BELARUS – Apartment in Minsk for $18 – Slow Russian😍

BELARUS – Apartment in Minsk for $18 – Slow Russian😍

Hello everyone! I’m in Minsk (Belarus) now. And I’ve decided to make a short apartment tour for you, so you can learn some useful vocabulary about apartments. It’s in Russian as usual. You can use English and Russian subtitles. Here we go. We begin with the entrance door. Here we have Marylyn Monroe, Odrey Hepburn I 😀 Our jackets. Shoe rack. Getting into the bedroom. This is a bed. Nightstand. Here is a table. floor lamp. Armchair with a pillow. Curtains. And the window. And this is Minsk. Minsk is a capital of Belarus. We’re moving on. This is the hallway. Сhest of drawersю Here’s bathroom and a toilet. Washing machine. Sink. Toilet. Ballerina. Then we have another room here. Sofa. And a bunk bed/ First storey, second storey. Let’s look what is on the balcony. Oh it’s so nice here! Some ottoman. Bear skin 0_o Awful… Pillows. And the Minsk view again. Minsk is a very beautiful city. We should go to the center. And the kitchen. Roma, what are you doing? I’m watching cartoons. He’s watching cartoons. Cartoons for girls he’s watching for some reason. Well, the kitchen. A table. Chairs. Microwave. Sink. Oven. Kettle. And the fridge. Murmansk magnet for some reason. So, that was a cute apartment. And that was it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the lesson. The full text in Russian is in the description box of this video as usual. I hope you know it. So that’s it. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you next time. Bye-bye!

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  1. Love your vids

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  3. Apartments are nice😘

  4. Sweet video! Nice view!😀

  5. Hello from siberia 🤗

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  7. The best is the Murmansk magnet.

  8. Thank you for the video! The subtitles are great and I can follow along

  9. Nice bear skin

  10. Nice and Knowledgeable Video. Thanks n Regards.
    Love from PAKISTAN.

  11. Thanks for such practical visual examples спасибо большое

  12. Спасибо!

  13. 18 $ for an apartment with Madonna's portrait is perfect!

  14. Very interesting video 😀. I find this type of subject matter to be of interest. Keep creating great content

  15. The best part was seeing your li'l gentleman with his toy car and watching TV. What a polite li'l man!

  16. это видео было очень полезно👍..спасибо👏👏🙋

  17. I think Minsk is the cleanest city in the world. Bravo!

  18. Haha Roma watch girls cartoon

  19. Hi Daría!
    Although I had to study English since two months ago and put Russian back, I could recognize several words and some complete sentences. I know it's not so much for the time I had spent studying Russian for myself but your video encourage me to continue exploring your great language after I realized that understanding Russian makes me happier that understanding English…
    До свидания!

  20. Я ценю ваше видео, хорошо знания.

  21. 😮

  22. Another great and interesting video about life in a different country other than my own. Thanks for the nice lesson full of new vocabulary words! How do you find these great apartments to rent when you're traveling? Is this how most people in Russia do it…I mean, rather than staying in hotels? It seems to be a lot less expensive and you get a lot more room than in a hotel!

  23. 18 a day?

  24. Just saying this because it's true: You have the best English of any Russian teacher.

  25. Nice….,👌🇮🇳

  26. 😍😘😘

  27. Очень хорошо, что текст на русском тоже выкладывается. Если иностранцы поедут в Минск, то предупредите их, что если они хотят уехать из страны, то страну нужно называть Беларусь.

  28. Кстати, вы не правильно поняли. Рома смотрит не мультфильм для девочек, а он смотрим на девочек в этом мультфильме.

  29. Daria you great.
    Please keep going with idea of dual subtitles and intersting subjects, and your tours..
    My greetings to you and your beautiful kid ROMA

  30. I like the apartment.

  31. Minsk is very beatiful city.

    I will soon make a video about Minsk. Subscribe and wait for a new video about Minsk and Barcelona

  32. Рома is so cute :D!

  33. Thanks for Nice 👍 Videos Beautiful Russian Women Learning The Language 👋

  34. Kettle = Chainek in Urdu (from Pakistan)
    Kettle = Chainek in Russian

  35. im happy to know i did understand about 75% of what she said in the entire video. i think i am somehow improving. thanks Daria

  36. Very nice video. You took away all my predudices about Bellarus. Very modern and nice квартира.

  37. So about $US136 a week. What are wages like in Belarus?

  38. I'm so happy, because I understood every word.
    Я очень счастлива, потому я понимаю каждое слово.

  39. Спасибо! Still very, very, very much a beginner, but these Slow Russian videos are immensely helpful. I was able to understand at least half of the vocabulary. And your son's adorable. Don't worry about the cartoons. Kid are hypnotized by anything animated. 😉

  40. очень хорошая квартира.

  41. Slow Russian – great idea!

  42. Is that $18 per month? Still can't roll the r so have to keep practicing.

  43. May Be His Lil Girl Friend Watch The Same Cartoon Lol 💑

  44. Очень красивое .. до встречи

  45. Loved this video — I’ve been learning Russian for a little over a year now, and always enjoy your videos, but I especially liked this one because I’m going to Minsk in a couple months. Will you be doing any more videos from Belarus?

  46. What does kashmar mean in Russian?? I always hear but i don't know what it means

  47. 💝Beautiful Hair and Brilliant Skin💝💕💋

  48. Eta krasivya👌👌👌😊
    Love from india🇮🇳💓😍

  49. I love Belarus and Russia.
    I so desire to visit these two beautiful countries someday.😍

  50. It needs pictures of Russians on the wall like Gagarin and Zhukov.

  51. Я вижу что вы часто бываете в Минске! что вам больше всего нравится у нас?

  52. Beautiful place 😊

  53. i miss your vlogs 🙁

  54. Где это место?

  55. no substilte for russian language, we can not understand what you say

  56. You are a really good teacher. I can't concentrate in school so it's really hard to learn anything at all, except of History that is my favourite subject and the only one I can focus a little bit on when I'm in school. But when I watching your videos then I remembers everything and I actually can focus and I understand how I'm gonna prounonce words and letters. So I'm super happy that I found this channel. And it feels great to come extremely exhausted home from school and then watching these videos because I feel that I'm actually gonna be able to learn Russian fluent and that I'm actually can focus on learning it.
    Thank you Daria.
    Greetings from a happy 14 year old girl from Norway.

  57. 18$ per day?

  58. Я захожу специально на твой канал чтоб английский учить и воспринимать на слух а тут облом, видео на русском)))

  59. Classna drug

  60. enjoyed that immensely. thanks for sharing.

  61. thanks

  62. is it true Putin wants to make Belarus disappear?

  63. I wish my high school taught Russian but spanish and French was all they had.

  64. shes hot!

  65. you are very wonderful i like To learn rusian i love your country

  66. 18 US dollars per month?

  67. You look like S.E. Cupp

  68. Beautiful.
    I love that balcony and I can imagine myself living there.

  69. He is watching cartoons because he wants to learn about girls just as girls want to learn about boys, are you so old that you forget when you were that young.

  70. Is that the normal price for an appartement? 18 per month?

  71. Kрасивая девуска ты.

  72. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you very much for your dedication to teaching the Russian language. It means so much to me, and I love you and thank you. Dan Hubanks, Madison, WI, USA

  73. Can I speak Russian there or I need to learn their language(I know they're similar)

  74. Just why do Russians and Biełarusy have to stack their houses ever higher :I There is so much space there, why not build pretty, small houses? I bet it was the communists, amirite

  75. How many prize this appartmint ???

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