Being Muslim in the U.S.

Being Muslim in the U.S.

– One of our key goals at the Pew Research Center is to
understand the role of religion in American public life. And that means in addition
to understanding the views of the largest religious
groups in the population, we also need to be able
to understand the views and the experiences of smaller
religious groups as well, including Muslims. – The U.S. public
just doesn’t know very much about Muslims. It turns out only about
half of the U.S. public says they know a Muslim personally,
and of those that do, they only know a handful. And so understanding the
complexity and the diversity within the U.S. Muslim community is hard. – It’s a very
complicated, complex story. I mean, for most Muslims by and large, they’re very proud to be American. They see themselves as
part of their society, and on average they’re doing well. Yet the perception of discrimination and the experience of discrimination are both on the rise. And the worry is that will begin to hold the Muslim
American community back. (light music) – Muslims in the United States
are a fairly small group. They account for about 1% of
the overall U.S. population. But they’re a very important group. And they’re a group that’s
growing quite rapidly. So what we wanted to
do with this survey was to really to be able
to paint full portrait of Muslims in the United States today. Most Muslims tell us that they are happy, that they’re satisfied with
the way things are going in their own lives. And most Muslims tell us that they believe in the American dream,
that people who work hard can get ahead in the United
States if they so choose. – Muslims are actually more
likely than the public overall to believe that if you
work hard in this country you can get ahead. – So our conditions forced us
to come to the United States but we chose to be United States citizens because of the American
dream, the American principles and the American values. We knew that America is not perfect, but we saw the potentials in it. And so we decided to take the oath and become United States citizens. The opportunities are there. It’s going be hard, and
of course it’s going to be harder for some to obtain
that dream than others. – It is the land of the
free because of those who were brave enough to
fight for that freedom in our country. And I consider this as my country too. It’s not my mother country,
but there is a saying: Your country is not where
your grandfather is buried. Your country is where your
grandchildren are being raised. The American dream applies
to anyone from any religion in my opinion. But for me particularly, as a Muslim, this is the push behind all the obstacles that I faced, that if you study, if you work hard in this
country, you will make it. You will be somebody. – My family wasn’t a very rich family we didn’t have private education. We went to the public school systems and the state colleges and whatnot. And I had to pay my way through college through working in the
summers and paying for school. And so that to me is the American dream. A lot of immigrants especially, who came from impoverished countries and places where they didn’t have that opportunity came to the United States to get that. – The American experience has been for the vast majority of Muslims, and experience that has been empowering, it’s been economically empowering, it’s politically empowering,
it’s been socially empowering. So there’s a lot of pride. – Almost all Muslims in
the United States tell us that they are proud to be Muslim. And almost as many, upwards
of nine and 10 Muslims in the United States tell
us that they are proud to be American. And I think those findings
are very significant because they tell us that this is not an “either or question”. Muslims in the United States tell us that this is a “both and question”. It’s possible to be proud of being Muslim and possible to be proud
of being an American. [music playing] [music playing] – I’m grateful that I
was born in this country at this time in history
with everything around me that there is, and with the people, and with humanity being where it is now. I look at the world it’s
like, well if I couldn’t live here, where’s the next place I’d go? I don’t really know. – People really didn’t
know much about Muslims when I was growing up, so it was kind of like an exotic thing. Every year in school
the teacher would always stop and look up when
they came to my name, and I knew it was me because
there was no one else (laughs) whose name
they couldn’t pronounce. As I grew up and being more American than my parents, and I
think my kids are more, it shifted the way I
thought about my identity and being American versus being Muslim. And I think I’m much more comfortable in saying that I’m both. – You’re either too
Muslim for the Americans or too American for the Muslims. So it’s been very interesting trying to balance those two. As I’ve aged, I’ve
realized that I can be both and I don’t really need
to compromise either or, and that is picking the goods of both and being the goods of
both and then trying to embody that into being American Muslim. – Being an American is
the dream come true, for me and my children and my family, that I was able to raise
them in this country free. – Muslims in the United
States in our survey come from at least 75
countries all around the world. In total about six in 10
Muslims in the United States are immigrants, they were born elsewhere. Another one in five or
so are second generation, which is to say they are
the children of immigrants, and the remaining quarter or so of Muslims in the United States come from families who have been in the United States for three generations or longer. – Every single race is
represented by Muslims in this country, from
Latinos to African Americans to whites, you see great diversity. – It’s not the case that
all Muslims in the U.S. say religion is very
important in their lives. They’re about as likely as U.S. Christians to say that. It’s also the case that
most Muslims believe that there’s more than one true way to interpret the teachings of Islam. – I pray five times a day. I wake up for it as early as sunrise to get that first prayer in, and I pray at the end of the night. I consider myself a pretty devoted Muslim. Being a devout Muslim
makes me just a better human all together. – I don’t go to the mosque. I don’t pray five times a day the way that Muslims are expected
to or portrayed as praying. I celebrate Eid. I don’t fast during
Ramadan although I’ll go to the dinners with my family
because that’s always fun. I just don’t believe that’s
what makes me a good Muslim. It doesn’t fit in with my schedule and how I practice spiritually. So I would say I’m much more
spiritual than religious. I really love religious
context and historical understandings of religion,
but I’m definitely a more spiritual person. – For me to be a Muslim,
it means how have I surrendered to peace. And to me, the way you find
peace is when you serve. Serving is not just praying and fasting. To me it’s taking care of my neighbors. – I think essential to
being a Muslim is the belief in God and the relationship
that you have with God. – Being a Muslim is to
practice your religion as it is given by God
to our prophet Mohammed, peace be upon Him, and
to all the prophets. Being peaceful, being
loving, belief in one God, believing goodness to the
world, to the animals, to the environment, to people. – American Muslims, they’re
enjoying religious freedom more than anywhere else
including every Muslim country. With no hesitation I will say that, with no hesitation. – They’re enjoying their religious freedom and freedom of speech
and so forth and so on. That’s why we are determined
to fight this fight with our fellow Americans
to protect this country, to fight for the
constitution, and to make sure that America upholds the values that it was founded on. – Muslims in the United States tell us that they think discrimination
is quite prevalent. In fact about half of all
the Muslims we interviewed tell us that within the past 12 months, they have personally experienced some form of discrimination such
as having been treated with suspicion, having been singled out by law enforcement, having
been called offensive names or even having been physically
threatened or attacked. – Muslim women are a bit
more likely than Muslim men to say they’ve personally
experienced discrimination. We also see more broadly that Muslims, whether men or women who say
that they’re identifiable visibly as Muslim are
more like to say they’ve experienced discrimination. – There was a gentleman,
an elderly gentleman wearing a hat, and he walked by me, he’s running down, and
I’m (mumbles) running up with my stroller, and he
says inappropriate comments such as go back to where you come from. And then I thought I
maybe misread his comment. And then second time comes
around and says terrorists. And then he comes around
and he just stops me, and he was like, why
the hell are you wearing that thing, take it off. You’re in America. I don’t wanna see that. And I was thrown off by that. I actually didn’t even expect that. – I personally haven’t experienced
any because I’m Muslim. Now I can’t speak for some of the women. You know because they’re obviously Muslim. – There’s a million reasons
why something happens or doesn’t happen, but
you feel like always second guessing yourself,
is that because I’m Muslim. – There’s definitely concern on the part of Muslim Americans that
they are not necessarily seen in the best light by other Americans. In fact six in 10 Muslims
tell us that they think the American people as
a whole do not see Islam as part of mainstream American society. Muslims also express
concern about the way Islam and Muslims in the
United States are covered by the media. – When they turn on the
news and they hear Muslim, they see a guy from Somalia
or Ethiopia or Pakistan, or an Arab country, like all Muslims come from outside of America. Did you know that there
were Muslims present during the American revolution? We’ve always been here. – Some people take it to heart to hate. It hurts me. It bothers me a lot for
a people who don’t know the real Islam. They take Islam from what
the TV presents to them. – The media continues to be a sore point for the Muslim American community. It is hard to find a portrayal of a Muslim who is an ordinary Muslim
with ordinary concerns with an ordinary family. – The violent extremist
group have not helped Muslims in America. They have painted the
picture that is not good. And Muslim Americans
find themselves trying to prove themselves. It’s not us, it’s not
what they present us. – [Gregory] About eight
in 10 US Muslims tell us they are concerned about
extremism in the name of Islam around the world today. And almost as many tell
us that they are concerned about extremism in the name of Islam here in the United States. – [Besheer] Overall Muslims
share the larger public concerns about extremism in the name of Islam. If anything, Muslims are
actually more concerned about extremism in the name of Islam. – The fear for Muslims
is that we are people who follow a faith that
asks us to kill people and hurt others, which is not the case, but that’s what people believe. With the political climate
that we’re in today, certain people in certain positions play on that fear and play on that ignorance. – one of the things we see
in the survey very clearly is that Muslims have a lot of concern about President Trump. Most Muslims in the United States say that President Trump
makes them feel worried. Many Muslims in the United States say that President Trump makes them feel angry. Most Muslims in the United
States say that they think Donald Trump is unfriendly
toward Muslim Americans. – This is a pretty significant reversal from when we asked this
question in the past about President Obama. Most Muslims felt President
Obama was friendly toward Islam and Muslims. – 13% of Muslim Americans
tell us that they identify with or lean toward the GOP. Only 8% of Muslims
tells us that they voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. That’s not a new thing. In fact, Donald Trump’s
low approval rating among Muslims in the
United States is not really any lower than George W
Bush’s approval rating was among Muslims when we first
did a survey like this back in 2007. – The administration and
the politics of today have really pushed a lot of us to accept and be open with who we are. Although it’s very scary
to be openly Muslim, openly an immigrant, all of the above in this day and age. So I feel like I’ve had to
say out loud, I’m Muslim. I’m also American, I’m
both, because we shatter those stereotypes. – What happened is the administration made the invisible visible. The invisible social
imperfections in our society became so visible that
no one can really deny that sexism is happening,
that racism is happening, that Islamophobia is happening
because we have a chief in office who’s actually promoting it. – About half of Muslims in
the United States tell us that it has become more
difficult to be Muslim American in recent years. It’s something like four in 10 Muslims in the United States
tell us that life hasn’t necessarily become any more difficult for Muslims in the United
States in recent years. It hasn’t necessarily gotten easier, but at the same time it
hasn’t gotten harder either. – I was maybe five when 9-11 happened. So the challenge of
being Muslim in America has been my entire life. – Sometimes I get a
sick feeling in my gut. Sometimes there’s a sense of anxiety and there’s an urge to
wanna point the finger and say it’s crazy and
stupid and they’re wrong, and nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. And then I realize that as is the case in most things, this is temporary. – Muslims clearly tell us
that they face a variety of challenges in American society today. But that’s not the whole story. It’s also worth pointing
out that about half of Muslims say that the American people as a whole are generally
friendly toward Muslims. And we also see that many Muslims, about half of all Muslims
in the United States, tell us that they’ve had someone reach out and express support for
them in recent months because they’re Muslim. – I remember putting on Facebook just to say, I can’t believe it. I had this incident in the public park here in the heart of Nashville,
a very diverse community. And phone calls, flowers,
people sending gifts, it was just overwhelming. I was like it is not right of me then to be really just focused on
this one negative reaction and look at how many positive interactions I just received because of
that unfortunate incident. And I think that’s what
makes me love America. – It’s like this balance between like the things that are happening in the media every day and the tweets that we read about and those media stories that come out versus
people really going out in the streets and advocating for change and trying to make a difference. People who are willing to speak out and stand up for what’s right
and for supporting Muslims. – There are some people who
represent the best of America. We see them every day. And there’s some people
who like to bring the worse of themselves oof the best of America. And always I’m optimistic, this group that represent tolerance, understanding, and being inclusive, they will prevail. – I think one of the things
that was most striking in this survey is the
concern that Muslims express about their place in American society coupled with a persistent
streak of optimism at the same time. – Seeing more representation in the media in normal ways of brown
women, of women of Muslims, all of that gives me hope
that we’re going to overcome. – There’s a lot more
that kids are learning about how to deal with and
interact with the world and the language to use
to describe situations that we didn’t have growing up I think, to talk about those
situations of feeling othered or marginalized. We’re raising a whole
new generation of people who are seeing protests and what protests can look like. That wouldn’t happen in other
places in other countries. And the fact that we’re able to do that I think is uniquely American and really should be celebrated. – This country is great country. It’s built on the shoulders and the effort of those immigrants who
for hundreds of years came to this country and made
it the way it is right now. And it’s not gonna stop. So Islam as a religion,
will flourish, will be okay. – [Man] Even though it’s rough right now, we may not like it, we’re moving to some place better. That’s my honest belief.

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  43. Pew Research – Forcing the majority to abide by the rules of the minorities.

  44. As an atheist I feel sorry for these muslims. They are confused and scared. Confused because they cannot reconcile secular values with their homophobic, sexist, violent doctrine. Scared because now more and more people actually know what their religion prescribes and the hate coming their way. They need to reform. Write a Qurano, a Quran version 1.1. Make up a new sect of Islam, one that has dropped all the toxic baggage and then maybe people will be less wary of them.

  45. The entire video is rhetoric and propaganda… One can not determine the peacefulness of a religion from a video

  46. And for that you need years of study?

    I can tell you already how it will go. In case Americans are stupid enough to let Muslims become the majority, they will overthrow the US government. They've already said they prefer Sharia Law. In case you're not listening that's your problem.

    Hitler also wrote 'Mein Kampf' saying Jews needed to be killed. We all know how it went when he took power.

    People will tell you anything to grow and gain terrain. Once they become majority, they will start killing anyone who is not Muslim.

    The Western societies have become more stupid than they ever were. This mentality that accepting other cultures makes you a better person or more mature is part of the stupidity we've acquired.

  47. In each and every country , there is a religion of Islam , there is no country in this world without Islam.

  48. How about u take ur camel and get out. No one want u here we hate u. U see a muggle put it down there invaders.

  49. I worked in 3 of there houses ill never do it agan unkept unlearned ignorant animal kids who wer rudder then nigglies. Dirtier then any other group all 3 hud houses 12 kids and welfare kings and queens.completly rude ignorant people.i quit all 3 jobs because they were so rude and nasty.

  50. How do you make a show about being Muslim in America and not mention Malcolm X?

  51. The Holly Quran is the greatest thing for Muslims and every Muslims knows how great it is and how much Allah gives us great Hassnat when we read it, so I hope to be a reason to teach Muslims the recitation the Quran with tajweed and Arabic language.
    Alhamdullah I have experience in teaching Qur'an 13 years ago..
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  53. PEW is an advocate for the destruction of USA for the mohammadans. The "american values"? that muslims will show when they reach 20% of the population in USA will be the same like they show in Europe. Muslims know that "their time will come". For the naive, uninformed must read the Quran, Haddits, Sharia. The stupids, imbeciles follow the lies, cunning. clever muslims

  54. Muslim in America is happier Than muslim in India

  55. Are there any good examples of Muslim, Islamic, or Arab Countries which stand out as goog examples the rest of the World could follow? Think carefully before you answer.

  56. Don't be ashamed to be muslim !
    I'm proud to be muslim !

  57. Nobody in the U.S bothered with Muslims really before the late 1980's (pre gulf war) and then they began to see them in a negative light. Then after 9/11 they developed an obsessive hatred for them. Again, nobody really bothered with them before and quite a few have been in the U.S for quite a long time. What a change because of ''events''.

  58. I don't think you can be a Muslim and a American..Because Islam isn't compatible with western values..

  59. I'd like to share this video. 

    What the Muslim Brotherhood really thinks of America


  61. Not one woman in a mosque. Why? The second class treatment of this archaic cult is disgusting.

  62. Muslims are the greatest danger in America today. The FBI is not allowed to report this, but former agents say that as many as 70% of American mosques, madrassas, and Muslim Community Centers are radicalized. They say this is inevitable because the religion is, itself, a radical organization. Its purpose is to recreate the caliphate. It enters, employing the taquiyah lie of humility, gathers up a critical mass and begins to make demands. It gets political presence with rabid Jew-haters like Tlaib and Omar, it hides in inter-sectional groups of the Democrat party, and remains connect to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    It is sad, because some immigrant Muslims are trying to escape all of that, but they never can. The pressure from their Muslim friends is too great. Worse, even if they want to escape it, their children easily radicalize.

    The answer is easy. Muslims should not be allowed to emigrate to the USA. Additionally, all Muslims who are here and are not citizens must be deported immediately. Yet, ours is an opportunist country–self-hating liberals and progressives see them as Democrat party strength and conservatives have been frightened into believing that they would be personally imperiled were they to call for deportation.

    Pew, itself, in 2014 reported that 20% of Muslims supported terror to accomplish Jihadist goals. In American, that is just under 1 million Muslims. There are still another 20% who remain marginal–so, nearly another 1 million. This is a crisis.

    Thus, Muslims will continue to cannibalize America, to hurt Jews first and then to go after Christians. Their mosues and madrassas will continue to enlist, albeit in flanker fashion, young Muslims to the call of jihad.

    America has entered its final phase as a Judeo-Christian nation and will, within the next 50 years, fall into precipitous decline.

  63. If you live here and you love America you are American citizen and you are welcome here

  64. Serious question. Why have Islamic ideals and want to come to America? Why not go to a progressive Islamic state like Saudi Arabia or UAB?

  65. I'm not Muslim! When I die , I'm going to butt fuck Allah in front of all Muslims ! Allah is a homosexual swine ! 😝😝

  66. not all muslims are peaceful….js

  67. let's talk about Mohammed – he was a mass murderer who was having sex with a 9 year old.
    Mohammed is the perfect image of Allah. you can not be Islamist and deny that Mohammed is the example you are meant to follow

  68. 'the best of America' is meant to denote those who do not look at Islam critically..? this concept is shaping laws in the UK and Canada



    Nobody remembers them holding up chopped off heads and burning humans alive

  70. ohhh I am atab Muslim I live in Dubai, I drive my lamboo to the work, no taxes, and yaah that's my boring life 😊 . how it's your life Americans?

  71. All the nations, races and religions has that small minority that misrepresent the majority. Islam is one of those which suffers from small minority of small minded groups with unauthentic understanding of Islam.
    How Muslims live with Jews, Christians and other groups under Islamic Caliphates?
    We should get books and researches and study about the condition and living of Christian and Jews under Ottoman and other Islamic caliphates.

  72. Thus, Khalid ibn al-Walid, the Islamic commander to whom Damascus capitulated, issued the following declaration to the people of Damascus (including: Muslims, Christians and others) :

    “In the name of Allah (God), the compassionate, the merciful. This is what Khalid ibn al-Walid would grant to the inhabitants of Damascus if he enters therein: he promises to give them security for their lives, property, and churches. Their city shall not be demolished, neither shall any Muslim be quartered in their houses. Thereunto we give them the pact of Allah and the protection of his Prophet, the caliphs, and the believers. So long as they pay the poll tax, nothing but good shall befall them.”11

    11. Philip K. Hitti, History of the Arabs, 8th ed. (London, 1964), p. 150; Zachary Karabell, Peace Be Upon You (New York: Knopf, 2007), p. 27.

    Paying tax is a part of being citizen and being protected like nowadays in many European countries and even in America. If you don't pay tax you will be in jail of kicked our of the country. This is a quick response to those who say Islam demands taxes from non-Muslims who live under their rule.

  73. This is very important article about Christians and Jews under Islamic rule and this article is a response to the terrorist groups ISIS which misrepresent and devilize Islam >>

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