Basic Witch: Real Estate

Basic Witch: Real Estate

(piano music) – [Boss] Dan’s planning
to teach you guitar? – [Man] Yeah, he taught me. I can teach you. (mumbling) – Hey, so do you know what time we get to work in the morning? – Yeah, I know the trains
were just a little bit off. – (mumbling) Train, train, train. But do you know what time
we come in in the morning? – Yeah, nine. – 8:45. – Morning, butt nuts. You guys conducting a
seance in foyer without me? (laughing) – Oh, my goodness. I love that guy. Oh, tag team, okay. – Thanks, Brent. – Love that guy. Hey, you have a 9:30 appointment
you’re already late for. – Oh. – Okay, hey, it’s a couple of students. They’re bankrolled by their parents. Place has got a skylight and a dishwasher. Should be an easy sell. So the past tenants were your kinda folk. So there may be some weird
stuff hanging around. Be great if you could you
know ( mouth popping). – My kinda folk? – Spooky. – Ladies. – You know, spooky lady folks. – Spooky is the PC term right? – I mean like spooky lady folks. Penelope. Wait, Penelope! We really need to rent
this place, like today. Otherwise we’re not gonna make
the numbers for the month. – See ya! – Bye. – Try hard. – Good morning. – Where is she? – I know, we’ve been here
for like 10 minutes already. – Oh my god. It’s so hot out here. I just want to go home. I know, seriously. We have another appointment at three. Penelope? – Yeah, that’s me. Sorry I’m late. I’m sorry, running trains. – The guy on the phone
said you’d be here at 9:30. It’s 9:47. – I know. I’m so so sorry. Let’s just dive in, okay? Great, okay. Okay. So it is a two bedroom, one bath. Heat and water included. (laughs) That one didn’t work. It’s always the last one you try. Am I right? Abracadabra! That actually worked. Here we go. Upstairs, ladies. Here we go. It’s a seven-ish minute
from the subway walk, but there are buses nearby so. – I love the floors. – Oh, yeah, hardwood floors
throughout the entire apartment. Freshly polished. And so apparently there’s a skylight. – Yeah, see that. It’s nice. – Did you imagine that
you’d ever have a skylight? I never did. I wish I could have a skylight. This is the best deal you’re
gonna find in the neighborhood. – I know, we saw it online and we thought this
can’t be real. (laughs) – Oh, has the building had any bedbugs or anything weird like that? – Oh, no. God no. I would never. (laughs) Did I mention that there’s a dishwasher? – Penelope, this should’ve been
an ace in the hole for you. – There was blood dripping down the walls. – Oh, I’m sorry, sounds
like a job for a witch. Are you a witch? Are you a witch, ’cause
that’s why we sent you there? – I’m sorry. – Me too. Listen to me. I’m gonna be unequivocal
about this to you. You needed to make a sale yesterday. – I know. – Hey, chief, I just got a
lead on a studio in Chinatown. Apparently, the previous
tenant just dropped dead. She’s been kinda hanging
around haunting the place. Mind if I check it out? – You put a new coat of paint on there, some track lighting, maybe an ottoman over the portal to hell, we can get 2,700? – Yeah, we can make up
our numbers for the month. – Brent, Ross, I could
kiss you on the mouth. Penelope, why can’t you be
more like Brent and Ross? Let me see. What? (toy squeaking ) What is this? Brent? (laughs) A dog toy? (laughs) Did I just get dog toyed? (laughing) Did you dog toy me? (laughing) Get this outta here! Brent! (laughing) You’re a mad genius! (laughing) (chattering and laughing) (piano music)

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  3. love these witch videos, please keep making them

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