Barbara Corcoran’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@BarbaraCorcoran)

Barbara Corcoran’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@BarbaraCorcoran)

– I think if you can be yourself and all that it is, what typically happens is people like you. Show me somebody who could take a hit and I’ll show you a good entrepreneur. Because you know what I found? I found desk space was
just like closet space. It never stays empty for long. They told me about the Glenn
Avenue amusement park one day, a Tom and Chee amusement park. I’m, like, okay. They’re definitely on dope. What I’ve learned to get
myself through business and build my business is a new
tape and it goes like this. (bleep) you. All I wanted to do was get a hold of her and let her know we’d
figure something out. I didn’t know what, but I knew
we’d figure something out. Don’t worry. That competitive spirit drives you through all the things that don’t make any common sense in life. When you’re young, you’re too stupid to know any better. You’ve never jumped off a cliff and fallen flat on your face. If you could work as a free slave, even, for a licensed top salesperson just sitting next to them being their slave or servant, you’re going to learn everything. The most underestimated
tool used in business today is the phone card. – She’s an American
businesswoman, investor, author, and television personality. She’s one of the investors
on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. She has an estimated net
worth of $80 million. She’s Barbara Corcoran and here are her top 10 rules for success. – The upside, when you’re
getting much older, and I’ve gotten stronger
and stronger in this way by the year, by the minute, okay, and I wish I knew it
earlier, is to be yourself because people, even if you’re weird, a weirdo’s often the most
loved person in a team. I think if you can be
yourself and all that it is, what typically happens is people like you because they can sense it’s the real deal. It’s the airs, the phoniness,
the trying to impress, the insecurity, all the
stuff that we all strive so hard for when we’re
young that gets in the way. There was actually a two year period where I had my hair poofed up and didn’t wash it all week to try to fit in with the
society ladies, you know, but my scalp itched like crazy. Had to get rid of that haircut, you know. That poof thing once a week. Hello. (audience laughing) And the only time my
business ever fell behind was when I was so busy
watching my competition. I analyzed everything. I had the listings on a chart by category, by size, who had what, who’s my tar– Da, da, da. I was, like, a genius at my field. It was the only year of my whole career I never pushed the business ahead. I was so busy watching the next guy, I wasn’t watching me. Being yourself, I would say, would be the most important thing. Let me tell you, rejection
is the big kahuna in all entrepreneurship. Show me somebody who can take a hit and I’ll show you a good entrepreneur. I don’t know if I made that up but I think I did. But it’s all in how well you get back up. And you know what I
have found, by the way? Because if you think about it, great sales people make a
couple million dollars a year selling apartments in New York City which my great salespeople do. Great entrepreneurs. All business comes from them. They manage their own business. They hire staff. They’re entrepreneurs and you know what I found is the only difference between the super stars
making the millions a year and the person that’s barely getting by? The only difference, not contacts, not how hard they work, some people work just as hard and don’t
make any money, all right. It’s how long they feel
sorry for themselves once they get hit. Some people could take a hit and milk it for two weeks. They’re at their desk. They look like they’re working
but they’re not working. Mentally they’re not there. The great salespeople take the hit and then they jump right back up as though they’ve been hurt
just as much as the next guy but they work right
through it and keep going. Let me tell you, if you have that skill you should be an entrepreneur because you will be paid well for it. The single best thing I do, more than anything else, I can do in building businesses for myself and these other people was, just speaking for myself, is I fail well. If I fall on my face, let me tell you nobody’s better at pretending I’m not, thinking of a quick cover up, trying to keep moving, and you want to know? In that act itself of
getting back up fast, you always stumble onto something good and you want to know one other thing? I’m not a religious person ’cause I was raised so
god-damned religious. I don’t want to ever think about it again. But I do believe once you put your mind on going forward on anything, there’s almost like a battle cry that goes out in the universe and the world rallies around you. – You’re right. – It just comes to your
fore again and again. So to have that kind of good faith that I’m just getting back up even if I’m going to get slammed. Life is fair in its own weird way in that way of building businesses. You will be swept up by some lucky chance. It happened to me every
time I got back up. Expand before you’re ready. Mom always said it was never
a good time to have a baby and she had 10. (audience laughing) I don’t ever remember
her not being pregnant. She was always pregnant. In my memory, pregnant. She was always pregnant, all right. I practice the same philosophy
with building my business. I found it was never really
a good time to expand but I always expanded. And the thing that I practice religiously that helped me grow my business, ’cause you have to realize
you’re the little guy and you’ve got the big guy up here. You can’t do the same. You’ve got to do, like,
five times more to catch up. So what I practice, if I
had a sales organization of 25 people and I thought, you know what, I’m going to hire an
office that can hold 50. I’m going to double the size. I never hired the office or rented the office that needed 50. I went out and killed
myself to get an office that held 100. I doubled my expectation
because you know what I found? I found desk space was
just like closet space. It never stays empty for long. You get all those desks
waiting for bodies. Your whole focus is on
finding salespeople. Your whole focus is on
training ’em fast and better to get ’em productive and
I found that I was able to leapfrog over my competitors because I was super
aggressive in expanding before I was ready and I trusted that somehow it would all work out and it always did work out because you have a gun to your own head and you have to run like crazy to catch up to yourself. So it took a little courage
or stupidity on the front side but without it I could have never grown and become the number
one firm in New York. It just wouldn’t have happened. It was too long in catching up. Everybody was in business much too long for me to ever catch up. So that lesson is expand
before you’re ready. When I met Tom and Chee,
they had just come out of selling their grilled cheese on donuts out of a tent in Cincinnati. What was so interesting
about them, however, they weren’t talking about a tent. They were talking about a franchise of hundreds of franchise
selling cheese on donuts. Okay, right? What do you think happened? They told me about the Glenn
Avenue amusement park one day. A Tom and Chee amusement park. I’m like, okay, they’re
definitely on dope. (audience laughing) But I don’t think so any more. I can’t wait to go to the amusement park. They have 171 franchise across America, exactly what they envisioned they got. Exactly the picture, in great detail, where they want to do it,
how they’re going to go to the other side of
the river in Cincinnati which is another state,
I forget which one it is, how they’re going to come
cross back, buh, buh, buh, buh. I’m like, okay. Well guess what, I should
have believed them. They have big pictures in their head and every entrepreneur might not have a business plan with everything, in fact none of them really do, I think they’re grossly overrated, but they sure have a movie in their head of who they’re going to
be when they grow up. And when they can’t express
that movie on Shark Tank, I’m always out. If they don’t see it, how am I
going to see it and believe it? And they’re not going to get there. And if I even walk into, like,
a cocktail party or something and I meet someone and then it’s like they’re into each other and they go, “Nice to meet
you,” and they turn away that little quarter turn,
I’m embarrassed to admit it, I’m, like, dying. It’s like, oh shit, they don’t like me. Oh my god, you know, this
isn’t my crowd anyway. I shouldn’t have come. But what I’ve learned to
get myself through business and build my business is a new
tape and it goes like this. (bleep) you. (audience laughing) I have just as much
right to be here as you. I’m just as smart as you are. You might not think I’m
smart, but I know I’m smart. Guess what, I’ve done a lot. Don’t you dare look down on me. Buh, buh, buh, buh. I do this whole thing on myself. And you know what it gets me to do? It gets me to step forward one more time and get just a little bit more conference with that circumstance, but I’m so grateful that I’ve had to come out of that hole to do it. Carrie Chiang had, I would
say, 90% of the business coming out of Taiwan
’cause she spoke Taiwanese and she sold condominiums. And then one day I’m
watching the news early and I see the Taiwanese stock market, if there’s such a thing, some big Taiwanese thing crashed. I’m sitting there. I’m like oh my god. Carrie is going to be over here. She was producing single handedly, I must have had maybe 150
salespeople at the time, she was single handedly
producing 80% of my income. This was important, you know. All my eggs were in the Carrie basket. I immediately called Carrie
up on her first cell phone, her second cell phone,
her home, her office, her Chinese cousins. I could not reach her. Next day I can’t reach her. She’s disappeared. I know Carrie has committed hara-kiri. All I wanted to do was get a hold of her to let her know we’d figure something out. I didn’t know what, but I knew
we’d figure something out. Don’t worry. She finally marches into my office as she always does, like she owns it, which always insulted me a little but what the heck, she’s making money. I’ll settle. Marches into my office. I go Carrie! I wanted to say you’re
alive, but I didn’t. I thought she was dead. She goes (speaking foreign
language), you know what I do? No Carrie, what did you do? I up all night. I call everyone of my customers. I say you got to sell,
you got to sell now. I got 132 listings. (audience laughing) What do I have to say to that? Poetry in motion in sales. Can Carrie take a hit? She didn’t let a hair grow
under her foot, or a grass hair or whatever those things are called. Bang! She saw the opportunity and what do you think Carrie did? She hired two Japanese speaking assistants within, I’d say a week and a half. How did she even find them? Because the Japanese market was booming and she had them as the inter layer. She showed apartments to the Japanese and let me tell you, I
found out in that chapter the Japanese really don’t like the Chinese and they loved buying
the Chinese apartments at a steep discount (laughs). (audience laughing) And Carrie, like, doubled her business. No one sells more property
to the Japanese today than Carrie Chiang. No one sells more Chinese. And if anything happens to those markets, I’m sure she’ll go to school and learn how to speak German,
Russian, whatever the heck she has to learn how to do. A wonderful example of
someone who takes a hit. Competitive. If I tell Jim from Cousins Maine Lobster, I don’t have his picture here but you know I talked about him before. If I tell him one little thing about the guy he used to compete with on the hockey team, Jim
was a semi-professional hockey player and he had some injury or something in the minor leagues
if I’m telling that right, but anyway, his arch-enemy
on the other team was a guy named Luke. What do you think happened? Luke’s from Maine. Jim’s from Maine. Luke went into the lobster business. All I have to do to
double sales is say hey, did you hear Luke opened
another restaurant? (audience laughing) Talk about competitive spirit. He’s ready to kill. He doesn’t stop working. He hates the idea that somebody might beat him at a game. It’s his DNA and his partner,
Steve, is the same way. All I have to do is tell Grayson Lace, who makes beautiful lacy socks and shawls at my most successful business by far in terms of making money and what do I have to
do to get them going? Hardly anything. All I have to do is say god, got a big check from Cousins today. (audience laughing) Do you know I get a check from
her, like, within the week. A bigger check. They’re winning? We’re more successful. I didn’t say compete. That’s the way they were. Competitive. You get an entrepreneur who doesn’t feel the heat of competition, he’s not going to be good on his feet, she’s not going to come to the
fore when she really needs it. That competitive spirit drives you through all the things that don’t
make any common sense in life. That’s what it does. The best time to start your own business is as quick as you can and I’m going to give you two reasons why. When you’re young, you’re too
stupid to know any better. You’ve never jumped off
a cliff and fallen flat on your face so you have courage. Once life gets a hold of
you, you learn exactly what to be afraid of, what
you might not succeed at. Everything gets nipped in
so I think the best time to start a business, quite frankly, is while you’re in college. What do you have in college? Why is that the perfect time? You’re open to the universe, you have a tremendous support system of professors with all
different backgrounds ready to help you, and you have colleagues with different strengths around you, the fellow students, and you’re hungry. You’re hungry to prove something. So, in short, the best
time is the earliest time you can possibly do
before you have the wife, the kids, the husband, and the mortgage. And the most fertile time is
right when you’re in school, even before you get out. That’s what I believe. – But my boyfriend is trying to break into the real estate industry in New York and he’s finding it a
little bit challenging so I just wanted to know
what advice you would have for somebody who’s trying to start off. – Well, the first thing
you should do is go and work for a top salesperson. Best way to go in. The easiest job to get in New York, if you want to go into real estate, is to go to a rental company. It’s like the bottom feeders right there. It’s terrible, but you
know what’s great about it? And I ran a rental company for seven years before, eight years before
I went to sales, thank god, and you know what’s great about it? You get 100 times at bat. In other words, you answer 50 calls. Is that apartment available? Is that apartment available? Different when you’re selling. It’s a slow motion. So you get a lot of practice in. If you could work as a free slave, even, for a licensed top salesperson just sitting next to them
being their slave or servant you’re going to learn everything. You can’t learn in a real estate school. You got to be on the street and learn it and so that’s the most important thing. Fun is good for a business. Back to my dad. I mimic my father’s bizarreness and it gave me a company culture that no one could compete with. At first, my competitors made fun of us. They called us the Corchettes. They said we were like a Midwestern firm, which isn’t a compliment in New York City. You’re supposed to be
sophisticated, you know. And so how did I use fun
to build my business? Easy. The first fun event I
planned when we were, like, seven or eight people. I think we have a picture of it here if you want to go back maybe one slide. We’ll see it. Oh, we’re already on to something else. All right. We got exciting slides
today all over the place. Okay. But anyway, I’ll paint
the picture with my words. I told everyone to dress
in your best outfit, your absolute best outfit. Deck yourself up and
wear your best jewelry, do your makeup fresh, not
four o’clock in the afternoon, not just wear it from the morning. We’re going somewhere special. I gave them the invitation
two weeks early. People talked about it for two weeks. Excitement of looking forward to something is half the joy of
anything fun, as you know. What are you wearing? What are you wearing? They came down to the street
on Madison and 6th Street where our office was
and I had an old clunky double decker bus waiting for them. Looked like it should have
been retired 100 years ago. I said come on up, come on up. They sat on the top
’cause it was open aired and then I took those fancy ladies and one of my salespeople,
a gay guy who dressed better than all of us. We couldn’t compete. We took those fancy
ladies right up to Harlem on a slow tour of Harlem when Harlem had to be the scariest place in the universe. Totally different now. They were groping their jewelry. They didn’t say a word. I never saw fancy ladies under pressure. They’re no good. They were terrible. I had, thank god, at the time
only one black salesperson, V Wilson, with the
biggest soul in the world and I cued her where we were going. She was my companion here. We get up to 145th Street
and Amsterdam Avenue and the bus driver leaves. Says the engine’s broken. We planned that. They leave us for 10 minutes in the middle of the summer. People were nuts. (audience laughing) Do you know, V Wilson, I mean
we cannot talk about this without crying in laughter
like it was yesterday. How many years ago was it? V Wilson describes that. She said when the bus driver left the bus she said I swear I was a may– What did she say? A maypole? Like in Sweden, they have maypoles that kids dance around, I think. She said whatever, say flagpole but that’s not what she said. She said I swear I was
a maypole, flagpole, with eight white women clinging to me. (audience laughing) They’re like (screams). Here’s what happened. We go back to the office. They weren’t even talking
to customers the next day. Nobody could talk about anything but the trip to Harlem. They were laughing, sharing
what they were thinking, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, and I looked at my eight salespeople and I thought to myself wow, what a team. They’d been in trouble together, they laughed together,
they’re reflecting together, and for the first time I
realized I had a culture going and so I became the queen of
fun for the rest of my life. I probably spent as much
time planning the details of ridiculous fun
frequently as much as I did with any other part of the business ’cause I saw it as a power tool and guess what I
surprisingly got out of it that I never expected. I became the creative, like,
hotbed company in New York. All the creative ideas
came out of our company. We tried everything first. Why did that happen? ‘Cause we thought of all the ideas and we’re having fun. I never had a good idea at my desk. I thought I did, but
the really winning ideas always came on the way back
from the movie theater, when we were having a management meeting and I made everybody sit under the table instead of sit at their
chairs just to move it around. Anything that was bizarre. Get up on an elephant. When people are laughing
and laughing and laughing they were, you know what
we should really do? We should ba, ba, ba, ba. People were free. We were all equal. We were all playmates and
I created a powerful team as a result of fun. The most underestimated
tool used in business today is the fun part, in my opinion. Nobody really has fun. People’s idea of fun is having a cocktail. Happy New Year in a fancy place. It’s not fun. People do a million things like that. I had my February parties and what happened at my February parties? You weren’t allowed in
unless you dressed for it. Dress 1940’s, okay. How do you dress? Figure it out. They look forward to it. They couldn’t get in unless they were– Dress in pink. I’m a guy. Dress in pink. Cross dress. The very last party. Do you know how exciting it was to be at the Waldorf Astoria ballroom after my straight men
swore they would not come? We’re not coming. This is it. You’ve gone too far. I’m not cross dressing. I knew they were going to cross dress. (audience laughing) They didn’t want to miss the party. They were the best parties in town. But do you know how thrilling it was for me to be at the Waldorf Astoria, their grand ballroom, all that fancy this, and see all these people
I couldn’t recognize. Is that you, Harry? It’s me, Arna. It’s me under here. It was bizarre, but you want
to know what would happen? They would go out and show
listings of the other brokers, say you know where we were last night? What happened at the party? I could have sold every
ticket to my competitors for that party for a
thousand a piece if I could, if I would have. Everybody envied our parties ’cause they were bizarre, okay, and on and on and on. I think I told you– And by the way, you know what’s great and still true today in New York. I’d imagine it’s true in
Dallas or wherever you’re from. Do you know that the venues in New York are half price in February
’cause it’s the worst month for parties? So you get half price, okay. Tax time. The most depressed sales month of the year in every business, February, and I don’t know why it is but it is and it lifts everybody up and you get everything at half price. Okay. Fun is good for business. – Thank you so much for watching. I made this video because
Victoria Pho asked me to. So, if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next,
leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know which
of Barbara’s top 10 rules hit you the hardest, is going
to have the biggest impact on your business and your life. Leave it in the comments and I’ll join in the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe and I’ll see you soon. (whooshing) – But I was dumping the
pasta one night into the sink and all of the sudden
Ramon Simone walks in and he says, you know Barbara. We have something serious to discuss. I’m going to marry your secretary. Like, Tina? She went from Tina the
wonderful secretary. I won’t even put a label on her. I just couldn’t believe
my ears or my eyes. I’m like what? How is that possible? He said take your time moving out. I took about a minute. Grabbed a toothbrush
and walked out the door. Moved in with my girlfriend Cathy who was on East 79th Street in a studio and she let me stay there till I got my feet back under me. I should say that for the
first time in my life, I don’t know what hit me. I guess that hit me. But I can’t believe I managed it so badly. I felt like I was a nobody. I went from a somebody
with a successful business to a nobody because I was
turned down for a younger woman. Tina was five years younger than me. I had to admit she was prettier. She had real blonde hair. I was already highlighting. (audience laughing) I hated her for that. She was calm and pretty. I hated her. (audience laughing) But I went to work every day. I wanted to fire Tina, but Ray reminded me he was the controlling partner. I couldn’t do that. Tina moved into my desk in Ray’s office where I used to sit and I
sat out with the salespeople and every day I went in
smiling like a puppet but in my heart I was running around broken heart and loss of confidence. I just thought to myself, my god, I was nothing before Ray found me. He picked me up, found me. He was my mentor. He gave me confidence. He gave me the money
to start the business. Everything good that had changed my life all led to one place,
which was Ramon Simone. And I thought, he’s right. I’ll never succeed without him. But I can’t even remember
what clicked in my head. Maybe desperation. But one day I just decided I’m
not going to do this anymore and I walked in and said to
Ramon Simone, you know what, I’m ending this business and
here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to chop up the 14
salespeople like a football draw. You can pick first person. I’ll pick the second. We’ll do it fair. If you want to move out, you can move out. If you want me to move out, no problem. You want to keep the phone number? No problem. I’ll get a new phone. Whatever. You go first. He picked Norman Hersh,
our star salesperson. I picked Esther Caplan,
our not-so-star salesperson but I had a plan for her and we went right down the line and I would say within maybe six minutes we ended a partnership. Boom, like that. We had $37,000 in cash. He wrote me a check for half the $37,000 and as luck would have it, it
was a real estate recession we were just about to dive into and why was it great? Because commercial space
wasn’t leasing well. He was on the 8th floor
where my old office was. I rented the identical space
on the 11th floor above him, there’s a little ego in
that, I’m sorry to say. How needy was I?
(audience laughing) And by Monday, this was on a Thursday. By Monday I moved my salespeople in ’cause in those times you
could rent black desks, rent phones, bang, we’re in operation and my seven salespeople moved in and that was the birth
of the Corcoran Group. Right before I left Ramon
Simone’s office that day, or I should say Ray and
Tina’s office that day, and by the way you know
what his real name was? It wasn’t even Ramon Simone. I found out from his
mother, Vicki, his real name was Ray Simon and he wasn’t
from the best country like he always told me. He was from 145th Street in Harlem. Go figure. (audience laughing) (laughs) Alrighty, well anyway, so right before I left the office that’s when Ray gave me
the gift of a lifetime when he said to me those words that reflected in my
head for the rest of my, that still gets me going. “You’ll never succeed without me.” I’m telling you, I don’t
believe in negative motivation. I’m a positive person like my mother. But he really knew my number. If he had said I know
you’re going to be amazing, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed in business in the tough times but it was that scolding
tattoo in my heart, “You’ll never succeed without me,” that every time I was near death growing my business
through the ups and downs of the real estate recession,
being over-extended, being over-leveraged, owing
money, blah, blah, blah, that same phrase got me going again. He gave me an insurance policy for success by insulting me. Thank God he did. I have thanked him a million times. What happened to Ramon Simone? He married Tina. They had three kids together. They are so much more happily married than myself and my husband, Bill. They’re meant to be together. (audience laughing) They were destined, okay. But still, thank God
he gave me that insult to assure my success
for the rest of my life. Every great entrepreneur’s a salesman. You can’t start a business if you can’t sell your product or service. And so if it’s not your nature to convince somebody to come around to your way of thinking,
you’re not ever going to get your business off the ground. Perception creates reality. I’m sure you’ve heard that before or another version, a more simple version, is fake it ’til you make it. My mom, when were
raised, was very Catholic and she always said remember the meek will inherit the earth. No need to brag. Just be a great person. People will recognize it and you’ll always do well. That was my mom’s philosophy, but she had never been to New York. (audience laughing) Let me tell you, New York, the nice people got mowed over. I saw that the first week
that I moved in, all right. So my mother’s philosophy didn’t
work in the business world. It may have been great for the home but it didn’t work in the business world. You know what I witnessed right away? That the big mouth with less
talent inherited the earth. And so I had to develop for
myself a really big mouth. And I did it very easily by creating a rapport and I should say my first
perception lesson I learned when I got my first $340 rental check, I ran over to Bergdorf
Goodman’s and blew it. I only had a thousand dollars. I spent $340 and a thousand, you know. I blew the whole money on the
fanciest coat I could find. I bought the fanciest rat haired collar, cuffs, buttons, fancy, but you know what. I wore that coat for
four years and felt like the queen of New York real estate. Cover up my bad clothes. I just sauntered around town and you want to know something? People responded differently to me than when I had my other coat that was from New Jersey. They treated me differently and I saw the difference so I learned to really
create the image of success whether I had it or not. I was sitting around. My salespeople were coming into my office. It was another, yet another
real estate recession. They were complaining about
me not advertising for them. How can we sell if you don’t advertise? Well, I have no money. That’s how I don’t advertise. We’re out of money. We’re lucky to have the rent. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. I thought if one more salesperson came to my office and complained,
I was going to run away, get an illegal gun, and kill ’em. (audience laughing) That’s really how I felt. I had had it. And so, in desperation, I’m thinking okay. How do I get people to notice us? I thought oh, I know what I’ll do. I took my 11 sales for the year, I divided by 11, thank god I was good at my 11 times tables, the only one, came up with an average price based on the 11 sales we had for the year and I typed on my Selectric typewriter the Corcoran report, an
analysis of statistics and blah, blah. It was so long, I don’t
remember what it was. But anyway, and I put average
New York City apartment price $54,600, whatever it was at the moment, and I folded them and mailed them out to every reporter that
wrote for the New York Times that day, no cover. Just a simple one page report. One statistic named after me. Never got a call. Thought hey, big deal. Took me a couple of hours. That’s all it took. Hand addressed the envelopes. Two weeks hence, I’m at home on a Sunday, open up the New York Times, the front page of the real estate section which was read by everyone, the headline
was New York City Prices Hit All Time Low. I read the first line. It was a Catholic miracle. According to Barbara Corcoran, president of the Corcoran Group. I’m like what? (audience laughing) I cut that out. I went into the office that Monday. The world had changed. I’m telling you, it
was a bellwether change for my business. I saw my salespeople hustling on the phone trying to get listings. You usually called on owner ads. Say, can I have your listing? There’s no MLS. Can I have your listing? I heard it day in, day out. Let me spell it for you. C-O-R-C-O-R. I always heard my name spelled. It was a difficult name because it repeated itself. And that was the first day I heard John Beckmann, my German salesman, sitting there go, “Oh, you’ve heard of us? “Corcoran? “You’ve heard of us?” Everybody stopped. He didn’t have to spell the name. I’m like, that’s weird. You know, in people’s
minds we went from a nobody to a somebody in one day in
the life of New York City and I said whoa, I get it. I have a partner and it’s
called the New York Times. And so I churned out the reports. If you could advance
the slide a little bit. I churned out the report, got a new red suit that became our logo. You just saw it there quickly. And I became the statistician
of numbers in New York. I churned out a report on
anything I could think of. I churned out a Madonna report because I read in a post that Madonna was looking for an apartment. She was pregnant. I’m like, we don’t have her
but I’ll write about her. I put out a Madonna report. What would Madonna be looking for? Top security. She was the Lady Gaga of the moment. Had to have security. A doorman building of course, you know. She needed the protection. Views. Of course, anybody with
oodles of money wants views. I just took the usual laundry dream list that everybody wants when you got money. I was on four different
television stations in one week. Why? Because Madonna was in the news and the media was willing to gobble up anything that they
could get their hands on ’cause Madonna was in the news and I just happened to provide it. All right? Do you know no one asked me
if I was working with Madonna. (audience laughing) You know, the last guy
who introduced me on the 11 o’clock news, that
stuffy guy that retired a few years back, I
forget why, some conflict, very stuffy, very revered,
he actually introduced me without moving his lower lip at all. (audience laughing)
Barbara Corcoran, celebrity broker. I’m like, I’m a celebrity broker? (audience laughing) Did I get Madonna? No. Wouldn’t that have been nice? Actually, she never moved. She only moved two years ago to a double townhouse, but
that’s so many years later. She never moved, of course, but who I did get is a call from an agent or an attorney, I actually don’t know who he was, the very next day I was
on that last news channel and he said you seem
to be very comfortable working with celebrities. I wonder if you’d consider helping my celebrity find a home. Okay. (audience laughing) Richard Gere. Who would you rather have? Madonna or Richard Gere? (audience laughing) That’s me. I just put my head in her shoes. (audience laughing) What did he buy? Sadly, not something expensive. A one bedroom and he ripped the wall down and converted it to a temple. He was in his temple phase. Little weird guy. (audience laughing) All right, he resold the apartment, like, only three or four years. I don’t know why he held it but it was great. How did it happen that I got Richard Gere and then when we got Richard Gere, poor Richard Gere, the
minute he bought something I did a Richard Gere report. Leaked it to the press. Richard Gere! What’s he do? It’s a temple. Don’t tell anybody. He’s making a temple. Juicy went on and on and on. Richard Gere got me other people. They got me other people. They got me other people. So what came first? The chicken or the egg. Certainly I created the perception and then the reality followed. I found I did that my entire life with anything I dreamt of becoming. I put it in the public eye, figured a way to get in the public eye and then you know what’s great about it? You have to run like crazy to keep up with yourself. You’re going to make it happen ’cause you don’t want
to get caught in a lie. It’s like a dead leg (pants). And it worked again and again and again.

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