Being An Expat Means Having Two Homes 🏠 EXPAT LIFE |

Being An Expat Means Having Two Homes 🏠 EXPAT LIFE |

To be honest I want to think of myself like
I do not only have one home. Right now I consider Greece, where I come
from, my home but also Sweden. I have people that I love here and I feel
very comfortable living here. That’s a though one! To have people that care for each other, help
each other and work towards a common goal. In some places it’s starting to get lost. During a crisis, people’s priorities change. Living in Greece during the crisis for like
ten years, was an enlightning experience on how people can change based on that. I think that we always have to remember what
makes communities work. Care for each other and for the common good, instead of our own interests. Being with your loved ones,
experiencing something new, achieving
something difficult.. All of them are important
and happy moments in your life. The moments that shape you as a person.

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  1. Cool

  2. love what he says about having two homes and the community

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