for example if somebody is opening your emails you give them a half a star.
if somebody actually clicks on the link in your email you give them one full
star. and then over time you can see who’s a 5-star lead and who is a zero
star lead because they’re not opening your emails. they’re not they’re not
consuming your content. so then what happens is when somebody reaches for
example a five star, your CRM should prompt you now to contact that
individual. because let’s face it some leads get lost in the system. maybe you
forgot to set the next date to contact them. and now they’re in your system but you have no idea they’re there. but they’re consuming your content. so wouldn’t it be
cool if somebody’s consuming enough of your content that your CRM now actually
prompts you, hey contact that person because they’re opening all your emails
they’re watching all your videos! that is one of the coolest features ever. so
somebody could be doing research on selling a home, they’re consuming
consuming your content so the value of that lead goes up in your
system, but then something happens in their life where they change their mind.
because people do change their mind. one month they’re selling, you’re on the
phone with them, their a hot lead. next month they stop returning your call and
you’re thinking, that I do wrong? but it’s nothing you did
wrong .they just changed their mind about selling their home. but they don’t want
to call you back they don’t want the hassle of trying to explain to you why
they’re not your hot lead anymore. so they stopped opening your emails. they
stopped consuming your content. so what used to be a four or a five star. now
they start dropping in their ranking and so now you can see that person go from a
five to a one or two a zero. well do you want to waste your time trying to
contact the person where you can see your CRM system is saying, no no they’re
dropping in value. they’re not consuming your content. they’re no longer
interested. that’s a cool feature. number six. it has to have the ability to text
your lead. let’s face it, nobody’s picking up the phone anymore. I’m not. heck I
don’t even have a home phone anymore. everyone in their family has their own…
one of these… if I don’t recognize the number
I’m not picking up. period. they can leave a message. but we all look at the texts
that are coming in. and that is how people wanted to be communicated to.
nobody wants to pick up the phone anymore. you could be catching them at a
bad time. but people can look at a quick text any
time and say oh okay I’ll get back to him or her. let’s communicate with people
the way they want to be communicated to. people read their texts so your CRM
should be able to text your lead. number seven is lead generation forms. and I’ve
already mentioned why I’m not with top producer anymore, because back then, they
didn’t have the ability to capture people’s contact info on my website. they
may now. I don’t know but that is a huge feature. you should be able to capture
leads on any website that you want and it automatically goes into your CRM. and
your CRM should look at that lead and say okay if you came from this website
I’m gonna add this tag. I’m going to send this email. so
your CRM is doing the automation for you. it’s doing your marketing for you. so
that is the top seven features I thought of right now, and I I’m fairly new to
active campaign but it is extremely simple and extremely powerful. and I’m
going to be looking into how I can create more automations with active
campaign. and from what I could see it will be extremely beneficial for real
estate agents. I think active campaign is not being
talked about in the real estate community. it just isn’t. you know top
producer… some of the other ones… contextually… they’re all being mentioned
and that’s cool because those are made specifically for real estate agents.
however I find that these companies aren’t looking at automation and
marketing the way they should be in 2019 and beyond. that’s why I tend to
gravitate towards CRM’s that are marketing base that will do the marketing for you, and do the automation for you, because we have to be able to
communicate to people the way they want to be communicated to. and you have to be
able to track what they’re doing. and you have to be able to score what they’re
doing. we are in 2019 and I think a CRM should be able to do that for you. we
call it being big brother-ish but I know that there’s some part of us that think
man!, I wish I knew what my leads were doing. wouldn’t it be cool if you
knew what your leads were doing on your website? online? with your videos? what
they were consuming? what they weren’t? that’s the power of a good CRM. you have
to almost be big brother-ish, as weird as that sounds. I know who’s engaging with
my content. I mean there’s a score over here. as soon as I go on active
campaign first thing that I see is what
percentage of people are interacting with my emails for example. as it
stands right now 53%. that actually went down from 55 percent yesterday, but
what’s today, Super Bowl Sunday, so of course people aren’t reading their
emails as much. 53 percent… like, who has a 53 percent open rate on their emails?
nobody! but as a real estate agent you have to provide good value with your
content. that’s half the battle and the cool thing about knowing your open rates
for example, how many people are opening your emails is you can keep track of
who’s engaging, or how many people are engaging. so if you’re providing value
that you think is awesome but nobody’s opening their emails, chances are it’s
not awesome. but if you’re getting a high engagement percentage like 53%. if you
don’t know anything about email engagement, that’s like professional
level. it’s just unheard of that half of the people that you’re
sending an email to are actually opening them. that’s it just doesn’t happen in
today’s day and age. but I create content and I test. it out if I have nobody
engaging I do less of that. then I try something else. I send it out and all of
a sudden a large amount of people are opening that email, okay I know that they want more of this type of content. so now you’re providing value to
your database they way they see value. not the way you see value. does that make
sense? in conclusion if you want a good real estate CRM. first of all, check out
activecampaign. it’s awesome. look for a CRM with these
seven bullet points that I mentioned because you should be looking more into
a marketing and automation CRM, versus the traditional real estate CRM. where
you’re just sending out emails and you’re keeping track of your
relationships or your contacts. keeping track of them is one thing.
that’s fine. but you need to know what there doing. track them. be big brother-ish. I know that sounded weird but it saves a
lot of time when you know who’s consuming your content and who’s not.
okay I’m gonna end the vlog now. Cheers!

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