Auckland-based Māori risk being priced out of rental housing market

Auckland-based Māori risk being priced out of rental housing market

A Maori housing organisation says
Maori may have to consider moving out of Auckland
as they are being priced out of the rental housing market. Auckland rental prices look
to be on the rise. Housing experts predict that due to the low supply
and high demand in the housing market at the moment, it will get harder
for low income families to get their in foot in the door
of the rental market. New homes are going up every day, but Maori may have to look to the
regions for a roof over their head. Mangere locals say Housing New Zealand properties are
the only homes they can afford. The Auckland Property Investors
Association says there is an undersupply of 40,000
properties in the city. This will see rents rise. Te Matapihi spokesperson
Patrick Gemmell says housing costs will put more
financial strain on whanau. Experts predict rental rises will
start kicking in next month. Ripeka Timutimu, Te Karere.

2 thoughts on “Auckland-based Māori risk being priced out of rental housing market

  1. There needs to be more land released and fast tracked for sub division approval thereby creating real competition in the market place. Rental prices will only come down if there is a surplus of property available for rental. I live in Brisbane where you can rent a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house for $400.00 in a good area or 3 bedroom 2 bathroom town houses for $360.00 per week. Why are the prices so competitive, because there is real competition. Auckland has become a land of elites with the ordinary person on a hiding to nothing when it comes to rental acomodation. The govt and Auck Regional Council need to come up with workable solutions to bring about real competition.

  2. thats the way, i love this debt based financial system .. look at all the good it produces lol

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