Automate and simplify your document drafting with Thomson Reuters Contract Express

Automate and simplify your document drafting with Thomson Reuters Contract Express

Whether you work for a law firm, or an in-house legal team, you will know how much time is consumed on repetitive drafting. And how legal tech is increasingly changing the way you work. Whilst your core objective remains the same – how can you better serve your clients? Legal tech can help, but with so much choice what actually works? One tried and tested concept is document automation. Many law firms and in-house legal teams are already using this to increase efficiency, improve consistency, and mitigate risk This solution has arisen from one simple need to create a standard legal document in minutes not hours. Thomson Reuters Contract Express takes your legal services to the next level enabling you to create effective drafts quickly and easily and streamlining the management process from start to finish. Create entire suites of documents using only one intuitive template questionnaire with Contract Express eliminating tedious hours of drafting and manual errors. When your document is ready, send it over to the other party for quick and secure electronic signing. Contract Express is the only automation software that includes ready to use industry standard content from Practical Law enabling you to create consistent and high quality first drafts. Use the Analytics Dashboard to report on your KPIs and keep an eye on your document management processes. Contract Express enables you to easily maintain and update templates this means your firm is guaranteed that all legal documents are fully compliant. And with the numerous other integrations to complete the document management process you’ll also benefit from enhanced client collaboration capabilities. These are just some of the great things you can do with Contract Express. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your legal services.

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  1. Documate is another great, modern tool for document assembly. It's super easy to configure the questions you want to ask and merge them into your documents (whether they're PDFs, gov forms, or Word documents). Thankfully, it doesn't require any technical expertise. It's helpful for internal document assembly projects or to create client-facing tools (like a TurboTax) that are mobile friendly, too. Check them out at

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