Beginning Real Estate | All In One Done For You Real Estate

Beginning Real Estate | All In One Done For You Real Estate

Beginning Real Estate: All In One Done For
You Real Estate Its important when beginning real estate deals
to make sure that you have a coach that can teach you the tricks of the trade, thats why
Phill Grove’s “All In One Done For You Real Estate” is a great shortcut into the
world of real estate. Why you ask? Well before we go into more detail, its first important
to note that Phill Grove, your future real estate coach, has done over 1,000 short sales
in a very short amount of time, no pun intended. Phill Grove’s new program wishes to teach
you how to do deals in 4 hours or less, which is what Phill has been doing for years.
Beginning Real Estate: All In One Done For You Real Estate | 12 Services
If you’re beginning real estate this “All in One Done for You Real Estate” may seem
a little hard to believe, however Phill Grove is all about the “hand’s off” approach.
This is why even when he was beginning real estate deals he used these 12 services that
are now available to you: 1. Done-For-You Lead-Generation — A team
of lead-gen experts who will find highly-qualified buyer and seller
leads for you… and email those leads to you.
2. Done-For-You LIVE Sales People — (this is a historic first!)
You get experienced “investor salespeople” who will call your
leads… and negotiate and close your deals for you.
3. Done-For-You Lead Follow-Up — automatically follows-up on
your unconverted leads. 4. Done-For-You Fully-Functioning Websites
— buyer and seller sites completely set-up for you (another way
you will receive leads).
5. Done-For-You Deals — includes access to over 1,000 non-MLS
wholesale deals that include financing. Plus, there are
currently over 700 non-MLS seller-financed deals with assumable
loans. These deals are in all parts of the country and can be
seen (and put under contract) on a special site I had
created. You can literally have your first deal next week!
6. Done-For-You Strategy Selection Scoreboard (SSS) — this
“Scoreboard” analyzes each one of your leads and then tells you
(or your assigned Salesperson) which investing strategy you
should use (out of 12 potential investing strategies).
7. Done-For-You Contracts & Paperwork — all paperwork
completely filled out and printed for you (fully customized for
your buyer, seller, and the particular investing strategy).
8. Done-For-You Syndication — once you (or someone on the Live
Sales Team) get a deal under contract, that deal will be
automatically submitted to and advertised on over 250 websites.
9. Done-For-You Partner Network — This is a Network of over
5,000 investors from around the country who are looking to
partner on deals that you can partner with… 10. Done-For-You Closing Department — all
your deals closed for you. The Closing Department coordinates with
the buyer, seller and oversees the entire closing process from
start to finish – including completing all the necessary paperwork.
11. Done-For-You Bank Deposits — each time you close a deal
because of the services above, the Closing Department will have
the money wire transferred into your bank account.
12. Done-For-You LIVE Coaching — live weekly coaching calls
with me who will help you on any aspect of your REI
business, or deals
you are working on.

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  1. Couldn't Phil have gotten a real person to read this script? It doesn't exactly attract trust.

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